Paul Antonio Ortiz: Chimp Spanner - At The Dream's Edge Paris 2011

Allan Holdsworth: Workshop in Montreal 2009

German Schauss: just a minuet

Stéphan Forté: LAG guitar competition

Dhalif Ali: Stratocaster From A ToolBox

Paul Anonio Ortiz: Chimp Spanner Paris - Bad Code

Shawn Lane: Piano performance. Delta State University

Marco Sfogli: Mullmuzzler - The Rhythms solo

Inophis Ao: free lesson from Arobas Music, Guitar Pro software artist

Ariel Eshcar: Road To The Truth

Robin Kern: Rising Out of the Ashes new CD

News: Truth In Shredding 1.5 million visitors, 2.5 million page views

Stephen Ross: shredding on funk metal

Jamie Humphrie: shred jam inspired by masters of shred!

Alex Kuzmenko: Уроки гитары в Киеве

Andy James: Free Christmas Ringtone from Jam Track Central

Bunny Brunel, Virgil Donati, Tony MacAlpine: CAB live on Sunset

Davide Montorsi: Blackstar 200 and Mesa Stiletto Deuce test

Trey Gunn,Henry Kaiser: Invisible Rays new CD

Joe Bonamassa: picks his own Top Guitarists of All Time

Joe Pinnavaia: Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Joe Satriani, Sammy Hagar: Chickenfoot II... a Nasa project

George Lynch: Tooth an Nail new band working in the studio

Atma Anur, Marco Sfogli: Atma's view of the Jason Becker Festival