Alex Lifeson,Mike Portnoy: Rush 2112 ibook and radio tribute

Aleksandar Sukovic: Paul Gilbert - Scarified - get full lesson

Andy James: Tapping Lick In E Minor Lesson

Christian Austin: Halo Octavia 8 string shred

Rowan J Parker: Bumblefoot/Buckethead Style Ultra Shred Tapping

Isaac Lewis:Guthrie Govan tapping licks without tapping

Enver Izmaylov: two handed tapper - Rustem Bari, Garik,

Richie Kotzen, TM Stevens, Atma Anur: Live in Japan

Jonas Tamas: Clean Meditation from the Himalayas

Isaac Lewis: The Hand Killer - a lick for Marshall Harrison

Michel Top: Workshop original play throughs

Andres Ludmer, Santiago Pagura: loud and clear solo - racer x[mas]

DC,Gavoja: Nabuchodonosor - Breakdance - Djental brutal