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Joe Satriani: vox big bad wah

Joe Satriani sat down on a recent break from the Chickenfoot tour and talked in depth about the making of the Big Bad Wah.

Dennis de Bruijn: shred this competition entry and a few more pots of jam!

Scali is a guitarist from The Hague. He has been playing since the age of 16, is mostly self-taught, and inspired mostly by 80s/90s guitarists such as Joe Satriani, but also interested in various other guitarists, such as Shawn Lane or Les Paul. After about 2 years, he and a friend got together and started writing and recording songs, and performing them on occasion. When starting university, this creative cooperation came to an end. But now Scali finds himself with a renewed interest in playing and writing music. Jamming along with fellow musicians through the internet, writing and recording songs, and trying to put a new band together.

Truth In Shredding - Shred This

plus some earlier jam videos

Sexy Jam

Orange Jam

Jan Laurenz: shred this competition entry

The submissions are still coming in, a big thanks to all those today, hopefully get around to commenting on all submissions! Total downloads for that backing track now standing at 549, if we get that many entries, I'll have to change my spreadsheet to handle all the votes! I hope to feature a number of videos over the course of the competition on this blog. particularly if you have already been featured, but also some of the new guys who have entered! You can check out all the entries:

OK here is another guy who is a regular here, may be better known for his two handed work and his megatar, Jan Lauenz.

shred this contest 2009 by Jan Laurenz

Katrina Johansson: driven

Posted some time ago, but one I missed, nice bit of guitar playing, ala Michael Angelo sound

Katrina Johansson - Driven

News: italian guitar website

A new web site spotted:


Nili Brosh: video message for

Andy Timmons: xotic guitars interview

Interview with Andy Timons at NAMM 2009

Andres Ludmer: shred this competition

Another update on the competition, which appears to be going nicely. I really appreciate the comments guys and I really could not have done this with out Rick Graham and Tom Quayle! View all entries:

The Stats: Added: Thu 09 Jul 2009 15:49:38 PDT Time: 2:19
Views: 4,324
Rating: 5 star 46
Comments: 46
Responses: 19

OK, another video posted by Truth In Shredding featured player Andres Ludmer who is known for his ability to play a number of style from progressive guitar on an 8 string to more straight ahead fusion.

Andres Ludmer from Argentina says:
this one is dedicated to you Laurie Monk!!! hope you like it. This is me improvising on the track provided by the AMAZING Tom Quayle. it was the 1st take with the camera

Improvisation for Shred This Competition - Andres Ludmer -

News: king of the blues competition

Head into any Guitar Center NOW to sign up for Guitar Center's King of the Blues 2009! Cash prizes, endorsement deals and more!
Visit for all the details and to download the official backing tracks! Prizes

King Of The Blues 2009 Is About To Begin!

News: Reinhold Bogner discuss bogner amps!

Guitar Center Sessions: Reinhold Bogner, Components of the Alchemist

Guitar Center Sessions: Reinhold Bogner, Components of the Alchemist 2

Paul Gilbert: clinic castello di levizzano series

Paul Gilbert Clinic Castle Levizzano Rangone, 13 July 2009. AV Events Organization, Aerosmith
Lord Of The Thighs, explanation of how he built the guitar for the song.
To listen carefully, Paul gives really good advice on how to build parts of the guitar solo ... and a super-class on time and on TIME! - 4 videos in this series

Paul Gilbert Clinic al Castello di Levizzano Rangone

Paul Gilbert: light my fire at MMI


Paul Gilbert At MMI (Verona)

Steve Hackett: night of the prog loreley 2009 series

Include Firth Of Fifth... The Steppes and more... looks like a great show to me!

Steve Hackett: night of the prog loreley 2009 series

News: roland cube amp giveaway

ROLAND LAUNCHES “ONE IN A MILLION” CUBE AMP CONTEST: Grand Prize Winner Receives Entire Line of CUBE Amps:

Los Angeles, CA, July 15, 2009 — To commemorate a million CUBE amplifiers sold, Roland U.S. has launched a new contest where enthusiasts of the legendary CUBE-Series can win one of every CUBE amplifier currently being made.

CUBE amplifiers are known for packing a sonic punch in a portable package, and Roland wants to know how players use their CUBE. This can be any Roland CUBE-Series amplifier, from the original CUBE-40, to the newest member of the CUBE family, the CUBE-80X. To enter, all contestants have to do is register online and upload a photo of them and their CUBE. Contestants can register as many photos as they would like.

Photos are encouraged to be as innovative and creative as possible, since the photos with the most interesting concepts will win. First, second, and third place winners will be selected by a panel of judges at Roland. First place will win one of every CUBE amplifier Roland currently manufactures, 14 in total. Second place will have a choice of five CUBE amps, and third place will have a choice of three CUBE amps.

