Luis Kalil: Laney Artist performing at NAMM 2016

Sam Coulson: Tone & Technique Clinic Live at Long & McQuade

John Petrucci: Interview at Alte Oper Frankfurt 2016

German Schauss: Alternate Picking - how to get from 120 bpm to warp speed

Kelly Simonz: Pray For The Moon - transcendence guitar seminars - super tasty ballad soloing

David Maxim Micic: Beyond the Boundary - tasty soloing and 'One note composition'

Fran Alonso: Impro 2016 - Improvisation with LSL HSH and Kemper.

Martin Miller, Tom Quayle: Laney : NAMMJAMMS

Bagas Ramadhan: Ibanez Flying Fingers Indonesia 2016 - little guy shreds!

Nita Strauss: Alice Cooper guitarist. How I Got the Gig: Ep.5

Daniele Gottardo: Pied Piper Live in Park City 2016

Julian Rodriguez: Brand new project "Black and White" from the guitarist of Elitist

Oz Noy: MI Clinic - Opening Up The Fretboard

Adrian Weiss, Jen Majura: Jen recording some guitar solos for Adrian Weiss's upcoming album

Silvio Gazquez: The Promise - Guitar-Keyboard Solos - smooth jazz

John Goodsall: with the Turnaround playing Fire Merchants Flame Keeper 1996

Nicolas Pirlet: Suasion - Mirabilia Guitar Playthrough

Paul Gilbert: Conversation At MI

Ryan Carraher: Vocturnal by Berklee jazz fusion improvisation from Boston

Troy Grady: Science of Speed! Coming Soon in Masters in Mechanics

Fabien Courtois: two handed touch style improvisation

Silvio Gazquez: some tasty fusion in this late night improvisation

Paul Gilbert: Interview | Studio Tour

Richard Tull: Retribution" playthrough and Judas Rising solos Firewater club Dallas 2007