Matt Fack, Toby Peterson-Stewart: The Omnific | The Stoic (Official Audio)

Kiko Loureiro: DV Mark Smart Multiamp

Derryl Gabel: Pentatonic Transformation Bonus Lick 3

Allen Hinds: The Captain Meets Allen Hinds

Hedras Ramos, Anthony Crawford, Andy Prado: Spain NAMM 2019

Derya Nagle, Joaquin Ardiles: Good Tiger "Float On" (Blacklight Media)

Kieran Johnston: Quick Lick Lessons - Alternate Picking and String Skipping

Garrett Peters, Andy Gillion: Star Wars Metal (with Bloopers!)

Sammy Boller: playing a 1940's Gibson

Maru Martinez: Something i'm working on :)

Yuki, Seiji: D_Drive information UK live date!

Marion Gaillard: Intrepid Spade - This is an extract from a composition that explores fusion-rock style.

Andy James: "The Watcher" Kiesel Polarity active coil split pickups