Thursday, 9 July 2009

Ben Randall: meyones setius burning demo!

Mayones Guitar Demo 1 by Ben Randall - Mayones Setius PRO 6:
The Setius model with Schaller Floyd Rose PRO bridge, for the floating bridge enthusiasts. Mahogany body + profiled Flamed Maple top. 5-piece Mahogany-Maple bolt-on neck. Plain Rosewood fingerboard with little dots on the upper side of the neck. Comes with selection of Seymour Duncan & DiMarzio pickups, Schaller tuners. Several colour versions. Black or chrome accessories and hardcase included.

Mayones Guitar Demo 1 by Ben Randall - Mayones Setius PRO 6

Guitar Idol: you thought it was over...

They think it's all over... it is now! A photo gallery from LIMS and guitar Idol 2009. Thanks to all the players and friends Oziel Zinho, Peter Petchalov, Silvio Gazquez, Daniel Realpe, Jay Parmer, Rob Chappers, Muris Varajic,Damjan Pejcinoski, Jack Thammarat,Hedras Ramos,Alexandros Tefarikis,Jack Gardiner,Daniele Gottardo, Dimitris Gkountonas, George Marios, Claudio Mariola,Phil Hilborne,Jan Cyrka!!

Jack Thammarat guitar idol 2009 winner

Hedras Ramos winner of the guitar idol 2009 7 string guitar

Alexandros Tefarikis

Jack Gardiner,Daniele Gottardo,
Dimitris Gkountonas, George Marios, Dan Monk

Muris Varajic, Dan Monk

Dan Monk,George Marios

Andy James, Damjan Pejcinoski

Jay Parmer

Rob Chappers

Stuart Bull, Daniele Gottardo

Daniel Realpe

Dan Monk, Silvio Gazquez

Oziel Zinho

Damjan Pejcinoski

Gustavo Di Padua

Phil Hilborne, Jan Cyrka

Jack Thammarat

Claudio Mariola, Jack Gardiner

Gustavo Di Padua, Peter Petchalov
( another great guy!)

Marcos Kradich (number one fan of Fernando Miyata and all round great guy), Gustavo Di Padua

Rob Chappers: makes it to the land of 2d in this awesome worshipful video!

A brilliant video put together by a Monkey lord minion:
Mini-epic, animated adventure featuring the Monkey Lord. Cameo roles can be seen of the Griffon Lord and Wheresmycake.

The Monkey Lord's Big Day Out

Guthrie Govan, Dave Kilminster, Steve Vai: learn to play steve vai style!

Lick Library release a series of Steve Vai DVDs:
Lick Library have just released the ultimate guitar tutorial guide to the Ultimate guitar player, Steve Vai. The series of three 'Learn to Play Steve Vai DVD’s' works shops and tutorials total more than nine hours of lessons, and most importantly will help you learn the secrets of Vai’s playing in easy to follow video format lessons.

As one of the most respected and accomplished guitarists on the planet, master guitar virtuoso Steve Vai, rightly commands the attention and admiration from legions of players around the world. His command of the guitar, is second to none, and he has pushed back the barriers of the instrument and continues to innovate and experiment on the possibilities of what can be played on the guitar.

The new Lick Library Vai DVD’s, whilst aimed at intermediate to advanced players, will still appeal to anyone wanting to discover how to play some of the most technically demanding and complex guitar parts ever written. The series of three learn to play DVD’s reveals many of the techniques and effects played by Steve Vai and put under the microscope some of his best tracks, breaking down every phrase, chord, solo and fill, in minute detail.

Volume 1 is presented by top Lick library tutors Guthrie Govan, Dave Kilminster and Danny Gill. The two hour guitar workshop feature in-depth tutorials on the classic songs taken from Dave Lee Roth's 'Eat Em And Smile' album, widely regarded to be amongst Steve's most influential playing. Tracks include Yankee Rose, Going Crazy, Ladies Nite In Buffalo and Big Trouble. The tutors explain each song note for note, and describe and demonstrate Steve Vai’s unique phrasing ideas, song structures and licks. The tutorials will help you understand how to play the songs and in small sections help you build up into playing the whole song.

