Sergey Golovin: Promo video for the Rise Tour Road Chronicles - Russian tour dates

Kenny Serane: .Strandberg* Guitar Competition 2017 - Great Job

Nikki Stringfield: "Save Our Souls" The second single from Iron Maidens guitarist

Chelsea Constable: ''Performance Series" - A Tribute to Paul Gilbert/Racer X - ''Scarified'' - Stunning performance

Hedras Ramos: Guest Solo Leslie Johnson

Andrea Maccianti: AxeFx2/AX8 - Marshall JVM How it sounds in the mix???

Gavin Iedema: Unspiring promo video - tasty rock fusion

Paul Gilbert: Presents "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" Toneprint for Flashback Delay

Kelly Simonz: Transcendental guitarist - live face melting session from clinic tour

Jennifer Batten: DYLEM - Can't Take Anymore (Official Studio Clip Teaser)

Daniele Gottardo: MESA® Rosette™ 300 / Two:Eight Acoustic Combo – Archtop Jazz

Arianna Powell: "How Great Thou Art" solo guitar

Gretchen Menn: MESA Rosette™ 300 / Two:Eight Acoustic Combo Demo