Katalina González: opening the show for DJ Natalia Paris - very classy intro

Dudley Ross,Kirk Fletcher: lining up some UK tour dates

Laurie Monk: People often ask me how Truth In Shredding works

Rusty Cooley: Getting pretty solid reviews for Day of Reckoning's "Left to Follow"

Andy James: EMG Pickups have kindly offered the WINNER of our competition

Jose Macario: .strandberg* 8 string used as bass to create the magic Taco Groove

Dan Smith: Beyond The Lick With Dan Smith - Guthrie Govan + 2 (1/2)

Alejandra Mesliuk: Shreddelicious interviews Argentinian "dos manos de plata"

Lari Basílio: new live clinic show

Allan Holdsworth,Kiko Loureiro,Richard Hallebeek: Jam during Siracusa Summer Camp- Italy

Nick Kellie: Kickstarter fundraiser for new album

Dean Brown, Hadrien Féraud, Damien Schmitt: DV Mark show NAMM 2014

Mike Campese: Over the Top Live at the GJ2 Booth

Glenn Proudfoot: Monster Licks No: 15

Gianluca Ferro: Dragoon Custom Cabs NAMM 2014