Marin Miyazawa: Kei Miyazawa-Solo-"player"

Kei Miyazawa, released his own instrumental composition. This time it will be the fourth song "PLAYER" will be delivered. We plan to release our own instrumental songs in the future. Please look forward to it! Solo 1 "Answer" → IKia 24kVn4
Solo 2 "Fate" →
Solo 3 "Moment" → https: // youtu. be / 2DqNK1JKTT8

Kei Miyazawa-Solo-"PLAYER" Composition: Kei Miyazawa Arrangement: Koichi Takahashi

Morgan Thomaso, Husa Toledo, Gabe Pietrzak, Adam Bentley: Yokai Orchestra by Cartoon Theory

Husa Toledo: Falke Theme (Street Fighter V) - Guitar Improvisation

Simon Girard, Kevin Chartré: Beyond Creation - The Afterlife (official video)

Derryl Gabel: Stella by Starlight Melodic Chord Tone Soloing

Greg Koch: Suhr Mateus Asato Signature Classic Antique • SN: JS9C7W

David Gilmour: The David Gilmour Podcast - The White Strat (Episode 3)

Nita Strauss: Stillness at the End and The Quest

Keven Eknes: Neural DSP - Archetype: Plini Demo

Magdalena Yantahtova: Kadinja - Stone Of Mourning

Daniel Sutarz, Dexter Forbes : Bastila - Mother Terrain | Music Scene Toronto Live Session - great progressive rock djent instrumental math rock

Anton Oparin: The Next (Instrumental)

Ando San: - Yuh (Guitar Playthrough) - great thumb technique