Volume 2 presented by Guthrie Govan and Dave Kilminster, including over four hours of tutorials featuring the tracks, For The Love Of God, Tender Surrender, Attitude Song and the spectacular Shy Boy, with jaw dropping fretboard pyrotechnics that will give you’re fingers a work out like you’ve never seen!

Volume 3 presented by Andy James and Jamie Humphries features the tracks :Die To Live, The Boy From Seattle, Juice, The Animal, Boston Rain Melody and along with the other DVD’s includes both song tutorials and performances, so you can learn individual parts and build up your playing slowly to the correct tempo.

Our experienced teachers are top professional players in their own right. Their tutorials will explain in an easy to follow format how to play Steve Vai’s songs and along the way will explain a wide range of techniques including: string bending, pinched harmonics, pick sliding and pick scrapes sounds, sweet picking, advanced tremolo effects, legato phrasing, pull-on/pull off’s, cross handed playing, natural harmonics, multi-fingered tapping, trills, hammer on’s and the list goes on and on, building up a whole armoury of show stopping fills, effects and picking patterns for you to learn and integrate into your own playing!!

The DVD’s and CD’s are now available to purchase through along with over 20,000 other guitar tuition products and Lick Library. The DVD's are only available in UK, Europe and Australia.

Learn to Play part 2 & 3 retail for £24.99 each and Volume 1 retails for £19.99

Thomas Blug: soul and pepper cd promo

This guy is really great, total control of the guitar and a huge fan base from my judging of his appearance at the Musikmesse show 2009.

“Soul & Pepper”, Thomas Blug’s most ambitious album release to date, is a cooperative effort with Thijs van Leer (the legendary creator and head of the 70’s band Focus), Thomas and other band members. This project has solidified the Thomas Blug Band’s place as one of the hottest musical commodities in Europe. The CD has the accessibility of pop while maintaining the freedom and sophistication of jazz. A seamless blend of Blug’s blazing guitar licks and Leer’s funky style makes this album a must have for any jazz or fusion enthusiast.

shop buy, uk buy and cd baby buy


1. Welcome To The Future (Visions Reloaded)* (7.36)
2. My House Is Green (4.01)
3. I Won´ t Forget (6.59)
4. Summer Rain* (5.02)
5. Aqua Di Mare (6.17)
6. Come Back Again* (4.57)
7. Lost & Found (7.39)
8. T ´n´ T (Thomas ´n´ Thijs) (8.09)
9. Stratking 2009 (4.50)
10. Paul´s Blues (9.42)

Musicans: Thomas Blug (Guitar), Thijs van Leer (B3, Flute, Vocoder), Raoul Walton (Bass), Wolf Simon (Drums), Bernie Wittmann (Keys, Strings)

* featuring Berenice van Leer (Vocals)

Thomas Blug Band New Album Soul & Pepper

Mick Thompson: slipknots finest gets the fpe-tv treatment!

A cool interview with Mr. Mick Thompson of Slipknot!

FPE-TV Mick Thompson Slipknot Rivera Guitar Amps

News: free flamenco lessons

Vicente Carrillo blanca 2009 flamenco guitar:
On July 31th 1963, the Spanish luthier Vícente Carrillo was born in Casasimarro into a family that have been making guitars since the XVIII centuryIn 1755 Vicente his great-great grandfather had his own guitar workshop followed by his great grandfather Blas Carrillo Alarcón (1836-1919)followed by his grandfather Vicente Carrillo Lopez (1881-1962), followed by his father Vicente Carrillo Cantos (1926-1971). Vicente was only 8 years old when his father, unfortunately, passes away. Vicente his mother Gabriela Casas Fornier took over the shop, employing a number of master craftsmen, until 1980 when Vicente took the helm of the family business. Vicente has, literally, grown up among guitarsthe reason why it was never difficult for him to learn making high end guitars. Vicente learned the craft not only from the various luthiers working in their shop, but also from Angel Benito Aguado and Jose Romero with whom Vicente established a very good friendship, shared ideas to improve his guitars. Until today Vicente still builts his guitars entirely by hand, using traditional techniques. His construction is inspired by the design of Santos Hernandez (1873-1942), characterized by a nice, some kind of warmer sound with deep basses and sweet trebles.

