Nick Andrew: Burn organ - furtive jam on the old organ

John Page, Greg Koch: Interview about the new John Page Guitars NAMM 2016

Greg Koch, Eric Gales: Soulful Jam NAMM 2016

Rob Marcello: Lick Of The Day #2 country flavored run in G

Steve Saluto: Angel & Destroyer - promo video

Simon King: A little lesson on phrasing - Acquired by the Borg

Yvette Young: available for guitar lessons

Jane Getter, Alex Skolnick, Stuart Hamm, Adam Holzman, Corey Glover: Premonition featuring Corey Glover "Surprised" Live at the Iridium

Guthrie Govan: Volume 3 of Guthrie Govan's Odd Time Licks: 9/8

Dave Kilminster: Live Rig With Steven Wilson, 2016

Christian Muenzner, Jimmy Pitts: Eternity's End sign to Prog Power label

Hedras Ramos, Leonardo Guzman, Pritesh Walia: soloing at Laney @ NAMM 2016

Simone Dow,Scott Kay: VOYAGER - Misery is only Company

James Norbert Ivanyi, Rohan Stevenson: March Australia live show details 2016

Carl Roa: Magic Elf Live at Vinnie's in Concord California - welcome to the world of tasty guitar playing

Sean Ashe: Interview covering the tasty new album with GEAR GODS NAMM 2016

Drewsif Stalin: Interview with GEAR GODS - NAMM 2016

Meytal Cohen, Travis Montgomery: Meytal - Live Scout Bar Houston, Texas 2016

Rusty Cooley, Karim K: improving a guest solo from upcoming solo album at Magik Studio in North Houston

Julian Scarcella: sultry soling with Manne Taos Gloss Special, Engl Invader 2, D'Addarió NYXL 009

Samuli Federley: an improvised solo over a modern metal backing - exotic shred improvisation

Kelly Simonz: In The Name Of Love - Live In OSAKA