Saturday, 3 October 2009

Edu Ardanuy: workshop 2

Workshop com Edu Ardanuy

Allan Holdsworth: montreal clinic 2009

A guitar solo by Allan Holdsworth, Workshop performance in Montreal.

Allan Holdsworth guitar solo: Workshop in Montreal, Oct 2nd 2009.

Toby Knapp: adds some demo tracks to upcoming CD

Toby Knapp:
"I have selected two extra tracks to include on my forthcoming album The Campaign (out in December on Shredguy Records). One seems to be a 'cult' favorite, but has never been issued on CD, 'Eternal Winters' from a 1996 Darken demo. The other track I am asked often about, 'Infinite Opposition' from a solo EP that Wild Rags Records released also in 1996. This will bring the album's total to ten songs. Look for that soon in addition to more Godless Rising information to be posted here also. Thanks for the support!"

A demo track is available on Bravewords

Kermheat: Humanchico: live and more

"Humanchico" is a tune from my record "Humanchico".
This is a live version from my DVD "Humanchico: live and more".
You could find it directly to me or at :

"Humanchico" extract from Kermheat's DVD: "Humanchico: live and more"

Jonas Hörnqvist: guitar clinic announced

Jonas Hörnqvist says:
I'm having a guitar clinic the 14th of Nov 09
here in Stenungsund, Sweden.
The topic for the clinic is "Rock guitar improvisation". I'm going to talk about the use of the basic pentatonic scale and blues scale and the diatonic scales. And also show how to incorporate exotic scales into rock music.

example clinic videos
Guitar seminar 20th of March 08

Questions from the audience

Ruggero Robin: gig date announced

Event: Ruggero Robin Trio
Start Time: 07 October at 21:00
End Time: 08 October at 00:00
Where: Grill Pub Ristorante "Le Bronse Querte" Via Mestrina,19 Veggiano Tel.049 9003775

Tom Quayle: Suhr and Toadworks Texas Flood jammage

Hi guys - a quick jam video over some changes - Bb7, C7, Bb7 and Ab7. More faffing with the Suhr guitar into my Toadworks Texas Flood pedal and straight into the Boogie Express 5:25. Recorded using the FX send from the amp direct into Logic Pro with an impulse response and scanner vibrato added. Interesting tone.

Cheers for listening and don't forget to check out,



Suhr Jam 2 - Tom Quayle

Ulisses Miyazawa: expmusic 2009

Top fuel shred from Ulisses Miyazawa recorded live in São Paulo EXPOMUSIC 2009 at September-26 .

Ulisses Miyazawa EXPOMUSIC 2009 -BOXER

Ulisses Miyazawa EXPOMUSIC 2009 - (Erudita)

Rob Chappers: new clinic... the return of monkey lord!

Rob Chappers says:
Cheers Laurie, it was great to see you air guitaring along to the lesson, and shred medium is cool \m/

Great to meet real people from the MLF, and I felt honored that ms of you traveled so far to see me.

Next clinic 12th Dec, same place, 11 - 5, will be covering modal application, licks, and how to make money from your guitar

More details to follow. In the meantime here's a demo of the ML1 prototype. This one helluva hunk of wood and sounds damn sweet with the Marshall Haze. the guitar is designed so you can easily swap in and out your favourite bits, like the pickups, that said they sounded the ones in the prototype sounded killer to me! All in all you'll get a lot of bang for your buck.

Chapman Guitars - ML1 prototype demo 2 (Marshall Haze)

Marshall Harrison: skype lessons and live video steams

As of October 1, 2009. Email me at and include times when you are most free. Rates are 1 hour for $100 or 30 min for $60 USD.

watch for it. GMP show/Shred live with Marshall Harrison (two seperate names)

I'm not sure how this works yet, but it appears to be real time video streaming... one downside is I don't think you can go and see shows that you might have missed. It has real time IM too, plus links to facebook, youtube etc.

Uli Tisch-Rottensteiner: suhr are popular guitars!

"Stream" Uli Tisch-Rottensteiner

News: YouTube is up

Yeah! YouTube is back up!

Dimitar Nalbantov: guitar rig 4

Guitar Rig 4

Sam Bell: burns like hell!

