Friday, 8 May 2009

Renat Bikchurin: acoustic heaven


Improvization on spanish guitar. Renat Bikchurin.

Some of exersizes compoused by me (Renat Bikchurin), but most of them by finger fitness expert Greg Irwin. Music: Bob Culbertson.

A few finger exersizes.

Harry K Cody: shout it out!

A number of people have asked me about the whereabouts of Harry K Cody... well no news there but I just picked up some Shotgun Messiah for the rather wonderful

get me my time machine... I need to go back... anyone spot the current whereabouts of Harry K Cody, please let me know.

The first track is dedicated to my number one, Jac... happy anniversary baby!

Shotgun Messiah Living Without You

shotgun messiah - shout it out

Shotgun Messiah - Don't Care 'Bout Nothin'

Shotgun Messiah - Don't Care 'Bout Nothin'

shotgun messiah - heartbreak blvd

CD credits:

Shotgun Messiah (LP) Relativity 1989
Shotgun Messiah (LP, Album) Big Bag Music AB 1990
Appears On:
Shotgun Messiah (CD, Album) Relativity 1989
Shotgun Messiah (Cass) Relativity 1989
Shotgun Messiah (LP) Relativity 1989
Shotgun Messiah (LP, Album) Big Bag Music AB 1990
The Urge (CD, Album) The Hammer, If You're ... Relativity 1991

András Pálfi: the online winner's tv coverage

András Pálfi says:
That's me in the Hungarian VIVA TV. I'm being interviewed about the Guitar Idol 2009 online finals, and on how to vote for me.

Me appearing at a Hungarian music channel (no subtitles)

Me appearing in the local TV news.

Adrian Phoenix: acoutisca

Spanish guitar improvisation, playing Vivaldi (4 seasons - summer), van halen (aint talking about love), yngwie malmsteen (black star intro)
by the guitarist Adrian Phoenix


Daniele Gottardo: blue to you

Daniele Gottardo... a real monster guitar player, caught at a recent show playing as part of the Ricky Quagliato Trio. No news as yet about Daniele Gottardo and the upcoming guitar idol final. Indeed a number of potential finalists have approached me to see if I know... well not yet, but i'll let you know as soon as I know!.

Demo CVL DRUMS - Ricky Quagliato Trio

Dave Gilmour: the hidden gigs for crisis


David Gilmour is set to make an appearance at a "hidden" gig later this month, joining Mali musical pair Amadou and Mariam onstage in London.

Gilmour will play at the pair's London show, set for May 25 and organised by homeless charity Crisis. The venue will be kept secret until the day before the show (May 24), when ticket-holders will be e-mailed or texted details.

Money raised through the gig will go to aid the charity.

In a statement Gilmour said: "It was a wonderful surprise when they [Amadou and Mariam] called recently, inviting me to collaborate with them on this special one-off occasion for Crisis. I'm looking forward to breaking down a few musical boundaries in the cause of helping the homeless."

The show is part of a series of "hidden" gigs organised by the charity. Hot Chip played a show for Crisis on Tuesday (May 5), previewing material set for their fourth album.
full details

Joe Satriani: sammy hagar, i'll never work a guitar genius again


"After Van Halen, I said I would never work with a genius guitar player again," Hagar says. "But after jamming with these guys for a while, we decided, 'Let's get a good guitar player.' I got his number and started calling Joe. This time it worked."...

Guitar wizard Satriani uses the finesse and power made famous on million-selling instrumental albums such as "Surfing With the Alien" and "The Extremist," but he is clearly comfortable in this supporting role, able to play in ways he couldn't as an instrumental soloist.

"He's playing so much," Hagar says.

"It's a whole new Joe," Anthony adds.

"My career sort of fell in my lap," Satriani says. "It was almost accidental. This is more in line with what I always thought I would be doing since I was 14 years old, Jimmy Page, standing behind some guy like Sammy, playing the song."

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Ed DeGenaro: win a copy of the less is more cd

Modern Guitars post:
You can submit your chance to win the Less Is Seldom More CD by simply sending an email with DEGENARO CD in the subject line to the following Modern Guitars address: stating your full name, mailing address, email address and telephone number.

Entry emails must be received by June 14, 2009. Only one entry per person per CD allowed and auto-generated sweepstakes entries will not be accepted. The three winners will be randomly selected on June 15, 2009.

Contest eligibility is limited to residents of the continental United States. The contest is not open to Modern Guitars employees, staff, or contractors.

Guthrie Govan: limms appearence on guitar techniques stand

Guthrie and Wheatie on the GT stand at LIMS

Guitar Techniques friend and longtime contributor Guthrie Govan will be popping onto our stand at LIMS (ExCel, London‘s Docklands, 11–14 June) for some impromptu playing. Already there demoing for Rotosound Strings Guthrie told us today that he‘d love to nip over to us for “a bit of GT action“...

We have no idea what he will play, but as it‘s Guthrie we‘re sure that jaws will be dropping all round. Make sure you check him out on the Rotosound stand too.

