Orianthi: before Michael Bolton show

Vivian Campbell: I was frustrated by my lack of technique

Leslie West: loses a leg in order to save his life.

News: Truth In Shredding Video views passes 3,000,000 views!

Zakk Wylde: talks

Leonardo Guzman: wins Hufschmid Albinodroid Competition

Rob Chappers: Monkeyfest 2011 impresario is ready to rock!

Marco De Cave: Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge

Tony MacAlpine: Piano NAMM 1994

Ron Thal: Bumblefoot "Catfight"

Jason Becker,Joop Wolters: Not Dead Yet Amsterdam 13-11-2011 #6

Richard Lainegard: TQ Funk

Doug Aldrich: Les Paul frying

Sam Bell: Middlesex Sundance

Sam Coulson: Les Paul day

Tony MacAlpine: talks 7and 8 string guitars with guitar muse

Arnaldo Garcia: Mike Stern Bright Straihth

Pablo Mendoza: First Festival of Guitar Corp Banca

David Wallimann, Nahuel Schiumarini: Slow Motion Blues

Marc Konig: Alley Cat

Dave Martone: Guitar Workshop Plus 2011

Jason Becker: working on a CD release

Guthrie Govan: Erotic Cakes - The Aristocrats - a side ways look at life :)

Tony MacAlpine: Pyrokinesis