Allen Hinds: August 25th 2015 live at baked potato in LA

Nili Brosh: More New Approaches!

Eva Vergilova: Jade Vine (original) - new single available on line

Yoshinori Seki: R.I.P.⑦ Allan Holdsworth / Tokyo Dream

Charlie Robbins: Synth Jazzy Guitar Solo?

Al Joseph: HYVMINE's - The New Album, Getting Into Metal | Metal Injection

Sergey Golovin: "Bouncing Ball"

Kevin Peters: Trio Band Creator - two handed performance

Paul Wardingham: Studio Teaser #3 - “biomech Mx-106”

Dan James Griffin: DJG - Tab Pack 1 - 6 String Arpeggio

Dave Dunsire: Improve Your Improv: Metal Series 1

Plini, Simon Grove: Live At The Dunlop Booth NAMM 2018