Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Paul Gilbert: national guitar workshop

Paul Gilbert at National Guitar Workshop

Kostas Karamitroudis: gus g randall amp

Gear Spotlight: Randall Gus G T2HH

Warren DeMartini: about interview

For this one we decided to do something different than we’ve ever done in the past. We packed up and went to the East Coast. The producer we decided to go with (Michael "Elvis" Baskette) has a studio on the Chesapeake Bay, and it’s really nice. It’s a different approach than we’ve ever done. It’s more of a combination of touring and recording, as opposed to recording in your hometown where you go home every night and have the usual barrage of phone calls. With this, everybody went to the studio and stayed, lived there. It was amazing.

We’re about halfway through. We’ve got 12 songs recorded. By the time we had to hit pause (to go on tour) we were just about to start the lead and background vocals.
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Devin Townsend: addicted new CD

"Addicted" track listing:

01. Addicted
02. Universe In A Ball
03. Bend It Like Bender!
04. Beautiful Crush
05. Hyperdrive
06. Wild Hearts
07. Ih-Ah!
08. The Way Home
09. Numbered
10. Souls Awake!
11. Om

"Ki", the first in a series of albums from Devin Townsend to be made available under the DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT moniker, was released in Europe on May 25 in North America on June 19 via InsideOut Music.

Marty Friedman: tokyo in store appearances

Marty Friedman will make two Tokyo, Japan-area in-store appearances — on Saturday, August 29 at Rock Inn in Shinjuku, and Sunday, August 30 at Rock Inn in Kashiwa. Both begin at 5 p.m. At each event, Marty will take part in a meet-and-greet and question-and-answer session, perform songs from his latest solo album, "Tokyo Jukebox", as well as sign copies of the CD and his second hardcover book, "Samurai no Ongakuron".
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John Norum: bacon music interview

Baconmusic's James Allman speaks exclusively to EUROPE lead guitarist John Norum, prior to the band's headline show at Bloodstock Open Air 2009

EUROPE Interview - John Norum - 16/08/2009

Rob Chappers: champagne super nova

The Hofner Verythin

Jeff Loomis: behind the scenes at rock house 2

Here is a another rough behind the scenes clip of Jeff teaching the Rhythm section of the Nevermore song "Enemies of Reality " for his new Rock House instructional DVD.

Jeff Loomis (Part 2) Day 2 Behind The Scenes of the Rock House Shoot for His New Instructional DVD

Todor Peev: drop top t blues!

Todor Peev says:
New guitar=new test, so please enjoy this wonderfull Tom Anderson Drop Top T on the lead chanel of my amp: Egnater Mod 50 combo with an Erect module (Rectifier).
Some delay and reverb added from my Lexicon MPX G2.

Drop Top T Lead

Ricardo Walls: WINNER rob chappers meyones takes delivery!

Ricardo Walls says:
I´m just testing my new mayones setius pro guitar.

Mayones setius pro, best guitar ever!!!

Chris Broderick: dave mustaine amazed by chris's talent!

Simon Young talks to Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine about the bands new album Endgame, military strategy and why you really shouldnt drink from hotel coffee pots in the latest instalment of the Kerrang! video podcast.

Kerrang! Podcast: Megadeth

News: at last, something I wanted all my life!

Can't afford that robot guitar... a cheap an cheerful solution for on board tuning

N-Tune Onboard Guitar Tuner

Raimund Burke: solo demo

Raimund Burke says:
Hey there, here's the first clip from my newest record "Into my Arena". The song is called "Beautiful Sin". This is the Solopart in the end of the song. Enjoy it!

Raimund Burke plays "Into my Arena" - files! Song: Beautiful Sin

Cheryl Pyle: shred this flute alert!!

A really great flute take on the Shred This backing track from Cheryl Pyle, I know a lot of guitar players would dearly love to have a cool note selection like that!

Cheryl Pyle says:
mr laurie monk, from truth in shredding blogspot, has a contest for guitar shred. ive been enjoying soloing to the backtrack , so here is my shred flute solo - i think minor pentatonic is great for flute . on the break section i play chromatic 5ths and accompany myself with the hits . i like to play the 5ths over minor chords. the slonimski book of scales and melodic patterns is really great, and john coltrane practiced with it a lot -so you might want to check it out - this one is for shred jr ..enjoy ...:) jazz/metal grtz from nyc ..rhscheryl

shred this......flute cheryl pyle- flutist

Homero Bittencourt: sonics maximised for shred this

Homero Bittencourt:
this my entry for this new contest, hope you guys like it!


Shred This Competition - Homero Bittencourt

Allen Van Wert: fretboard mastery modes

First, before all those lessons, check out this weird tone..

Crazy guitar tone trick

Now onto a group of guitar lessons

Allen Van Wert: fretboard mastery MODES