“The CUBE-Series has been the workhorse of guitar amps for decades,” says Peter Swiadon, Product Marketing Manager. “We are excited to have a contest to celebrate the many ways in which our customers use their CUBE amplifiers. With over a million sold, we’re sure there will be a lot of diversity.”

Entries for the “One in a Million” CUBE amplifier contest will be taken from July 15th - September 30th. Contest is for U.S. residents only.

To enter the “One in a Million” CUBE contest, please visit:

Roland One in a Million CUBE Amplifier Contest

Matt Guillory: prophetic tribute to zakk wylde... no more tears...

Matt Guillory says:
Experimenting with various custom keyboard patches created with software. Playing Zakk Wylde's solo from the song "No More Tears"

Need keyboards on your record? I'm available for sessions so feel free to contact me!

Matt Guillory - Keyboard Solo - Zakk Wylde - No More Tears

Paul Gilbert: mobile devotion

A new one to me... now if it was a Gamma cover...


Richie Kotzen: european acoustic dates annonced

Richie Kotzen will conduct a series of acoustic concerts on the following dates and cities:

August 1 - Area gens - Ponsacco (Italy)
August 5-Rock Night - Massignano / AP (Italy)
August 7-Piazza - Agnone (Italy)
August 8 - Go west estivo - Roccaforzata (Italy)
August 13-Bluesiana - Velden (Austria)
August 14 - Village - Habach (Germany)
August 16 - Lake Village - Nettuno (Italy)

News: sophisticated advertising techniques

Great to see we've come along way in the sophistication used to sell guitars... and to think in the early days it was just to use sex...

2010 Guitar Buyer's Guide Photo Shoot

News: new guitar collector web site

Signature Guitars

Over the years many artists have had “signature” guitar models developed by a whole host of manufacturers.

Some have been at the cheaper end of the market, such as the Fender Squier “Hank Marvin” Stratocaster right up to the high priced models such as the Fender “Andy Summers” Telecaster and “SRV” Strat recreations or Gibson’s recent “Slash” Les Pauls.

The following pages are the start of an ongoing list of signature models of all types. to read more like this:

Joe Satriani: chickenfoot tour update

Hello People of the Foot!

The boys are just returning from an amazing time with all of you European fans and want to thank you for the amazing energy they've seen at every show!

Also, thanks for all of the well wishes on Chad's arm injury-- it worked! He's been doing great and the guys are all looking forward to seeing you on the upcoming North American tour.

Speaking of that tour, we have two more late additions to the in the US-- DENVER, CO on September 11th at the Fillmore and SAN ANTONIO, TX on September 20th at Sunset Station.. The presale for Denver starts Wed (tomorrow) for fan club members. As usual, Fan club members should log in and visit to view their code and then visit the Ticketmaster page to purchase tickets. Presale for San Antonio is scheduled for next Wednesday, 7/22.

Presale tickets are only available to members of the official Chickenfoot Fan Club. Joining the Chickenfoot Fan Club get you access to presales, an exclusive "Chickenheads" fan club t-shirt and 10% ongoing discount in the Official Chickenfoot online store. Click here to join.


There are still VIP ticket packages available for some dates. All packages will come down 3 weeks before show date so if you've been on the fence now is the time to pick 'em up!

Full details on the Premium and Backstage packages are available in the right sidebar on

John Norum: europe last look at eden details

UK Album Release: 14th September 09

click for hi res

Europe, Sweden's biggest selling hard rock band, are pleased to announce the 14th September release of their eighth studio album "Last Look At Eden" - the first studio album since 2006's critically acclaimed "Secret Society". The album will be released by Edel Germany's international rock music label earMUSIC.



To coincide with the band's headline appearance at the Bloodstock Festival on August 16th (, Europe will release the 'Last Look at Eden' 5-track mini album on Monday August 10th, featuring the album's title track as well as a previously never-before-released live version of the Led Zeppelin classic 'Since I've Been Loving You'.

After shooting to fame in 1986 with the hugely successful single 'The Final Countdown',Europe spent the next 10 years touring the world and released two further albums 'Out of this World' and 'Prisoners in Paradise'. After taking a break from the limelight for most of the 1990's, a break which many fans thought would be the end of the band, Europe got back together for a one-off new year's eve performance in Stockholm in 1999 and announced their official reunion in 2003 by welcoming back original guitarist and founding member John Norum. Since then, Europe has released two studio albums - 'Start From The Dark' (2004) and 'Secret Society' (2006).

click for his res

Now back and stronger than ever before, Europe gear up to release 'Last Look at Eden' - a monumental hard rock album packed with undeniably skilled song writing and musicianship. The album features John Norum's signature guitar tones and proves that Joey Tempest still has one of the most powerful and gifted voices in rock music today.

From the epic title track to the melodic ballad 'New Love in Town' this album is on another level, less extreme than previous offering 'Secret Society' and with matured sound, 'Last Look at Eden' is a mix of all the elements that have made Europe famous the world over.

