Karmen Stendler, David Antigüedad: Letter from Home

Javier Leal: 13 - Marco Renteria incoming

Nili Brosh : This Is Halloween/Danny Elfman

Seb Garsia: CRAB progressive rock funk fusion instrumental EP incoming

Franck Karmattitude, Vincent Fabre: DHP - Beyond The Clouds (Music Video // 2020)

Nadia Kossinskaja: KEMPER Acoustic Simulator Profiles with PRS Guitar

Alberto Rigoni,Alexandra Zerner: Odd Times - new album incoming

The Rocksmithers: Lockdown Collaboration Series COVID-19

Samuli Federley: lockdown solo 2020

Jack Gardiner: Play Outside The Easy Way | Side-Step

Sergey Babich: Infected Rain + Orphan Soul - The Earth Mantra

Andy Wood: Destroys a Couple of Vintage Telecasters and a 1959 Burst

Adrian Weiss, Thorsten Praest: Tough Luck Guitar Playthrough

Rafael Trujillo: (Ex-Obscura) - Epilogue to Infinity Guitar Playthrough

Giuseppe Zaupa: "Waves of Hope" Instrumental Modern Metal 2020

Ryan Siew: Mayones Regius Core RSi6 and RSi7

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Audio Lab - Confusion To The Enemy

Stéphan Forté: Ibanez Axion Label RG60ALS

Pellumb Qerimi, Leonardo Guzman, Stel Andre: Epic Rock Jam Collab

George Constantine Kratsas, Peter Oliveira, Daisuke Taba, Manachi : GOC Guitars Collab

Min Jin: Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin MJ민진)

Josh Smith: Ray Blues (Improvised Major Blues Solo)