Alex Hutchings: Midnight Blues (Improvised Solo - 2020 Version)

Paul Gilbert: Still on fire

Jack Gardiner: How to get 'that' Lydian Sound

Fragmentism Projeect + Defragmentism Project incoming

Florent Atem: Slide Picking Etude #2 = incredibly smooth technique, check it out

Ando San: Effort Melody: Peep my music video.

Alicia Marie: The Lost Boys

George Marios: Shred with Purpose + Common Tones

Ben Eunson: Applying Scales to Chords + stunning solo from the Blue Whale

Joshua De La Victoria: All I Need Challenge

Shion Hyuga: 日向志音 Jacob Collier - All I Need Guitar Solo

Atanas Shishkov: Fender Hm Strat Bright White / 1989, Original / - Test Drive