"This time we're taking a new direction with out songs, and we're exploring different styles," says Tempest. "There is a definite classic rock vibe on several tracks on this album - a tip of the hat to groovin', funkin' 70's rock songs, with a modern twist."

Adds Tempest - "We've got a couple of great ballads, plus some thundering rock tracks that will put you flat on your ass! We've taken the best bits from our recent albums and taken it to a new level 'Last Look at Eden' is more of a Europe album than 'Secret Society' or 'Start From The Dark'. We had to make those albums in order to do this."

click for hi resEUROPE


When I was 15 years old, I discovered a guitar player, one year younger than myself, who player his instrument with heart and soul, and with a blues feeling that I'd never heard from a Swedish musician. His name was John Norum and after that day nothing would ever be the same again. Together we formed the band 'Force', started rehearsing frequently and playing local gigs. I had found a new love for writing songs and together we had a vision to become a touring rock band, just like the bands we looked up to like Thin Lizzy, UFO, and many more.

Around the same time, John also played guitar and bass in various local bands, with a short stint in Yngwie Malmsteen's 'Rising Force'. Mic Michaeli played keyboards in the band 'Avalon' and Ian Haugland sang and played drums in a band called 'Trilogy'. We all knew and respected each other. It wasn't long before the classic line-up of Europe was formed.

Over 1000 concerts later, Europe are still addicted to touring the world and pushing our limits in the recording studio. Ever since our first record in 1983, which came out as a result of winning first prize in rock band competition, we've never lost our focus. Europe started touring in Scandinavia in 1983-84 and by the time of the release of our first two records "Europe" and "Wings of Tomorrow", we also established ourselves in the Japanese market.

Managing to land a recording contract directly with CBS New York (now Sony) paved the way for our third album "The Final Countdown". For the first time we were working with an American producer, Kevin Elson, who earlier produced the band 'Journey'. That is when it really started to kick off. Radio and MTV began playing our music worldwide. We could finally do what we had always dreamt of - touring the world, and as a bonus, sell millions of records. When we were not on the road we were in the recording studio.

"Out of This World", the follow up to "The Final Countdown", was recorded at Olympic Studios in London. Soon after, we found ourselves on a massive world tour that lasted more than a year. From 1989-90 we set up base in California for the writing and recording of our fifth album "Prisoners In Paradise". Our American management made it possible for us to live and write in San Francisco and record in Los Angeles. After the release of "Prisoners In Paradise", we embarked on another world tour; one that would prove to be the last before taking our "break".

We all kept in touch during the years that the Europe machine was down. We had never officially disbanded and I think we all knew we would get together again. The break turned out to be a bit longer than we expected. Each member of Europe was playing or recording with other projects, and after a while I started missing my partner in crime, John Norum. John was the first to leave the band in '86, and decided to focus on solo material in LA. This is how Steven Tyler must have felt when Joe Perry left Aerosmith for a few years. Even though Kee Marcello did a great job playing guitar on "Out of This World" and "Prisoners in Paradise", when John was not around I always felt that something was missing.

When we teamed up with Norum to perform in Stockholm on the millennium eve in front of 500,000 people, there was no turning back! There were just a few solo contracts that needed fulfilling before we could return to "The Master Plan".

The comeback album "Start From The Dark", was recorded in Stockholm, and released in 2004. Our decision to work together again was based on a long term commitment and to record "relevant" music to slowly establish the band again. We knew this would take time and that we had to work as hard as, if not harder, than ever before. The reaction to the "Start From The Dark Tour" exceeded all expectations and soon after we returned to the studio to record our seventh album "Secret Society".

The Europe machine was now in full motion - triumphant moments, personal tragedies, a music business that's forever changing and the Europe fans that have never given up on us.

Everything that has led us here has given us inspiration for our new album "Last Look At Eden". It feels like we've finally made a record that has those special ingredients - classic Europe melodies together with guitar and keyboard riffs that will grow and stay with you. With experience, hopefully, some of the lyrics will reflect what's going on in our world - perhaps this time with a touch of humour and irony. After all, it's only rock 'n roll.
-Joey Tempest, July 14th 2009

Current Band Members
Joey Tempest: lead vocals, acoustic/rhythm guitar, keyboards (1979-1992, 2003-present)
John Norum: lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals (1979-1986, 2003-present)
John Levén: bass (1981-1992, 2003-present)
Mic Michaeli: keyboards, backing vocals, rhythm guitar (1984-1992, 2003 - present)
Ian Haugland: drums, percussion, backing vocals (1984-1992, 2003-present)

Europe (1983)
Wings of Tomorrow (1984)
The Final Countdown (1986)
Out of This World (1988)
Prisoners in Paradise (1991)
Start from the Dark (2004)
Secret Society (2006)
Almost Unplugged (2008)
Last Look in Eden (2009)

Official Sites