Monday, 12 October 2009

Reb Beach: Winger may the rock be with you interview

Pete: Absolutely. I saw in the Frontiers press release and also you mentioned it, that you and Reb wrote the album in about a month, which from the musical complexities on Karma is pretty impressive. How do you guys write together, it sounds like you guys just sit down together, so that’s pretty much it, you guys just get together and jam?
Kip: Well, we’ll go buy a 12-pack of beer and crank up the drum machine, start writing riffs, and once we come up with a cool riff, we start to arrange it. But my big thing is like I want to listen to music, and if I feel like, okay three passages go by and I’m bored, I’m changing it up you know? I don’t do anything that I’ve heard before, there’s a lot of stuff on the 1000 year recycle bin… so it’s got to be really inspired stuff, and I know what I want to do when it comes to arranging, so I just try to keep it interesting, and when you’re listening down, there’s never a point where you’re like, you know what’s coming next, or if you do know what’s coming next, it’s because you want it to\, you know what I mean?

Pete: Do Rod and/or John have much creative input?
Kip: Not as much as Reb and I, you know, it’s always been Reb and I, we write all the stuff. But when it comes to what Rod wants to play, he just plays and I record him basically, and then with John, John co-wrote one song on this which is a new thing for him, and we gave him a big blues showcase on “After All This Time” so yeah they do, although the core of the message comes from Reb and me.
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Howie Simon: Europe tour dates

Graham Bonnet has played many solo gigs in Europe in the past, the ALCATRAZZ gigs will feature a different setlist, so don't miss a chance to catch the band near you.

The dates are as follows:

Nov. 25 - Kult 8034 - Germering, Germany
Nov. 26 - Zeche Carl - Essen, Germany
Nov. 27 - The Rock Temple - Kerkrade, Netherlands
Dec. 02 - Orpheum - Graz, Austria
Dec. 03 - Szene - Vienna, Austria
Dec. 04 - Exit Chmelnice - Prague, Czech Republic

ALCATRAZZ's current lineup is:

Graham Bonnet - Lead Vocals
Howie Simon - Guitar/Vocals
Dave Dzialak - Drums
Tim Luce - Bass/ Vocals

Allan Holdsworth: is laid back!

Allan Holdsworth playing Live at the Baked Potato in Studio City. Allan Holdsworth is on guitar, Gary Husband on Drums, and Jimmy Johnson on Base Guitar. Concert was on October 10th 2009. Video quality is not great but sound isn't bad. Hopefully you enjoy the music.

Allan Holdsworth--Gary Husband--Jimmy Johnson

Michael Schenker: japan tour dates

MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP's (MSG) 30th anniversary Japanese tour in January. They are as follows:

Jan. 12 - Tokyo, Japan - Nakano Sunplaza
Jan. 13 - Tokyo, Japan - Nakano Sunplaza
Jan. 14 - Nagoya, Japan - Diamond Hall
Jan. 15 - Osaka, Japan - Namba Hatch

The group's lineup for the shows will be as follows:

Michael Schenker - Guitar
Gary Barden - Vocals
Simon Phillips - Drums
Neil Murray - Bass
Wayne Findlay - Guitar, Keyboards

Richie Kotzen: london underworld review

[Bristol Fiddlers gig]

Kotzen's voice is very emotive and unlike a lot of shredders who attempt to sing (seriously what is up with that ? stick to shredding!), Kotzen's voice is amazing and is much like a softer version of Chris Cornell's. Simply put, its soulful. And he uses that to good effect. Don't get me wrong this man can still shred with the best of them doing a lot of hammer on and pull off runs along the fretboard though I should say he's more of the blues shred persuasion these days than anything... Its an almost faultless performance and we're reminded once again not only of his amazing chops but also that he's an amazingly talented singer and songwriter.
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I'm off to see Richie Kotzen again tomorrow at the Swindon gig! I understand from TIS spies that Tom Quayle and George Marios will be at the leeds show... if you see them say hello!

Floyd Fernandes: light the blue fuse paper and retire!

