Monday, 16 March 2009

Shawn Lane: willjay strikes again


Willjay strikes again:

Here Shawn Lane joins "Aquarium Rescue Unit" on stage to play the song "Working on a Building", at Newby's, Memphis, TN, on the 21st July 1995.

Shawn Lane & Aquarium Rescue Unit - "Working on a Building" (Newby's - 21st July 1995)

Here Shawn Lane joins "Aquarium Rescue Unit" on stage to play the song "Stand Up People", at Newby's, Memphis, TN, on the 21st July 1995.

Shawn Lane & Aquarium Rescue Unit - "Stand Up People" (Newby's - 21st July 1995)

Shawn Lane & Sean Rickman - Drum & Guitar solo

Here Shawn plays a short Improvised solo during a (yet to be released, unnamed) tune, at Murphy's, Memphis, TN, on the 16th Aug 1995, with Jonas Hellborg on Bass.

Shawn Lane - Insane Picking Lick!! (Murphy's, 16th Aug 1995)

Marco Sfogli: will record your cd

Kudos to bravewords

Marco Sfogli:
"After some good reviews on There's Hope, especially about production and overall sound I decided to offer mixing services at very competitive prices. If you want to get your product mixed and don't want to spend thousand bucks I'm glad to help you out! Drop an email at and I'll get back to you as soon as possible."

News: rock house method, behind the scenes


Rock House Method has just launched a brand new web show called “Behind The Strings” which will be designed to give fans of the Rock House instruction series a look at the personalities behind the company and how they interact with each artist who work on instructional DVD’s with them.

Some of the things you can expect are that when an artist comes to work at the Rock House, the show will focus on taking people through their personal musical experience and journey, and how we translate that into teaching and producing a real quality learning tool. We are also going to try to include some of your questions to the artists and their responses!

Shows will run on You Tube, MySpace, Facebook and the Rock House blog.

Webisode 1 is an introduction to The Rock House method with Joe P and John McCarthy including a tour of the Rock House studio.

Webisode 2 delves deeper into the Rock House Method production process.

Reb Beach: avoid the spam, enjoy the rock

Ignore the url in the video... it's a spam link... but here's Reb beach

Reb Beach Cuts It Loosee

Faraz Anwar: autumn madness

New Instrumental by Faraz Anwar performed live.

Faraz Anwar - Autumn Madness (Instrumental) [ LIVE ]

Andreas Oberg: greboble jazz festival

Andreas Oberg guitar, Benoit Sourisse hammond b3 and Andre Charlier drums, live at Greboble Jazz Festival March 12 2009. The song is an original by Sourisse/Charlier called Congo Square!

Andreas Oberg/Benoit Sourisse/Andre Charlier 2009

Saverio Pietropaolo: legato fusion

Apologies to Saverio Pietropaolo as I missed a lot of these videos. This time 6 videos are posted featuring Saverio Pietropaolo playing live... some great legato fusion on these, so don't miss out.

Saverio Pietropaolo

Paul Gilbert: disma music show

It's Monday so it must be time for more Paul Gilbert video... 5 great videos from the Paul Gilbert live (Disma Music Show)

Paul Gilbert live (Disma Music Show)

Mike Stern: live 1997


Mike Stern LIVE 1997

Mike Stern - guitar
Dave Weckl - drums
Lincoln Goines - bass
Bob Sheppard - sax

Allan Holdsworth: l'aquila 1997

Allan Holdsworth live - L'Aquila 1997, Guitar: Allan Holdsworth Bass: Dave Carpenter Drum: Gary Novak, custom player with 6 videos

Allan Holdsworth live - L'Aquila 1997

Shawn Lane: disma music show 1998

Shawn Lane with Jonas Hellborg and Jeff Sipe

SHAWN LANE LIVE at Disma Music Show 1998 pt.1

SHAWN LANE LIVE at Disma Music Show 1998 pt.2

SHAWN LANE LIVE at Disma Music Show 1998 pt.3

Mika Tyyskä: all hail mr fastfinger... must buy fastfinger...must buy fastfinger...

OK is this an April fool?! Actual release date April 1st! No seriously the new CD is available for pre order, now go to it!

