Cesario Filho: George Bellas - Ripped to Shreds |

Walter Trout: The Radicals - Through the Eyes of Love | Jiffs Mixes

Ayumi,Misaki: BRIDEAR - Starlight + Bloody Bride + Daybreak

Kenny Serane: The new .strandberg* Boden DR

Sergey Golovin: Vision - New Song

Elisa Zimbardo: Jam of the Month - March 2021 "Tell me a story" #jamofthemonth2021

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Audio Lab - Silence! (Playthrough)

Nili Brosh: Melody Matters (New Beginner Masterclass)

Alex Hutchings: Andy Timmons the BEST tone in the Business?

Vincenzo Maurogiovanni: improvising over Pierluigi Balducci's backing track

Fabrizio Leo: Bicio - Licksology 3 + E Penso a Te Solo Contest

Alan Cheung: Aristides H/06 Demo | Alan Cheung - Betray the Truth Playthrough

Icaro Paiva: fusion solo + saxophone lines