Alex Machacek: Hybrid Picking - MI Hollywood

Alex Hutchings: Roland Blues Cube Hot Guitar Amplifier Demo

Dhalif Ali: fedwsfewsf - cat fell on the keyboard - ballad soloing

Tassos Spiliotopoulos: announces the release of his new album 'In the North'

Lorenzo Venza: When in Rome... Lounge fusion solo

T-cophony: Recreation - T-cophony "The 10th anniversary" demo play

Per Nilsson: Scar Symmetry's lead guitarist performs on is signature Strandberg 7-string guitar at NAMM 2016.

Yoshinori Seki: I arranged the Snow Moon of Allan holdsworth

Bob Gjika: humbuckers into the Gjika 10^n single ended powers of ten guitar amp

Chris Gordon: The Silent Regard Play Through - more neo classical ripping!

Ola Englund: Randall SATAN Washburn Guitars at Musikmesse 2016

Guthrie Govan: Breaking out of Scale Boxes

Marco Sfogli: performs his track "The Reaction" for DV Mark amplifiers at NAMM 2016.