Mr. Fastfinger's debut solo album " The Way of the Exploding Guitar"
nears the release. Album will be released in Finland 1.4. You can
already PRE-ORDER the CD from They also ship WORLDWIDE. Next we are working on getting CD available globally. The release date for the worldwide release is 5.5. Stay tuned for news about the availability and also the digital downloads. 14 tracks of instrumental guitar action in bold stereo. Big feelings and great emotions. The actual album consist of 12 brand new tracks. The encore tracks are re-recorded versions of classic Guitar Shred Show tracks: Exploding Solo and Tapping Boogie. The first single from sensei's album "Wax on - Wax off" can be listened on Mr. Fastfinger's Myspace page. Get to the groove!

Album features burning quest solos by:
Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater)*
Mattias Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Christophe Godin, Niko Tsonev **
Ran Ran Du Ran ***

1. Enter
2. Go Flash Go
3. Wax on – Wax off
4. Goldfish
5. The Ninjas I **
6. Humble Moves
7. Big Trummors *
8. Zing Zing ***
9. Creatures of the Midnight
10. The Ninjas II **
11. Once There was a Tree
12. Epic
13. Exploding Solo
14. Tapping Boogie

Total time 50 minutes. Only for the strong at heart!

Composer and Producer: Mika Tyyskä
Lead guitar: Mr.Fastfinger
Drums: Thomas Thörnroos
Bass: Lasse Rantanen
Rhythm guitar ja and everything else: Mika Tyyskä

Francesco Fareri: band looking for singer


Francesco Fareri and his band are looking for a singer. The band are based in Rome and the line up will be playing metal with progressive influences.
Currently the group includes:
Francesco farer - Guitar (
Emanuele Calvelli - Low (
Emiliano Cantiano - Drums (

Contact Francesco Fareri via MySpace.

Marko Pavic: live date plus lorenzo venza


Pavic + U Rock + Utopia @ Locanda Blues, Roma, Concert rock, metal and progressive with Free admission
Start Time: 25 March 2009 at 21:30,
End Time: 26 March 2009 at 01:00
Locanda Blues
via Cassia 1284
Rome, Italy
View Map
Phone: 390630310097

details in Italian

Marcos De Ros: two more for the pot

Marcos De Ros posts two more interesting videos

"Valsa Esquizofrenica" (Esquizofrenic Waltz) .

"Silly Walks" - Marcos De Ros

Luay Rifai: vital signs detected

My first Syrian born guitarist. Luay Rifai has a new CD "Vital". "Vital" is a concept album in the style of instrumental rock guitar, the album includes the track "Vital"; 36 min long concept instrumental piece split into 7 tracks, in addition to 5 stand-alone tracks.

Buy from Amazon

1. Vital - I Nucleus 4:14
2. Vital - II Circulation 6:04
3. Vital - III Pulse 4:23
4. Vital - IV Intelligence 8:05
5. Vital - V Breath 2:49
6. Vital - VI Sentiment 4:48
7. Vital - VII Essence 5:29
8. Faithful Spirits 5:00
9. Prelude for Glenn Gould 5:29
10. Voodoo Frenzy 5:00
12. Of Cold Dreams and a Mirror 10:26

He has two web site: ,

Born in the world’s oldest capital city of Damascus - Syria on August 13th 1982, Luay Rifai’s self-taught approach to the instrument of electric guitar, revealed high dexterity in original and cunning playing, bringing together his diverse passionate melodic licks and rhythms along with remarkable over the top shred-ability, emerging him as an outstanding upmost instrumental rock guitar virtuoso. Throughout the years, Luay Rifai has been part of numerous genre-specific online communities, participating in various collaboration projects with independent musicians around the globe.

Being a medical doctor further contributed his mind-set and very detail-oriented demeanor of always willing to go the extra mile to get the perfect take & feel he’s looking for. Coordinating both, music & medicine, reflects his well-rounded personality, as he thrives to establish where those two worlds collide.

“Vital” is a -medical- concept album in the style of instrumental hard rock / metal guitar, the album includes the track “Vital”; 36 min long concept instrumental piece split into 7 tracks, in addition to 5 stand-alone tracks.

Available in major online stores (iTunes, Amazon mp3, Rhapsody...)