Monday, 6 July 2009

Guthrie Govan, Dave Kilminster: erotic cakes plus

GUTHRIE GOVAN DAVE KILMINSTER Roger Waters Palmer Emerson Chelmsford Essex band Asia GPS The Young Punx The Fellowship 2006 Erotic Cakes Stage Show Guitar Guitarist Drum Drummer Bass



Fredrik Thordendal: awesome demos

Double Kudos to Anthony Lipari for spotting these two! Holdworthian fusionoid playing of the highest order... enjoy!

Fredrik Thordendal - 33 Demo

Fredrik Thordendal Demo - Secrets of the Unknown

Ruggero Robin: tour dates announced.

Ruggero Robin says:
I have a tour... in Italy 12 concert... whit the son of Jaco Pastorius ..Julius Pastorius

Jul 17 2009 9:30P TRIO feat. Julius Pastorius, Ruggero Robin - La Moscabianca jazz club Ventimiglia, Imperia
Jul 21 2009 9:30P TRIO feat. Julius Pastorius, Ruggero Robin - Cobà Forlimpopoli, Forlì - Cesena
Jul 22 2009 9:30P TRIO feat. Julius Pastorius, Ruggero Robin - Macondo Cafè Viareggio, Lucca
Jul 23 2009 9:30P TRIO feat. Julius Pastorius, Ruggero Robin - Jazz Club SERPIER Fiumicino, Roma
Jul 25 2009 9:30P TRIO feat. Julius Pastorius, Ruggero Robin - Gat de port Cattolica, Rimini

and some more dates to follow.... and if there any changes I will let you know.

Check out Ruggero Robin filmed earlier this year by me at the Frankfurt musikmesse.

Ruggero Robin: musikmesse 2009 part 1

The band is Robin on Guitar, Julius on Drums and Massimo on Bass

The dates are posted on the bass players web site Massimo Selvi:

Greg Howe: to play with eddie jobson on the U-Z project

Mega kudos and sleuth award to Rich Murray over at the guitar channel. Great job Rich on finding this! This is soooo cool! If they don't make the UK, I hope they video it!

Jobson's announcement:
"Author: EJ
Date: 07-04-09 20:20

I would like to announce here, on my forum, the lineup for the first "Ultimate Zero" tour:

Apart from Eddie Jobson - keys/violin (well I guess I have to show up...), my guests will include Greg Howe - guitar (Michael Jackson), Michael Bernier - stick (Stick Men), Marco Minnemann drums (UKZ), and Simon Phillips - drums (Jeff Beck, Pete Townsend, Toto etc.).

Greg Howe will NOT be playing New York; the guest guitarist in New York will be announced shortly. All of the other players will perform all six shows... yes, that's TWO of the world's best drummers together in the band.

I think that's a pretty great lineup Thank you to the musicians who have agreed to perform with me, and also to the ones who wanted to do it and, I hope, will be able to join me on future tours.

Please support the shows and help me to promote them as much as you can. I'll see you there! Thanks.


Here are the announced dates so far, as posted on Marco Minnemann's MySpace:

Aug 17 2009 Jammin Java,U-Z: Eddie Jobson, Marco Minnemann, Simon Phillips, Greg Howe and Michael Bernier Vienna, Virginia
Aug 18 2009 BB King’s; Eddie Jobson, Marco Minnemann, Simon Phillips, Greg Howe and Michael Bernier New York, New York
Aug 19 2009 Regent Theatre; U-Z: Eddie Jobson, Marco Minnemann, Simon Phillips, Greg Howe and Michael Bernier Arlington, Massachusetts
Aug 20 2009 North Star Bar; U-Z, Eddie Jobson, Marco Minnemann, Simon Phillips, Greg Howe and Michael Bernier Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aug 21 2009 Beachland Ballroom, Eddie Jobson, Marco Minnemann, Simon Phillips, and Michael Bernier Cleveland, Ohio
Aug 22 2009 Martyr’s, U-Z, Eddie Jobson, Marco Minnemann, Simon Phillips, Greg Howe and Michael Bernier Chicago, Illinois

News: truth in shredding breaks 450,000 visits

Another landmark passed... 450,000 visitors to the blog! Thanks to you all... just need it to the big 500,000 now. Look out for a celebratory guitar solo competition soon, with great prizes and awesome judges...

Here the data for blogging fans


Total 451,627
Average Per Day 959
Average Visit Length 1:46
Last Hour 49
Today 1,119
This Week 6,716


Total 733,976
Average Per Day 1,463
Average Per Visit 1.5
Last Hour 70
Today 1,713
This Week 10,241

Tom MacLean: steel panther competition solo

Death to all but metal solo - Tom MacLean

and in more normal mode. Tom MacLean of To-Mera recording a guest solo for Architect, the international project featuring Gus Monsanto, Joost van de Broek etc.