These licks; they are very inspired from some of my favourite players including Frank Gambale and Derek Taylor in particular. Both of whom have inspired hundreds of people including me to create similar licks and ideas. I might be sloppy, but I hope these licks either inspire you to listen to the fore mentioned players, or inspire you to create something terrifying!

The first lick is based around E minor pentatonic in the style of the legendry Derek Taylor using legato and two finger tapping, however you can play it any way you want to. Break down the lick string by string, and make sure the notes flow together best as possible (although I do not seem to demonstrate that in the video), and keep string noise to a minimum and enjoy!

The second lick is also based around the E minor pentatonic, using 2-1-2 groupings in sets of quintuplets. Be sure to study the pick directions on the tab! This lick is very Frank Gambale based, he wears the best shirts in the business (maybe this is the key to his unique picking style) check him out if you havent already!

If you have any questions ,quiries or would like a powertab.
Dont hesitate to email:

Please check out: (my band) (my stuff)

Sam Bell - Pentatonic Lick Lesson

Richie Kotzen: talks to Zakk Wylde

Richie Kotzen tweats:
Alice & Chains Killed it last night at Avalon! Ran into Zakk Wylde pre show and we talked WWE and philosophy! Nice Times!

News: YouTube is down

Not sure for how long... but the twittersphere is full of youtube epic fail tweats!

George Lynch: metal asylum interview

LYNCH MOB/ex-DOKKEN guitarist George Lynch spoke to Metal Asylum in New Jersey about the latest Lynch Mob album Smoke And Mirrors, touring plans, guitars, and the possibilities of a Dokken reunion.

Here are a few excerpts from the chat:

Metal Asylum: Tell us how you recaptured that classic Lynch Mob Wicked Sensation sound on the new album Smoke And Mirrors?

Lynch: "Well it wasn’t like we went in trying to recapture any type of sound but once we turned into a band after working with each other for several months, between Oni Logan and myself, we subconsciously knew that Wicked Sensation was what we were going for. But…we went into the right studio and used the right equipment to make this the proper follow up to Wicked Sensation."

Metal Asylum: Does it feel like a classic Lynch Mob album to you?

Lynch: "Yeah…it does, but evolved, older, wiser, you know. We were just much more efficient with our time and money this time. Between the writing, the mixing, recording, it was stretched out over some time. If you squeeze it all together it was about six weeks. But the writing was really spread out over several months because we would play some shows, come home and write, go back out on the road again. But the actually recording was done in four days, guitars, bass and drums. The vocals took some more time."
full interview

Torben Enevoldsen: section A new CD complete

Section A album completed:
The new Section A album has now been mixed and mastered. The album is called Sacrifice and here's a complete track list: Danger, The City Is Falling, Sacrifice, Lionheart, Room With A View, Land Of The Desert Sun, Intoxicated, Heroes, Concealed In Lies and Days Of Sorrow.

Maycown Reichembach: on reverbnation


Oct 9 20099:00P
With Machaca Boffe and Black A.Capital Federal, Buenos Aires (Ciudad Autónoma de)
Oct 24 20097:00P
Guitar Fest Tour Argentina 2009Paso de los Libres, Corrientes
Nov 6 20099:00P
Maycown with Machaca BoffePinamar, Buenos Aires (provincia)
Nov 7 20099:00P
Maycown with Machaca BoffePinamar, Buenos Aires (provincia)
Dec 7 20099:00P
Maycown with Machaca BoffeCapital Federal, Buenos Aires (Ciudad Autónoma de)
Dec 18 20098:00P
Passo Fundo - Brazil TourPasso Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul
Dec 19 20098:00P
Caxias do Sul - Brazil TourCaxias do sul, Rio Grande do Sul
Dec 20 20098:00P
Garibaldi - Brazil TourGaribaldi, Rio Grande do Sul
Dec 26 200910:00P
With Machaca BoffeRamos mejia, Buenos Aires (provincia)

Edu Ardanuy: clinic 12-05-2008

Edu Ardanuy: Programa do Edu Letti 12/05/2008

Patrick Rondat: 2009 clinic

Here is one of the songs that we play our big patrick Rondat during his masterclass in Vaux sur Seulles - Normandy - (... xD) in 2009.

