Graham Bacher: Protean Collective Equilibrium Guitars factory visit/ Myopic solo

Francesco Fareri: performance at ESP / 2016 Tokyo Music Fair

Mamoru Goriku: Evolution - ESP SNAPPER-AL (Supreme Blue)

Orlando Barbuto: two handed tapping sequence

Dallton Santos: Guitar Solo from Upcoming New Song

Scott Van Zen: Coverage from Facebook live

Rob Garland: Grip It And Rip It for JTC Jam Of The Month April 2017

Rohan Stevenson: I Built The Sky - Aussie Hang Out Session from the cloud maker

Michael Angelo Batio: Freight Train w/DV Mark Multiamp

Richard Daudé: light fusion with Vigier Ron Thal signature

Nili Brosh: 10th ANNIVERSARY Guthrie Govan solo

Yasi Hofer: live at Kammgarn - A Day in the Life

Lari Basílio: MOVING ON - The Sound Of My Room