Francesco Artusato: Crawl From The Dark - Devil You Know

Tony Hernando: Slippery Serpentine Salamancan Solo

Jack Thammarat: "Remember When" with Yamaha THR10X

Daniele Gottardo: City of Music clinic

Marco Sfogli: ​​DV MARK European Clinic Tour

Andy James: DV MARK European Clinic Tour

Kirk Fletcher: Your chance to catch one of the most exciting blues talent on his first UK solo tour.

Joe Bonamassa: Had To Cry Today - Live at Rockpalast

Gimjisang: "Moving Around E" - 2014 Other Practical School of Music Seoul Festival

Seojuhwan: "Cab" - Other Practical School of Music Seoul Festival 2014

Andy Alt: Kickstarter For a Revolutionary New Guitar Pickup!

Gus Drax: Shredding Arpeggios - and now up to speed

Greg Howe: DV Mark European Clinic Tour 2014

Steve Morse, Dave LaRue, Mike Portnoy: Flying Colors - A Place in Your World - Official Music Video

Jack Thammarat: The JB (SH-4) - Seymour Duncan Pickups

Alex Hutchings: Secrets in Twenty Licks - Jam Track Central

Ben Sharp: Cloudkicker "Live With Intronaut" to be released on November 24

Jamie Kime, Lee Wertman: Gryphon Labs at the Baked Potato - Instrumental Rock Fusion band from Los Angeles.

Harry Kapeliaris: Changing Time - a little summer holiday fusion for an unsuspecting pop crowd

Hatsune Miku: melt -Melt guitar instrumental

Yashikitakajin: Tokyo for Young Guitar

Wayne Krantz: Good Piranha/Bad Piranha the new album