Akihiko Onji, Jack Gardiner: Musical Instruments Fair Japan 2014

Chris Gordon: Requiem Intro - I wrote for my father Fly High Dad!

Andy James: 'Continuum' Solo - 'Ultimate Metal Improvisation Vol 1' - great new track

Michael Dolce: last master class for the year

Divaldi Addina: my 2nd improvise over backing track

Alexandra Zerner: Nine Stories - new release avaliable online

Eric Steckel: @ The Shack, Oude Meer, The Netherlands 2013

Misha Mansoor, Jake Bowen, Mark Holcomb: PERIPHERY - The Scourge

Yossi Sassi: Numbers World - Live @ Red Sea Beer Festival

Beledo: Beledo Trio at Mexicali Live NJ 2014

Vinnie Moore: UFO launch album A Conspiracy Of Stars and announce UK tour

Feodor Dosumov: Fusion Pig (Delay-pedal "Echolution2" by Pigtronix)

Jakub Żytecki: "Hedwig's Theme" funked up

JS Begley: Peruvian Flame - Mood Shift live performance 2014

KristoferDahl: Oh Brother (w/ breakdown & analysis)

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Coaster Coat - Pike 93

Scott Jones: Drum Solos For Improv Duets *FREE

Jonathan Kreisberg: Wave Upon Wave - new CD available

Jeremy Krull: The Baked Potato, Soft Machine - Hazard Profile

Luca Mantovanelli: 20 II-V-I Fusion Licks

News: Tune your guitar lightning fast with the Polytune

Derryl Gabel: 50% off Sale on lesson packages