Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tom Quayle: new music posted

Tom Quayle uploaded new tracks, including: www.myspace.com/tomquayle

1: Improvisation Clean
2: 26 2
3: Sirabhorn

listen. I'm hoping to catch up with Tom Quayle and George Marios at the up coming Musikmesse show in Frankfurt... with my trusty video camera...

Sam Bell: rocking with mask of judas

Sam Bell has joined a female fronted metal band called "mask of judas" with guitarist Adam Bell www.myspace.com/mojudas. The band will be recording some new stuff in summer time. in the mean time same has published a remake of an old song called "the ball 2"

Sam Bell is also studying at BIMM, where he's completing a BA hons. Best parts of this have been lessons from Paul Gilbert, Guthrie Govan, Scott Mcgill, and Paul Bielatowicz. check out the myspace for more music: www.myspace.com/shredysam

Johan Randén: studio update

Super talented Johan Randén is back with an update, he has just finished recording 4 solos for the upcomming debut album from the Swedish progressive band time code alpha. www.myspace.com/peterlazarsweden

In addition Johan Randén has been recording music for his upcoming album for quite a time, and according to Johan
it's going very well. I'm in a very inspirational state of mind, and just have a ton of idées floating through my mind. I will soon be posting some pictures and movies from the studio, so stay tuned !

Nick Kellie: online guitar lesson promo

This is what the experts say:

Rick Graham
Tasty, tasty playing Nick! Great track off a brilliant album.

Derryl Gabel
Beautiful Nick! Love your phrasing man :)

Serj Buss
Awesome guitar tone!

Live Guitar Lessons on Webcam

Renat Bikchurin: double delight on a single neck

Renat Bikchurin back again with his two handed acoustic tapping technique.

BWV847 145

Joe Satriani: john cuniberti chickenfoot photos

Joe Satriani is caught by long time friend and producer John Cuniberti during sessions for the new Chickenfoot CD. check out his web site for more

Ethan Brosh: the hitman

This is the video of the track "Hit Man" off of my debut album Out of Oblivion. Available in stores on March 24th 2009. Out on Magna Carta Records. This tune features Mike Mangini on drums and Eyal Freeman on bass. The video was recorded and edited by Seth Brown and David Swift. Filmed at Sanctum sound studios in Boston. This tune is dedicated to Bret "The Hit Man" Hart.

Out of Oblivion also features guest appearances by George Lynch, Greg Howe, Joe Stump and Mike Mangini. The artwork was made by Derek Riggs (Iron Maiden)

Ethan Brosh "The Hit Man" Video. Magna Carta Records

Mattias IA Eklundh: doo bop club


This is a live show we did with Mattias IA Eklundh at the Doo-Bop club, Vaasa, Finland.6.3.2009. He played mostly his FREAK GUITAR stuff from his solo albums.

Mattias Ia Eklundh-Ketchup is a vegetable w/Kai Hahto,Olli Rantala

This is another clip from doo-bop club Vaasa 6.3.2009.
A little bit streched version from the original as solo´s go.

Mattias IA Eklundh-There´s no money in Jazz w/Kai Hahto,Olli Rantala

Gustavo Guerra: workshop videos

Gustavo Guerra and video of a workshop in Sao Jose Do Rio.

Gustavo Guerra Workshop em Rio Preto

Gustavo Guerra WorkShop em Rio Preto PT2

Gustavo Guerra WorkShop em Rio Preto PT3

Vinnie Moore: dean guitard video interview

Kudos tristangreatrex: Vinnie Moore of UFO talks about his Signature Dean "Vinman2000" and Signature DMT Pickup. To celebrate the Musikmesse award nomination (The VINNIE MOORE Shredhead Pickup from Dean Magnetic Technologies (DMT) has been nominated for a Musikmesse International Press Award for best guitar pickup at the 2009 Musikmesse.) and Vinnie's imminent solo record, Dean Guitars Video's post on YouTube today.

Vinnie Moore of UFO talks about his Signature Dean "Vinman2000" and Signature DMT Pickup.

Dean Guitars Artist Vinnie Moore of UFO

Tony MacAlpine: cab to the tatties

Highlights from CAB's show at the Baked Potato in Hollywood! Bunny Brunel - Bass Tony Macalpine - Guitar Virgil Donati - Drums Dennis Hamm - Keyboards

CAB at the Baked Potato - March 2009

Alex Skolnick: and herman li joining guitar workshop, full details


The National Guitar Workshop is proud to confirm that Herman Li from Dragonforce and Testament/Trans Siberian Orchestra guitarist Alex Skolnick will be joining us this year.

Litchfield, CT—March 10, 2009 – The National Guitar workshop is excited to feature Herman Li at our Purchase, NY campus and Alex Skolnick at our McLean, VA campus.

Download our 2009 course catalog at www.guitarworkshop.com for more information.

Herman will appear to give a special clinic at our Rock Summit in Purchase, NY during July 19-24. In the last few years, Herman has established himself as one of the most recognized and influential guitarists of the new generation. Accolades started to pour in; starting with the 2005 'Best Shredder' award at the annual Metal Hammer Golden Gods. Herman also won four categories in Guitar World's 2007 Readers Poll for 'Best New Talent' (winning by 70%), 'Best Metal', 'Best Riff' and 'Best Shredders'. He also won 'Best Guitar Solo' for ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ in Total Guitar's readers' poll in 2007, as well as numerous other polls in printed and online press around the world. Outside of DragonForce, Herman has been invited to perform with guitar legends such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert, just to name a few.

Between intensive world tours with DragonForce, Herman found time to write a monthly guitar column in UK's Total Guitar magazine as well as becoming involved in guitar clinics around the world. Always continuing to evolve as a guitar player, Herman likes to understand his instrument as much as possible. He is heavily involved in electric guitar development, working on new ideas to improve the instrument as much as possible. After 3 years of hard work, and dedication, the result is the Ibanez E-Gen guitar, Herman’s signature model.

In 2009, Herman will be appearing at a limited number of special clinics and exclusive events to help showcase his own approach to the instrument and continue to inspire other guitarists worldwide.

Alex will appear at our Rock Summit in McLean, VA during the week of June 27th through July 2nd. At age sixteen, Alex tried out for a local band called Legacy. Shortly after graduating from high school, he found himself recording his first album with the group, who by this time had changed their name to Testament. What followed were five albums and countless tours with, among others, Megadeth, Slayer, Judas Priest, and White Zombie. Alex received critical acclaim for his lead guitar work, which had been inspired by heroes such as Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoads, ranking high in many guitar magazine polls, often as 'Best Thrash Guitarist' and 'Most Underrated Guitarist.'

For a complete list of dates, locations, guest artists and classes offered please check out our website


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About National Guitar Workshop:

The National Guitar Workshop is celebrating over25 years of providing high quality music education to students of all ages. The curriculum is wide ranging with courses in Rock, Blues, Jazz, Acoustic, Songwriting, Music Technology and Classical. NGW offers expert instruction for guitarists, bassists, drummers, keyboardists and vocalists.

Contact: Jason Shadrick

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Nick Kellie: web cam lessons available

Nick Kellie has a new web site for guitar players looking for good quality guitar lessons. The lessons are offered in webcam format for a very reasonable price of $25 (USD) per hour.

This guy knows his stuff and is a great improviser. Check out the web site: www.guitaronlinelive.com, check out this video to see what I mean, Nick Kellie playing Stratus at the Wigan International Jazz festival June 2008.