Monday, 22 June 2009

Hedras Ramos, Daniele Gottardo: blues jam tracks meets guitar idol

A couple of photos posted on my space:

Hedras Ramos, Jan Cyrka

Adrian Clark, Hedras Ramos, Jan Cyrka and Daniele Gottardo at the LIMS 2009

Jayce Landberg: announces Mark Boals to record for new CD

Jayce Landberg says:
American vocalist Mark Boals (Uli Jon Roth, Ring Of Fire, Yngwie Malmsteen) will appear as a guest artist on one song on the new album. Mark will appear on a song entitled "Invasion".

The line up for the album is:
Erik Jayce Landberg: All guitars & piano
Goran Edman: Vocals
Jens Bock: Drums
Christian Petterson: Bass
Guest artists:
John Leven: Bass
Mark Boals: Vocals
Jonathan Lundberg: Drums

Gary Moore: thin lizzy don't believe a word!

Wow this one takes me back... I recall seeing Thin Lizzy in 1978/79 at the Bristol Colston Hall... Gary was amazing!

Don't Believe a Word Gary Moore & Thin Lizzy

News: petruccifever soundtrack of summer update

The competition is reaching a climax with just over a week to go. So remember the deadline is July 1st, 2009. The full list of current entries

The main video!
109 Responses in all, to date!
123 5 star ratings

Download the backing track and jam!

Soundtrack of Summer: Guitar Solo Contest (Deadline: July 1st, 2009)

Joe Perry: interviewed by eddie webb

Eddie Webb Interviews Joe Perry!

Conrad Harpham: joins

A promo for the upcoming lessons from Conrad Harpham soon to appear on If you looking for a bag of super tricky, tippity, tappity licks then Conrad is your man.

Conrad Harpham: joins up with

Damjan Pejcinoski: rob chappers mayones competition solo

The competition rolls on and still them come... solos in hand, ready to burn... Damjan Pejcinoski may not have won guitar idol, but he can still pack a full trick bag of slippery licks.

Damjan Pejcinoski - Mayones competition

Scott Henderson,Jimmy Herring: house of blues show down!

Scott Henderson and Jimmy Herring, 7 video at the House Of Blues, West Hollywood, CA 6-19-09

Scott Henderson and Jimmy Herring: house of blues

Andy Timmons: larry dimarzio interview

Andy Timmons talks about his new DiMarzio AT 1 guitar pickup and his new Ibanez guitar. The live concert is from NAMM 2009 and the song is "Gone".

Andy Timmons Live in LA

Atanas Shishkov: urban fusion

Atanas Shishkov plays the tune "Urban Fusion" with his new guitar - Tom Anderson Drop Top

Atanas Shishkov - Urban Fusion-HQ

Prashant Aswani: twitter gig and cd manoeuvres

Prashant Aswani had a few tweets about his upcoming workload:
I will be teaching at the National Guitar Workshop 7-5 to 7-10. Rock Class, 2 Clinics and 2 Concerts.

Plus Prashant chirrups:
sent a track to Dave Martone. Yes he will be featured on my new album!

Tweets out!

Rob Chappers:monkey madness and mayhem!

The church of Truth In Shredding is a broad one... and when Rob Chappers goes to town, you've got to check it out... I had a real bad feeling about this... remember The God Father and the horses head in the bed scene?!!!! Subscribe!!!

In your sleep - a Kung Fu, horror, action, comedy

Carl Roa: 24 fret suhr fusion jam

Carl Roa Band Live at KJ Farrell's, Bellmore NY

Carl Roa - Guitar
Ethan Meixsell - Bass
Ricky Martinez - Drums

Carl is playing a new 24 fret Suhr Modern Guitar. Mahogany Body and Neck. Flame Maple top. Doug Aldrich pickups.

Suhr Modern Guitar Jam - Carl Roa Band - Progressive Rock Fusion

Michael Schenker: us live show videos

Nine videos from Michaels recent live shows in the US. Great to see Michael Schenker back on form!

Michael Schenker: live show videos

Nigel Tufnel: full bore, let the music flow!

The title says it all... expect fireworks!

Spinal Tap Nigel Tufnel Guitar Solo

Michael Angelo Batio: new cd to feature a bunch of cool shredders

Kudos to braveword:
DAVID SCHANKLE GROUP / ex-MANOWAR guitarist David Shankle, guitarist Michael Angelo Batio (NITRO) is gearing up for the release of his next solo album, Hands Without Shadows 2 - Voices. It is slated for an August release and will feature special guests Mark Tremonti, Vinnie Moore, George Bellas, Bill Peck and David Shankle. More details will be revealed soon.
full post

Vinnie Moore: featured in anitmusic interview

Vinnie Moore gets 13 mentions in this interview with the UFO drummer.

Well, I noticed something very interesting over the last two records. Especially after The Monkey Puzzle, I thought it was so bluesy and that there was such a blues influence that was coming through. And there was a lot of that in the band when we first came together in the late '60s. And Phil was always a big blues fan; Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker and Howlin' Wolf and these guys. I know that was a big part of his early music influences and mine too.

And I thought it was interesting because you take Vinnie Moore out of UFO as a solo artist and he's such an amazing guitarist, quite a shredder and amazing technique. And you put him in UFO and the chemistry kind of changes and this bluesy side kind of comes out. You wouldn't expect that with Vinnie Moore but it does. And I love that. I love the direction we're headed in and am quite happy with it.
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