Brennan Dylan: French Guitar Contest 2

Floyd Fernandes: catchy little fusion tune

Anastasiya Vorovey: the band playing live in Russia 2011

Jess Lewis: Gibbon - TTNG Bass Cover

Tomasz Madzia: Animals As Leaders - An Infinite Regression

Rony Janecek: Pasta 2.0 - performance playthrough

Mike Dawes,Wim Den Herder: Dream Theater - Overture 1928

Bill Lubera: Hurricane performance video

Frank Steffen Mueller: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest II

Nathan Doyle: June Rain - new single

Monte Montgomery: Little Wing acoustic instrumental

Bryan Beller: Joe Satriani,The Aristocrats - touring like there's no tomorrow!

Johnatha Bastos: No gravity - nothing short of stunning!!! Must see!

Myrddin de Cauter: Modern flamenco guitar - taking it to the next level

Mike Stern: Guitar World - Half-Whole Symmetrical Diminished Scale

Steve Davis: Waves Of Shred Entry

Samuli Federley: Waves Of Shred Entry

Ponco Satrio: Electric Junkie Demo

Dave Martone,Gary Hoey: announces Guitar Workshop Plus 2013

Nattawut Chubchu: Yamaha THR 10X

Masato Itoh: Windows XP Sounds on the Guitar

Esteban Soto Tapia: Elements - EP 2013