Raimund Burke: Get it 2.0 the new CD available on Bandcamp.

Arnaldo Garcia,Jason Becker: Jason says - "Definitely one of the best covers of my song, Altitudes, yet!!"

Fabrizio Leo: Pre-order his new 3rd album "Spectrum Of My Past", his best album so far!!

Alex Wade: DiMarzio D Activator 7™ pickups - Whitechapel ESP shredder

Marshall Harrison: SWYBRYD Picking the 80s

News: The Algorithm Live @ the Garret Tokyo 04_25_2014

Thorsten Koehne: Turn The Page - Edens Curse May 2014.

Pierre Danel,Max Michel: Kadinja - Henry Call Mash Yes

Joe Chawki: jammin out a lick with Babia Majora - the insanity of licks continues... dare you return?

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - The Miskatonic Scale - the releases keep coming

Neil Zaza: Carvin NZ624 signature guitar discussed in detail

Steven Wilson: a chance to win Steven Wilson's Ghostwriter and 2 VIP Passes to Steven's concert

Rodrigo Tabare: Shredding some funk solos

Steeves Austin,Vicente Amigo: Flamencore - flamenco metal mashup

Nick Johnston,Bryan Beller,Marco Minnemann: into the studio to track guitar parts for Nick's 3rd record!

Sam Bell, Jakub Żytecki, Felix Martin: DispersE, Mask of Judas and 14-string guitarist - UK Tech-Metal in London

Paul Gilbert,Filipe Paiva: Little Wing - Brazilian Tour.

Ai Onuma, Daisuke Kunita,Isao Fujita: AI Dentity Project

Paul Gilbert,Alexandre Bicudo: jam over Jimi Hendrix Little Wing

Reece Fullwood: set to release EP

Walter Trout: The Story - The Nebraska Medical Center

Kazumi Watanabe,Jeff Berlin,Virgil Donati: Spinning Globe (Import)