Friday, 9 October 2009

Allan Holdsworth: Montreal Oct 2nd 2009

Allan grants a request from a guy at the workshop: could you play with your other guitar? He does but the guitar starts feedbacking after 30 seconds and he just drops it! He will restart the song with is usual guitar...

Allan Holdsworth: guitar feedback fail! Workshop in Montreal, Oct 2nd 2009.

Jose De Castro: Bucuresti 12/09/09

The Jose Band for this live act :
Andrei Balasa - Guitar
Florian Nicolau - Bass Guitar
Iulian Nicolau - Drums

Jose De Castro & Phenomen-0n live @ Ziua Chitarelor Bucuresti 12/09/09

Mattias Ia Eklundh: Bucuresti 12/09/09

Mattias Ia Eklundh @ Ziua Chitarelor - Bucuresti 12/09/09

Mattias Ia Eklundh @ Ziua Chitarelor about odd time & harmonic

Richard Hallebeek: Bucuresti 12/09/09

More cool video!

Richard Hallebeek @ Ziua Chitarelor - Bucuresti 12/09/09

Richard Hallebeek @ Ziua Chitarelor Bucuresti 12/09/09 - About diminished sound

Guthrie Govan: Ziua Chitarelor

Thanks to Andres Ludmer for spotting these. God I hope I get to see Guthrie Govan on his up coming clinic tour!

Day was born from the idea of guitars Corrado Sgandurra and will do thanks to Sorin Oprescu, Mayor of Bucharest, which was shown at the beginning, in favor of this initiative for the first time in Romania, a whole day dedicated to the guitar, the Master Class and concerts held by 4 of the best guitarists of the moment in the world, meeting the same day and same place in Bucharest on September 12, in the Days of Bucharest. Location: Odeon Theater Majestic Hall Road Victorei 40-42. For this first edition, guests will be Jose Castro, Mattias Ia Eklundh Richard Guthrie Govan Hallebeek Also, we will also enjoy this Italian journalist and critic William Malusardi. ! AND ALL IS FREE!

Guthrie Govan @ Ziua Chitarelor Bucuresti 12/09/09

Guthrie Govan @ Ziua Chitarelor 12 09 09 about Hybrid Picking

News: youtube reaches 1 billion views per day!

Congratulations to youtube!

I particularly like the filename for the logo

Milan Polak: guitar lesson no god part I

The first part of the solo of "No God" of the '09 release "Murphy's Law" (Lion Music). "Murphy's Law" is available on iTunes, CDBaby, amazon and guitar9. For further order links please visit
... The really important thing for you to do is go to youtube and subscribe to Milan's channel Milan has some cool ideas in the making, so the more people he can get to subscribe the cooler these ideas will be... and the better it will be for you upcoming guitar player! Plus you get to see a bunch of top quality guitar lessons!

Milan Polak Guitar Lesson #5 - "No God" solo pt.1 (exotic scales, alternate picking)

Richie Kotzen: Bristol gig

Off to see Richie Kotzen tonight with Rob Chappers... if we can find a parking space in Bristol! Lets hope it's a good one. Hopefully I'll get some pictures and video footage... wish me luck.

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News: pro guitar shop special micro sites. have created three new micro-sites which are a valuable source of information on products including, downloads of manuals and documents, video demonstrations, pictures, and as much pertinent information about the products:

These are great sources of information about specific products. I was really impressed by the quality! I'll keep you in the loop if any new ones are spotted!