Zeno Roth: dead at 61 RIP

Chris Poland: at the Stone Tone booth plays some metal, including Black Friday.

Daniele Gottardo: Shreds with Mr. Smith at NAMM

Kiko Loureiro: DV Mark NAMM 2018 Jam sessions

Steve Hackett: Live Interview from The Cutting Room

Sergey Golovin: the new album Sculpture available for pre order

Brock Davisson: Line 6 Helix "Valley Swing"

Jacky Vincent: NEW SOLO ALBUM | 2018 with

Mamoru Goriku: Lightning ESP SNAPPER-AL and ESP funnies

Yulia Volkonskaya: Andrew York - Sunburst

Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes, Andre Nieri: Animals As Leaders ~ The Brain Dance ~ 1720 Warehouse ~ Los Angeles ~ 1-24-18

Andre Nieri: Brazilian Fusion Live

Jayden Tatasciore: Gibson Custom Shop Historic Flying V here at Norman's Rare Guitars - 9-year-old

George Marios: Intervallic Blues Jam at my London Home Studio

Luna Umegaki, Tsutomu Kurihara: Lu7 New Release - L’esprit de l’exil Revisité

Li-sa-X, Kiko Loureiro: This girl plays better than Kiko!! NAMM show 2018

Mamoru Goriku: ESP Guitars: 2018 ESP Exhibition Limited Snapper series

Syu Merupakan: Premium Special

Chantel McGregor: April @ The 100 Club - 22 minute solo

Yasi Hofer: Cosmic Stars with Marco Minnemann by Yasi Hofer

Tomáš Raclavský: Modern Day Babylon - Coma - Playthrough

Bruce Bouillet, Jeff Kollman, Guthrie Govan: Dukes Of The Orient - Melodic prog outfit to release debut album

Jason Becker: 2018 Premiere With Jason Becker and his buddy Dave Lopez - 1 hour 40 minutes

Niko Tsonev, Craig Blundell: Moonparticle - Reverend Mum - real music from an amazing musician