Superb Improv over sweet jam tracks

Floyd Fernandes - ZAAA BLUUUS

Floyd Fernandes Jazz Blues

Milan Polak: cover that fretboard!

Shred Junior and me have been working with Milan Polak on a top secret project... I hope to announce something real soon... in the mean time Milan delivers yet another top shred lick covering the fretboard. Milan has a solid reputation in the guitar field so expect top quality guitar tricks and get ahead of the game by subscribing to and keep up with the steady stream of top guitar tips!

Milan Polak Lick #2 - E-minor idea covering the whole fretboard

and the previous lesson a cool pentatonic pivot lick

Milan Polak Lick #1 - Pentatonic pedal tone lick

Rob Chappers: new clinic tickets ready

Mrs Monkeylord says:
Just to let you know that Rob has booked the next clinic for Saturday 12 December, same place as the last one.

The places are now available through the ML shop:


Best wishes,

Mrs Monkeylord

Rob Chappers Guitar Clinic - Saturday 12 December 2009 - UK
Guitar instruction from Rob Chappers for an insanely low price! Come enjoy the clinic and meet up with a whole group of the Monkey Lord's minions! Guaranteed to be a memorable event!

The clinic will take place on Saturday 12 December 2009. It will start at 11AM and finish at 4.30PM. Bring a guitar and if you have a small amp that takes headphones you are welcome to bring that as well.

The clinic will cover:

Modal theory:

How to make the modes
How to apply the modes
Dorian and Mixolydian licks

Coffee and Tea will be provided but bring a packed lunch.

Everyone will get a chance to play on stage for a few minutes as part of the clinic, the clinic will also be filmed for release to Rob's Youtube. This clinic is aimed at intermediate players.

This event will take place in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, UK. Further information about the clinic will be sent to those attending, by email, prior to the event so please ensure your order includes a valid email address.

Rob Balducci: violet horizon lessons II

10-12-09 Lick Of The Week Track # 8 Choke from the CD Violet Horizon

plus a photo gallery from a recent Rock House video shoot.

Alex Berserker: tribute to marty friedman

Hey,Alex Here.

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I just LOVE this solo,Marty Friedman is One Of My Favs! so i had to do it!! Hope you enjoy! I Added Some Extras To The Original Solo,i even Mixed one part of one song in the extention,can you guess wich song it is??


Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR Diamond Series
Ableton Live 7
Sony Vegas 8
Jazz III Picks
Cheap Jimmy Wess Strings (Mexico Style)

Alex Berserker - Tornado Of Souls Solo (Extended)

Nico Stufano: fusion joy 2!

Managed to get the tea done even with a broken oven! More joy as a brace of legato fusion videos from the great Nico Stufano back in 1992 appeared on my new video list!

Nico Stufano Quartet
Nico Stufano: guitar
Davide Santorsola: keyboards
Poldo Sebastiani: bass
Mimmo Campanale: drums

Nico Stufano - Rough distance (1992)

Nico Stufano - Sguardi e contrasti (1992)

News: searching with wonder wheel!

Matt Cutts demonstrates a new way to research keywords.

Wonder wheel

News: King of the Blues Grand Finals 2009

Tickets are on Sale now for Guitar Center's King of the Blues Grand Finals being held November 12th at the House of Blues Sunset!
Come see the top undiscovered blues guitar players battle for the King of the Blues crown and $25,000 cash. For more information on King of the Blues, the search for the next great undiscovered blues guitarist visit

Guitar Center's King of the Blues Grand Finals 2009

Richard Hallebeek: fusion joy... the return of the joy!

The oven is broken... but low... more super fusion... my day took a turn for the better!

Richard Hallebeek the Dutch Fusion God - Master Class @ Ziua Chitarelor

Richard Hallebeek Master Class @ Ziua Chitarelor

Nico Stufano: fusion joy!

I'm giddy with happiness... more Nico Stufano posted!

Nico Stufano Quartet
Nico Stufano: guitar
Davide Santorsola: keyboards
Poldo Sebastiani: bass
Mimmo Campanale: drums

Nico Stufano - Penelope (1992)

All the things you are solo