Yngwie Malmsteen: Russian dates announced

Marco Sfogli: shows off his Ibanez RG Premium

Top Ten: announce their top 10 free albums of 2011

Tom Quayle: Fusion Essentials - Soloing Over Dominant 7th Chords available

News: Eastwood Guitars introduces the new Wandre Tri-Lam

Michael Angelo Batio: Pro Shot video Hands Without Shadows - 2008

Laurie Buchanan: Wonderful Slippery Thing

Gary Hoey: Carol Of The Bells - live at the loop

Dave Weiner: Jam With Me - Dorian Jam

Pedro Molina: For Those About To Shred :P

Peter Emmer: artec demonstrations

Alvin de Leon: Don't Shed a Tear - guitar ballad

Ludmila Oliveira: You and I tapping original