Stuart Lippincott: BiasFX MarkIIc+ Lead Tone

Yiannis Papadopoulos: Musikmesse 2015 Part 1

Rick Graham: Look Ma, No Right Hand! - Building Legato Stamina and Hybrid Picking - Descending Pentatonic Pattern

Angel Vivaldi, Ben Eller: American Wake - Nova Scotia from Riverdance composed by Bill Whelan

Carl Mörner Ringström: Practicing over "Gigalon", an awesome song by Namebrandsound​.

NAMM: Michael Kelly Guitars Introduce CC50 Fralin Guitar

NAMM: 660 Guitars Unveils Viking Aluminium Guitar at NAMM

News: Docker's Guild's new album to be released in digital formats on January 21.

Fayeed Tan, Zendhy Kusuma: Guitar Jam -tasty rock fusion soloing

Jason Richardson: Solo Album Studio Update 1

Milan Polak, Ron Thal, David Ellefson, Thomas Lang: Devil On My Shoulder

Scott Gailor: Talks about Greenie his custom guitar - getting ready for NAMM

Rafael Macedo: "Infinity" Sonata in Gm for Guitar and Orchestra

Branko Trijic: Alive - Vasil Hadzimanov Band feat. David Binney - some incredible ethnic fusion

Billy Sheehan, Doug Wimbush: Set To Appear With Rotosound At Winter NAMM 2016

Stuart Hamm, Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield, Mike Orlando, Muriel Anderson: GHS announce special artist appearances, performances and demonstrations for NAMM

Michael Wagner: 20 Groove Busting Blues Rock Licks!

Sean Ashe: set to demo for Tom Anderson and Rockbox Electronics at NAMM 2016

Al Joseph: set for an appearance at RockBox Electronics booth NAMM 2016

Luke Fortini: Guitar Gods Entry - Epic Ballad solo

Roberto Barros: Guitar Gods entry

Ray Riendeau: Rhythmus - collection of solo bass compositions played exclusively on my 4 string RR Signature ZON bass