François Chanvallon: Allan Holdsworth's solo on Downside Up

Josh Smith: Boogaloo

Alex Hutchings: Faux Blues

Yvette Young: Teaches Finger Tapping

Mamoru Goriku: ESP Experimental Series SNAPPER-AS

Yeongseong Lee: Loser's Song - Suhr Standard Legacy Limited Edition

Pat Reilly: The Chase

Doug Doppler: John Mayer PRS SE Silver Sky DEMO

Antoine Boyer: Enchantment (performance only) (1080 HD)

Hazuki,Saki: X-GEAR trial (Japanese)

Joshua De La Victoria: Stereo Synth Idea in 7

George Constantine Kratsas: Two Notes Engineering DynIR ENGL

Valentino Francavilla: Caprice no. 5 - Eugene's Trick Bag - Steve Vai

Matteo Mancuso: Time To Leave - Guitar Solo (Original)

Marius Pop: Linda IronVerb demo