Monday, 29 June 2009

Anthony Xander: top fuel modified

Thanks to Anthony Lipari for pointing out the videos of Anthony Xander Ristovski. Anthony Xander Ristovski has a facebook presence: if you like shred you are going to love this.


Anthony Xander of [MOD]ified

Dime Dean Contest Anthony Ristovski

George Lynch: souls of we new datres announced

09/05/09 SAN DIEGO, CA 4TH & B ***NEW***

Andreas Oberg: launch of online school

Swedish Guitar Sensation Andreas Oberg Opens Advanced Technology Online Guitar School that Charts New Territory in Worldwide Guitar Teaching

Napa, CA, June 23, 2009: Andreas Oberg—Swedish guitar master and recording artist—launched his online teaching site today: the Andreas Oberg Guitar Universe (AGU). Combining Andreas’ mastery of multiple music genres with his friendly teaching style, the site utilizes breakout video technology: elevating online guitar instruction to a new level. Additionally, the site breaks new ground with the inclusion of rich social networking features—empowering a worldwide online community of Andreas Oberg guitar students.

As Andreas commented when the subscription-based site first went live, “The video technology that AGU uses, created by ArtistWorks, Inc., is incredibly cool. Students can study any of the 125 video lessons currently on the site, then upload their practice video for me to review. It doesn’t matter where I am—on the road or home in Sweden—the video technology keeps me in touch with my students with fresh insights, demonstrations and suggestions. Paired with my response, the student’s video goes into the Master Classes area where all students can learn from each other and from me. It’s like a real class—with personal teaching and group learning.”

The AGU site’s video exchange and Master Class presentation brings worldwide online teaching to an exciting frontier. David Butler, CEO of ArtistWorks, says, “Andreas’ students from Rio de Janeiro to New York City to Beijing all receive instruction from Andreas and all have access to the growing collection of Master Classes. This is a quantum leap in distance-learning technology, and goes beyond DVD and other online approaches.” A new student commented, “I like that I can get feedback from Andreas on a spectrum of styles—jazz, blues, fusion, rock, pop and the Gypsy guitar style of Django Reinhart—it’s all there.”

Another milestone of AGU is the site’s social networking. There’s a “Shout-Out” board to give quick comments to all students, an extensive Forum for announcements and conversations and an Instant Messaging Chat for real-time chatting. Each student has an autobiographical “My Student Page” to send messages, share thoughts, and upload his own photos, videos and music tracks for everyone to enjoy and comment on. Andreas says, “The networking on my site is both fun and functional. Students support each other in their pursuit of guitar playing advancement in an incredible environment of camaraderie.”
The Andreas Oberg Guitar Universe ( .. ) is open to guitarists at all levels of proficiency and is priced at an inexpensive $60 for 3 months.

ArtistWorks, Inc. is a Napa, California company that creates instructional subscription websites for such artists as Andreas Oberg, Jimmy Bruno, DJ Qbert, Tony Trischka, Christie-Peery Skousen and Howard Levy.

For further information:

Patricia Butler, CFO
"Teach the World"

Damjan Pejcinoski: shine on!

Damjan Pejcinoski is part of a new band called Shine. Some tracks can be heard on his MySpace: Fans of quality Euro Rock take note... this band rocks and has a great singer. Look out for some video soon.

News: behold the video guitar!

Which comes first, the music or the video? The question is moot now that artisan Ben Lewry of Visionary Instruments, has built an LCD video display into his guitar. After several prototypes, his custom video guitars now can run visualizations or movies by simply popping in a USB thumbdrive into a back panel. Visualizations can even be triggered with MIDI signals by playing the guitar. Steven Wilson, of Porcupine Tree, was so taken by Ben’s designs that he’s now rocking a video guitar to sold out shows around the world.

Video Guitars are the Future of Live Music

Art Rodriguez: the other side of heaven...

A new track Art Rodriguez: from Ibanez UV777 - DiMarzio Blaze PUs - Elixir Strings/Cables, Brunetti 059 - Mesa Cab

Art Rodriguez - Beyond The Stars

Sergio Silva: not orange jam, silver shred!

Some great arpeggios and clean picking from Sergio Silva. Sergio Silva is on MySpace:

Arpeggios Romper das aguas Sergio Silva

Sergio Silva Arpeggio C6 F6 G6

Paul Gilbert Brutal Arpeggio Lesson

Shane Gibson: korn cut pink floyds another brick in the wall!

Korn - Another Brick In The Wall

Charles Shaughnessy: chopstix jam session II

thanks to Anthony Lipari for spotting this one:
Psycho Funk guitar tune, trading off with Rafael at the end, drum solo in the middle.

June 24 jam at CHOPSTIX - Tune 1

June 24 Jam at CHOPSTIX - Tune 2

Allan Holdsworth: chad wackerman tell me

Alexandre Bicudo spotted this one on YouTube:
Purchase the Chad Wackerman recording "40 Reasons" from his official website to own this and many other fantastic songs for an extremely reasonable price. Don't be shy: google.

"Released in 1992, this is ...[from]... an instructional video that also includes about 40 minutes of Allan and his band playing several songs." (quoting the former website from whence this video came.)

The band consists of Steve Hunt (k), SkĂșli Sverrisson (b), and Chad Wackerman (d)."

Allan Holdsworth Chad Wackerman "Tell Me"

Luis Gustavo R Hallgrim: tribute to megadeth

Tuto uses: Jackson Fusion SS´93 (JAPAN) with Seymour Duncan and Gotoh Bridge, Laney LC 50 II

Symphony of Destruction By Tuto Hallgrim

Milan Polak: facebook fan club

Milan Polak has set up a facebook fan space: