Yeon Jung Nho: talks to Shreddelicious about her guitar playing

Christie Lenée: announces new set of tour dates!

Stu Hamm: Recording Bass with Stu Hamm:

Paul Bielatowicz: 4/5ths of the way to funding his solo album Preludes and Etudes

Andy James: Musikmesse Frankfurt 2013

Jason Becker: The Guitars that rule the world!

Adam Ironside: Lick in the Style of Shawn Lane

Peter Luha: Northern Solstice finger picking, fingerstyle guitar

William Stravato: Fusion Guitar Improvisation from the Italian master

Pamela Moore: Talks with the Metal Factory

Leonardo Guzman: SweatyKnockers super fusion band

Yui: Cyntia - Tokyo Dome - stunning stage show what you can only dream of

Oli Brown: blues in Paris 2013

Fernando León Cortes: Solar Flares - Axis of evil - djental brutal

Kenny Serane: The original track for the French Guitar Contest 2013

Paul Gilbert: live at the Meinl Guitar Festival 2013

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: Culture Clash - exclusive 6-minute audio montage coming soon

Pierre Danel: Fufux gets a medley of 4 jams in the can by this bright new talent!

Kush Upadhyay,Sunny Dsouza: 15 year old kid rips some blues at Title Waves celebrating World Music Day

Jeff Kollman: Jam For Jason live at the Baked Potato - tribute to Jason Becker!

Vinai Trinateepakdee: Just Chillin with Norman Brown BT - super production

Roberto Restuccia: Show Me How - demot tracks from new album