I could not get the beginning of the song sorry.

A big thank you to Patrick for this demonstration!

Patrick Rondat - Donkeys Island en masterclass saint lo 2009

Ichirou Minami: the high speed cat 13

He mixed BLACK STAR and Zigeunerweisen.
This is an experiment. Name it; " Black Zigeuner Star "
The bandage of the finger is an injury chewed by a dog.

BLACK STAR with Zigeunerweisen

BROTHERS - I love this song very much

MIRACLE OF LIFE - YNGWIE is my great teacher!! ( Original arrangement )

Ayman Mokdad: new album available

Issued from new album "From 6:00 to 7:00"

This tune is called in 6:40. Someone very special for me inspired me this song...

AYMAN-From 6:00 to 7:00 (6:40 The first time we met and then...)

My second album is now available!

You can listen to it for free on my website

All Bass and Guitars are played by me as well as drum programming.

Special guest: Jérôme Rossi on 7:00


01. 6:00
02. 6:10
03. 6:20
04. 6:30
05. 6:40
06. 6:50
07. 7:00

Rob Chappers: clinic review

Just come back from Rob Chapper's clinic in the heart of Monkey World. The 3 hour session just flew by ably assisted by the timely arrival of some Dominoes pizza! Rob put every one at ease with his own personal touch, something often missing from guitar clinics I've been to in the past. His approach to the art of guitar is holistic, that is to say, it's not just about the notes you play, but the way you hold your body, to the mental image you have of playing. Add to that his wise cracking anecdotes about the business and sage advice to players wanting to make a living at guitar made this a cracking show. I know time passed quickly for me... I even forgot to video Rob playing!!! Shred Medium was impressed, the lucky chap getting a Fender guitar strap into the bargain, he immediately asked me, after the show, if he could go to another clinic if one is arranged. A quick straw poll of a few attendees indicated similar feelings... you know, even I thought about getting myself a guitar and having a crack at a few licks!

On display for all was the new ML1 prototype, which a few of the players were lucky enough to have a shred on. The guitar is one solid bit of guitar, well constructed and thoughtfully designed bit of Win! There will be a couple of modifications to the final model , mainly thickening the neck. With Rob's trusty new Marshall's amp not only did it look a treat but it played well too. If you interested in ordering one just complete the form: It does not bind you to getting one, but will be used to judge the numbers to be made.

Tommy Emmanuel: thumb picker of the year

Hot News!

Tommy's been named 2009 Thumbpicker of the Year for the second time by the National Thumbpicker Hall of Fame in Muhlenberg, KY!

This Interview by John Southern & Photo Essay by William Ellis in Premier Guitar Magazine hits newsstands Oct 6!

Tommy was on WGN's Steve & Johnnie Show in Chicago recently and dedicated this version of Over the Rainbow to Les Paul.

The next televised airing of the live 'Center Stage' video on PBS will be for KMOS - U. of Central Missouri, Warrensburg/Sedalia, MO onMonday, October 5, at 7:00pm. During the station's pledge drive that evening, there will be about a dozen tickets being offered for pledge to the Overland Park show, which is almost sold out.

Asia Tour dates:

Vicki Genfan: luna guitar give away

VIcki Genfan picks the winner from the Superstar Live 2009 Luna Guitar Giveaway contest!

Vicki Genfan - Luna Guitar Give Away

Bulla: zoom zoom... bosh... sorted you slags!

Bulla TV

Bulla: Celebrity Gangster - On The A To Z Of Boxing: L,M & N

Rick Graham: on facebook!

Join Rick Graham on Face Book:

German Schauss: OSV III solo clip

A new OSV series CD is on the way. Expect some top quality music to excellent guitar.

This is a short clip from the new upcoming OSV III Album. Thanks for watching!
Please visit for the latest news and info.

New OSV III Album featuring Guitarist German Schauss

Zack Kim: 9pm till I come.

Zack Kim 9PM Till I Come

Zack Kim: aerodynamic II - daft punk

Zack Kim - Aerodynamic (Composed: Daft Punk)


Marcos De Ros: lux perpetua 1

Lux Perpetua 1. Marcos De Ros.