For this new blanca form Vicente we selected really high quality woods, old aged st grade good sounding German spruce for the top, Spanish cypress for the back and the sides, a neck thickness of only 22mm which is not the standard one on many Carrillos, a nut with of 52mm and above all entirely finished in French polish.
find out more:

Flamenco guitar Vincente Carillo blanca 2009

Angel Ruiz: santo espiritu

This song is from my first solo album. The album called " El bien y el mal ".

Santo Espíritu by Ángel Ruiz

Russ Parrish: steel panther death to all but metal at download

Steel Panther performing Death To all but Metal at Download Festival 2009 in the tuborg tent. This is a video with loads of different camera angles and was edited by me. It is the best quality video of this performance/song on youtube. Please Rate and Comment.
... yes death to all BUTT metal!

Steel Panther Death To All But Metal Live Download Festival 2009 multicam

Robert Robinson: Dr Mastermind live June 2009

a classic song done by the new lineup of robert robinson gtr bryce van patten drums matt mccourt(dr mastermind) bass/vocals raw footage form michael gonzalez' documentary on matt mccourt
... seven videos from this classic show... enjoy!

Robert Robinson: Dr Mastermind live June 2009

Nuno Bettencourt: live brazil 1992

Extreme Nuno Bettencourt's playing Bumblebee + Crash Landing Extended Live in Brazil. Hollyood Rock Festival 1992.

Extreme Nuno Bettencourt's - Bumblebee+Crash Landing Extended Live Brazil '92

Renat Bikchurin: WTF double neck guitar and two handed tapping!

Wow, what a guitar... another amazing snippet from Renat Bikchurin.

Short new guitar demo

News: Guitar Day Aquitaine 2009

Guitar Day Aquitaine 2009

Todor Peev: blue guitar pr0n

Fender Custom Shop 1960 Relic thru Egnater MOD 50 amp with a touch of Lexicon MPX G2 effect unit straight to the camera mic

Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster Lead

Suhr Pro Series S4 guitar to Egnater MOD 50 combo, in the fx-loop: Lexicon MPX G2, switcher: Ground Control Pro Voodoo Lab and the mic is: Sennheiser Evolution 906, forward to Tascam FW-1884 sound card.

Suhr S4 and Egnater MOD 50 Test

Jeff Loomis: new instructional video in the works

Jeff Loomis and the Rock House Method: Nevermore's Jeff Loomis to start taping in early August with the Rock House Method (instructional videos). More details coming soon...

Rob Chappers: the signature ML1 PRE ORDER!

The limited edition Rob Chapman signature ML1, Email to reserve one!

The limited edition Rob Chapman signature ML1

Richie Kotzen: pub solo time!

Richie Kotzen solo

Marcos De Ros: cool jam 8

Marcos De Ros says:
Marcos De Ros & MarloweDK Jam 7. I just downloaded some lessons of Marlowe and jam over it. He is an amazing bass player and provides a solid background to play over! Thanks Marlowe!!!

Marcos De Ros & MarloweDK Jam 8.

Orianthi: michael jackson post creates a super spike!

Over all figures for the past week have been 25 % up. and this has also resulted in another super spike this time from Orianthi post about being Michael Jackson last guitarist . It must have been devastating for Orianthi to be so close to Michael in preparation in a 50 date show with Michael Jackson. Although in this case, maybe every black cloud has a silver lining, as I sure that many people will know who Orianthi is now check out the google news feed

"It was a real honour to do that," she said.

