Soumia Ghechami: .strandberg* International Collab |

Jacky Vincent: Ultimate Speed Picking | Trailer | Jacky Vincent

Chris Brooks: Sweeping Picking Speed Strategies for 7-string Guitar -

Sebastiaan Cornelissen, Marc Guillermont, Frans Vollink: Ourselves Alone - Bevel Around The Edges

Juan Dhas: "Alma" Solo - Festival Guitarra Bogotá

Mateus Asato: Trio Live In Seoul (2019. 7. 25)

Marty Friedman: plays "For A Friend"

crAYOn: Solo boi 5000!!! and Ormsby Goliath Thump Jam

Arsafes: Zephyr Fx Sunn Bro - 1 Minute Demo - (Arsafes Tone Hunt)

Paul Gilbert: Riff Rundown - "I Own a Building"

Kaspar Jalily: Driven Tones - Presets for HX Stomp

Benjamín Lechuga: Delta - Solo for New Instrumental Song

Kelly Simonz: Allegro Maestoso from Instrumental Festival In Nagoya

Sanjay Kumar: FOI - Aeris (Official Playthrough -- Aristides 060)

Antoine Fafard: Borromean Odyssey - Chemical Reactor - excerpt (2019)

Atanas Shishkov: Deep Blue Ballad - Caparison Horus C2

Nick Tarnofsky, JJ Powell: Here At The End - Come To Life

Fufux666: Tech Fest interviews UK 2018 as Tech Fest 2019 arrives

Joe Basílio: Until the End

Ulisses Miyazawa: Yngwie Malmsteen ( Seventh Sign) -

Ramon Gutierrez: Andromida - The Guitarmory Pickups Demo

Glenn Proudfoot: Monster Licks V3.0 No: 5