Friday, 24 July 2009

Guthrie Govan: new blues solos

COMING SOON to bluesjamtracks.com

Melodic Series 1 Jam Tracks with example solos by GUTHRIE GOVAN.

This AUDIO only package contains....
5 Full length jam tracks (approx 5 mins long)
5 solos with 5 backing tracks (approx 2mins)
Accurate transcriptions for all solos.

Easily downloadable and very keenly priced too!

This PROMO contains SNIPPETS of the five solos.

Billy Sheehan: imt clinic 2!

billy sheehan en el IMT 2

Andy Wood: shred fusion fans delight!

You know he's going to be good if Ed Yoon is raving about the guy!

Ed Yoon says:
Clips from Andy's upcoming instrumental album. As many of you guys know, Andy (a long-time member here who goes by 'van hellion' and a big Guthrie fan) is a brilliant player with some of the best chops in the business. These clips showcase not only Andy's amazing technique, but superb writing and arranging skills as well as great tone. Andy's an up-and-comer for sure and judging by these clips, we have a lot to look forward to.

From all-out fusion shred to fast tempo redneck country to a wistful power ballad, Andy shows that he can do 'em all and do so with authority and musicality. Great job, Andy!

more samples

Billy Sheehan: imt clinic!

Some cool bass work from the master!

billy sheehan en el IMT

Daniele Gottardo: first cd to be released!

Looks like Daniele Gottardo's first CD has got a release... behind the scenes there have been some negotiations going on, but the good news is it looks like a done deal... his last words to me were
"i have the deal!"
... More news when I have got the full details. My best wishes to Daniele Gottardo, he's worked incredibly hard for this!

Trey Alexander: truefire lesson series

Trey Alexander: truefire lesson series

John Petrucci: dream theater official bootlegs

4 brand new Dream Theater Official Bootleg titles available from Ytsejam Records! - Thursday, July 23, 2009 10:28 PM

News: top 40 guitar blogs... truth in shredding in top 5!

Guitar Noize Top 40 Guitar Blogs list. This list has been created using a combination of data from Google Pagerank, Alexa Rank and Technorati Rank and as an added bonus I have awarded extra points (which are subtracted from the score) for those guitar blogs who are active on Twitter.

RankURLTwitterScore (lower the better)

Full list

Updating list

Gus Drax: tribute to chris broderick

Gus Drax: Chris Broderick's Betcha Can't Play This- 8 finger Tapping Arpeggios

Muris Varajic: gmc lesson series

Muris Varajic: GMC lessons

Niels Vejlyt: infinity overture promo

Here is the trailer for Infinity Overture - Kingdom of Utopia. Out on october 09
Please visit the official website for more info