During the two-hour tribute at Los Angeles' Staples Centre on Wednesday, Panagaris, 24, joined Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey and Usher.

"It was great to see everybody again, just not in these circumstances," she said. "We thought we'd be playing the show, not his memorial."

Panagaris, who sang a solo, said she cried after Jennifer Hudson's rendition of Will You Be There.

"I started bawling - that's why I had the sunglasses on."

She said event preparations, made within a fortnight of Jackson's death, had been intense. She'd had only two hours' sleep before the show.

Panagaris was to play with Jackson on tour. She saw him the night before he died, at a rehearsal.

"He was so ready to go - he was so excited and happy. He wanted to do it all for the fans," she said.

Jackson chose Panagaris to play lead guitar after a choreographer said to audition.

"I'm just glad I can say I had that amazing, surreal opportunity."
another full interview

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Susan Weinert: acoustic midi guitar

Now—it's already a bit unusual to play jazz on a nylon string guitar, but Weinert's acoustic setup gets even more interesting. Used to using synth sounds with her electric guitar, she wanted to have that option with the nylon string. It would give her a larger palette of tones to draw from. She chose the RMC Acoustic Gold system which is a 13-pin hexaphonic (separate output for each string) piezo pickup, with a Roland VG-8 Module for her synth sounds. Through the use of a Rocktron MIDI Mate foot controller and volume pedals, she can create any blend of synth and acoustic sounds that she wants. I've had the honor of hearing in her acoustic duo featuring her husband, Martin Weinert on upright bass. She may use 100% synth sounds for certain melodic phrases, but she never over-uses the synth effect. A lot of times she'll bring in a really warm, string-like pad along with the nylon string to add elements of space and texture. I've also been lucky enough to have her play with me on my CD, UnCovered. It's a collection of cover tunes, and we picked Sting's “Fragile” to really feature Weinert's nylon sound—but what she added with the synth sounds truly took the song to a new place. No matter what the blend is, Weinert is always true to the music.
full interview

News: win 250 customised picks

WIN 250 customised guitar picks!
Forget signature guitars, the new must-have signature model is the humble guitar pick. Band merchandise can be expensive, and with a mindboggling
amount of options it can be hard to decide what to go for.

Picktown ( is run by musician Rick Lowe – the brains behind Chicks On Picks – who aims to make the pick process accessible to musicians at any level with a range of materials and gauges, plus the option to have full colour art or photos printed on selected materials.

While Picktown is a relative newcomer to the scene, it has already produced customised designs for Gallows, Mötley Crüe and Bring Me The Horizon, among others. Enter here for a chance to add your name to the list!

PLEASE NOTE: Under 18s must obtain parental consent to enter this competition and be able to demonstrate this to Total Guitar's reasonable satisfaction

Competition closing date: 11/08/2009

Tom Hess: on line guitar lessons

Correspondence Guitar Lesson:
There are 2 kinds of guitar players, which one are you?

In general, there are two kinds of guitar players, those who are totally committed to doing everything within their power to reach their musical goals and those who have not yet fully dedicated themselves to becoming the guitarist and musician they want to be. Where are you and where do you want to be? No matter which group you are currently in, you must be here because you want to improve your guitar playing and musicianship. To begin, watch the video above and discover how correspondence guitar lessons will transform your playing, deepen your musicianship and help you reach your goals.

What Are The Benefits of Correspondence Guitar Lessons?

As I explained in the video above, I will design a series of lessons specifically for you. Together you and I will work to solve your musical problems, overcome your frustrations and reach your musical goals in the best and fastest ways possible. Also, with typical live Private Lessons, there are often no recordings available of what was taught in the lessons, and this means that you will be more likely to forget some of what you learn over time. With Correspondence Guitar Lessons, you can always easily refer to all of your previous lessons.
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