Daniel Puziski: DPK Project - Vertex - great new project to check out

Produced by: Dead Marshall Recordings
Directed By: Johny Brando
Assistant By: Gabriel Henrique
Assistant By: Anna Alves
Actress: Inaiara Damin
Guitar Lead:
Bass: Dave DeVille
Guitar: Jean Mustvche
Drum: Yuri Padilha


Plini: Paper Moon - Live @ Paris 2018

Alex Hutchings: The Stomp

Stéphan Forté: The Shadows Compendium Playthrough

Li-sa-X : "P.R.O." MV from new album 'WILL'

Nita Strauss: Road to Chaos - Episode 3

Silas Fernandes: performs "Favela" on EMGtv

Greg Howe: Wheelhouse tour at The Underworld in Camden Town

Kiko Loureiro: Slow Motion Note per Note - Conquer or Die MEGADETH

Jason Becker, Daniele Gottardo: Hold On To Love with Codany Holiday - teaser