John Wheatcroft, another awesome player will also be dropping by, gypsy jazz acoustic in hand. John says he‘d love to play some Django inspired pieces and maybe give a little tutorial on this fascinating and fiery style. John‘s a truly killer picker!

Editor Neville Marten will be there all four days and may well be getting up with Guitarist editor Mick Taylor for a ‘bit of a blues bash‘...

Don‘t miss it! Come and say “hello”. See you there…

Santiago Dobles: aghora 3 completed


Brave Words post
Santiago Dobles of Florida-based metallers AGHORA posted an update on the progress of their upcoming third album (still presently untitled).

"All drum tracks with Matt Thompson (KING DIAMOND, SHAOLIN DEATH SQUAD) for Aghora 3 are complete! Sessions where held in Texas Indian Trails Studio with engineer and co-owner Alex Gerst. The studio was recommended to us by friend and mentor Shrapnel shred legend Derek Taylor... Currently, I am tracking all guitars in my home studio. Diana will be tracking soon as well, and Alan is halfway done. We'll be posting more updates as the album nears completion."
full post

Troy Stetina: webinar lesson


Troy Stetin says:
I'm author of rock and metal guitar methods for Hal Leonard Corp., including Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar, Fretboard Mastery, Metal Lead Guitar, etc. If you are interested in this kind of thing, please subscribe to my channel!

Also I have FREE live video webinar lessons coming, covering a wide range of intermediate to advanced music topics. To join, add your email here

If you are an established artist and/or advanced teacher, perhaps you would like to participate in some way? Please contact me.

BTW, my first youtube video is finally posted. This isn't a lesson just a solo performance outtake from my guest lesson spot on the Mark Tremonti Sound and Story guitar DVD. Come check it out if you have a moment!

Guitarist Troy Stetina - "Retribution" - filmed on the set of Mark Tremonti's All Access Guitar DVD

Tristan Klein: little wing big shred +

Tristan Klein jamming to the old Hendrix track... enjoy!

little wing

tristan klein & T-rex : Roll

tristan klein improvising a blues on a fender champ XD :)

Daniel Peroine: two hands one heart

Some great legato tapping in the style of TJ Helmerich, some really great playing from Daniel Peroine.

Daniel PEROINE live with Funk Unity 30 04 2009

Marcel Coenen: sun uncaged...

Live clip of the song "A Fair Trade" from Sun Caged, recorded live by Tjerk and his mates at Headway Festival Amstelveen, The Netherlands. Multi camera version

Sun Caged - A Fair Trade, live Headway Amstelveen 2007

Live clip from the song "Lyre's Harmony", recorded by Tjerk and his mates at Headway Festival, Amstelveen in 2007. Multi Camera version

Sun Caged - Lyre's Harmony, Live Headway 2007

Brett Garsed: athina live gig

Brett Garsed and Yorgos Fakanas Group playing "Hawk" from the cd Domino at the "Athina Live" Athens Greece 28/3/2009
Brett Garsed: Guitar
Yorgos Fakanas: Bass
Marios Toumbas: Keys
Alexandros Drakos Ktistakis: Drums
Takis Paterelis - Sam Marlieri: Saxes

Brett Garsed and YFG - Hawk (pt1) live in Athens

Brett Garsed and YFG - Hawk (pt2) live in Athens

Robin Trower: live in toronto

Robin Trower with 11 live videos from 2 shows, rocking blues fans enjoy!

Robin Trower: live in Toronto

Tom Quayle: toadworks rippage of the finest order... redux

Tom Quayle says (after a quick cup of tea)
Toadworks Redux Delay Demo HD by Tom Quayle

The Toadworks Redux delay is a unique delay/echo unit in that it has a 2nd offset delay signal which is out of phase with the first. This offset can be controlled manually by the user to produce gorgeous modulated echoes creating everything from simple slap back delays to single and multi-tap delays and stunning textural sound-scapes. The 2nd delay channel can be disengaged completely resulting in a very clean single delay path with the sound and feel of an analogue unit.
Hand constructed, this is everything a boutique pedal should be in style and sound.
Check out for more info and demos.
Be sure to check out my channel for more Toadworks demos and other clips of my playing and songs.
For lessons with me go to

Cheers and thanks for listening.


Orest Dziatyk: hawks flight of the dragon

Orest Dziatyk has been working with the help of George Bellas to produce some tracks, and he has just posted an excellent new track on his MySpace:

Eragons Journey
Harpiscord Canon
Forever In The Wind

Chris Impellitteri: new myspace address

News from the Chris Impellitteri fan club: The web address for the Impellitteri MySpace site is now:

May 15 2009 8:00P Paladino’s Warm Up show !! Secrets Out !! 1 Time ONLY !! Tarzana, California
Jun 6 2009 1:30P Sweden Rock Festival South of Sweden
Jul 22 2009 8:00P Osaka Quattro Hall Osaka, Osaka
Jul 23 2009 8:00P On Air East Arena Tokyo Tokyo, Tokyo
Jul 25 2009 8:00P Major Tour Coming ! World, California