Don Lappin: Example Private Lesson Video

Abim Finger, Danny Capelli, Li-sa-X, YoYo: Andy Timmons "Electric Gypsy"

Kevin Heiderich: The HAARP Machine - Shedding + Blotted Science - Laser Lobotomy - insane skills

Quentin Godet, Pierre Danel: Kadinja "From the inside" (Guitar Playthrough)

Justin Hombach: Abandoned - Unprocessed // Riff ABC

Naked Shredzz: How To Play Abandoned - Unprocessed Riff

Adam Nolly Getgood, Plini: Blue Angel neural DSP

Pierre Danel, Florestan Durand, Max Michel: KADINJA - Shades (guitar playthrough)

Levi Clay: Fact Check - Artist - Clearly Miming

Jared Dines: REAL Instagram guitarists + my response

Alex Hutchings: Katana Mk 2 Editor and Backing up To Computer

Marshall Harrison: Swybryd Guitar Playing of the Future

Lucas Zembrzuski: Owane - Rekt