Tom MacLean's Architect Solo

Dave Kilminster: blue rock weekend now booking

Blues Rock 2/3, Guildford

Dave Kilminster Weekend:
Blues/Rock Level 2/3
Where & when: Barnett Hill, Guildford,UK
Saturday/Sunday 28 & 29 November 2009
Tutors: Neville Marten, Jason Sidwell & Dave Kilminster

Dave Kilminster is a truly inspiring and creative guitarist. With 2 Rogers Waters world tours under his belt his 'giant of rock' reputation continues to grow in all the right directions. Dave is back with us for another Blues Rock event that will take your playing above and beyond...

Payment details: Full payment or a non-refundable deposit of £50 made online or by calling 0845 458 7372 - total cost £399

Guthrie Govan: weekend course now booking

‘Rock Development – The Essentials’, here's what can be expected...

"Over the course of this special weekend, you will be introduced to the essential techniques favoured by rock giants such as Gary Moore, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert.

Picking, legato, tapping and whammy bar abuse will all come under the spotlight as well as a thorough grounding in theory and application. With plenty of jam sessions and inside pro tips, Rock Development is aimed at intermediate and advancing players looking to add taste, sophistication and speed to their playing.

As a special bonus, guitarist extraordinaire, Guthrie Govan will perform and discuss tracks from his critically acclaimed and jaw dropping album, Erotic Cakes! Book today to avoid disappointment!"

For more information call 0845 458 7372 or you can book your course Guthrie Govan Weekend:
Blues/Rock Level 2/3
Rock Development – The Essentials
Where & when: Bailbrook House, Bath, UK
Saturday/Sunday 17 & 18 October 2009
Tutors: Jason Sidwell & Guthrie Govan

You simply can't afford to miss this weekend. We have mixed things up a little and designed a guitar weekend that will blow your mind and there is nobody better placed on this here earth to do just that. We present Guthrie Govan...

Payment details: Full payment or a non-refundable deposit of £50 - total cost £ 399

News: the Pyro shreds his axe.

Pyro Air guitar solo

Damir Puh: tribute to john petrucci

Damir Puh - Another Day Solo (cover)

Emir Hot: nicks muris varjic's guitar idol prize ;)

Muris Varajic - Guitar Idol 2009 prize - Blackstar amplifier

Plus 6 guitar lessons from the burning Mr Hot!

Emir Hot: guitar lessons

Michael Angelo Batio: greets fret 12 community takes you inside the lives of todays artists for the ultimate all-access experience. Not only will you learn their techniques, they will tell their stories as musicians. We are featuring artists like Mark Tremonti, Leslie West, Zakk Wylde, Michael Angelo Batio and more.. Find out more about fret12:

Michael Angelo Batio- Michael Angelo Batio Greets the Fret12 Community

Steve Vai,Phil Hilborne: with nicko mcbrain and friends

Phil Hilborne, Steve Vai and Nicko McBrain & Friends - London Guitar Show June 2009 - Excel/Docklands

Little Wing - LIMS 2009

Stanley Jordan: tvjazz in hd

(HD) Stanley Jordan -

Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: mr big on blu ray pre order

MR.BIG Budokan-Reunion Tour 2009 [Blu-ray]: Live Blu-ray release from MR.BIG featuring footage of the band's June 20, 2009 performance at Budokan

Catalog No.: IEXP-10001
Label/Distributor: Victor Entertainment
Format: Blu-ray
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Release Date: 2009/9/9 (See more items released this month)
Price: 5500yen (5775yen Tax incl.)

pre order

John 5: harmony central interview

Guitarist John5 talks gear and recording projects. Also featured are clips from John5's instructional DVD "The Devil Knows My Name".

John5 Interview pt1

John5 Interview pt2

News: browser wars continues!

Even with the lack luster release of Microsofts IE8, the browser war is not over. IE is still losing market share and IE8's take up has been less than expected. In addition, IE still fails to render some older web sites and, in my experince, is having trouble with some web 2.0 based web sites.

In terms of performance, Apple now claim that Safari has the fastest JavaScript engine. However my tests of the windows version was significanlty less performant that Google Chrome, the hot rodded, open source, V8 engine. You can try it for your self on this cool site:
Mozilla is also fighting back and not losing market share with it's new release of Firefox 3.5, whose downloads have already eclipsed google chrome and Safari take up.
Check out this web site to see real time stats of Firefox downloads... it really is super cool

and the real time Firefox take up stats:

So the way to go is select your browser from:

Firefox - Web developer types who need some cool tools!
Google Chrome - Vista / Xp users
Safari - Apple Mac users

Reece Fullwood: joined by Matt Shepard in aeon zen live set up

I am pleased to announce that, joining Reece Fullwood on guitar, Matt Shepherd will also be playing with Aeon Zen live.

(L-R: Reece Fullwood, Rich Hinks, Matt Shepherd)

Matt played several guitar solos on the Aeon Zen album "A Mind's Portrait", and he is a fantastic guitarist, so it is a great pleasure for us to be playing together.

There will be more live announcements very soon, so stay tuned!


Pick up a copy of the Aeon Zen album "A Mind's Portrait" now!

Available at: