Thursday, 22 October 2009

James Wetzel: blues fusion

Funk Fusion Guitar Solo - James Wetzel

Adam Fulara: "Two-handed tapping - guitar workshop" II

The trailer. "Two-handed tapping - guitar workshop" is an instructional book+DVD of Adam Fulara. For usual 6-string guitar and standard tunning (E,B,G,D,A,E). 14 lessons + 14 transcriptions of evergreens, classical music hits and Bach tunes (Amazing Grace, The Entertainer, For Elise, etc.). In Polish and in English.The mail order will be at the soon... Book: 52 pages: tabs + scores + comments in English and Polish. DVD: 65 mins, English subtitiles. Over one year of practicing guaranteed...

Two-handed tapping - guitar workshop - book+DVD by Adam Fulara

"Two-handed tapping. Guitar workshop". Book + DVD by Adam Fulara. First this kind of book at the world! 14 complete tunes (complete transcriptions with scores, TABs and fingering), step by step for regular 6-string guitar with standard tunning (EBGDAE). DVD: 70 mins, polish language with english subtitles, PAL - although it works with most of NTSC-DVD players ("double-system") and with ALL computers with DVD anyway. Book: A4, 52 pages in english and polish. If neccessary we will send NTSC DVD version too (option available soon). If your currency is not listed please choice any option and your currency will be changed to it.

Rob Chappers: crazy guitar store!

To buy this item just visit

Fender gave it to Rob for his first ever session when he made the guitar masterclass for Yngwie Malmsteen's latest DVD "far beyond the sun".

Fender had the guitar customized for Rob, it was scalloped, had a brass nut fitted and the whole guitar was painted black and finished with a black scratch plate. This guitar retails at over £1000 and it had over £300 worth of custom work done to it, we will accept £850. Comes setup to your taste by Rob with a Fender hardcase, Dunlop Strap locks and a Dunlop DD strap - for further info just email

Chappers crazy guitar store - Fender Deluxe Ash Stratocaster

Daniele Penco: Milan's TRex Monster competition

Daniele Penco solo for Milan Polak's "T-Rex Monster Pedal Competition"

Paul Gilbert, Dino Fiorenza: messina 06-10-2009

Dino Fiorenza & Paul Gilbert 'Don't bring me down' + battle on clinic at Lizard School of Messina 06/10/09

Dino Fiorenza & Paul Gilbert Don't Bring Me Down

Dino Fiorenza & Paul Gilbert battle

Russ Parrish: steel panther billboard videos

Jason Becker: Mommy Got Boobs #4 ?!?!?!?

Yes, I am! I look pretty hot, too. It is called "Mommy Got Boobs #4."
I haven't watched it yet. My friends told me about it. Someone in it is wearing a Jason Becker T-shirt.
Sorry, ladies, for making you think you would get to see the good stuff. HA HA!

Thanks to all of you for the awesome comments! They mean a lot to me.

The Schmuck,64

Daddo Oreskovich: parody of sound

Daddo Oreskovich's CD The Other Side has been doing good business on guitar9. I have to say, It's been one of my top plays and it's highly recommend.

Guitar9 says:
The Other Side, is music for instrumental guitar and film music devotees; a 10 song saga about life, the after-life, and near death experiences, decorated with progressive rock/metal, symphonic orchestra, symphonic choir and traditional Eastern European world music instrumentation. Daddo (Daddo Oreskovich) began studying classical guitar and piano, later evolving musically as a guitarist by listening to records of Gary Moore, Richie Blackmore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Richie Kotzen and Reb Beach. That was the time when he merged his classical background with modern rock guitar expression. In 1999, Daddo received a Berklee scholarship award; while at Berklee, his musical mentors were: Joe Stump, David Fiuczynski, Mark White and Don Lappin. One of his unique musical abilities is formulating cohesive and expressive compositions, which ultimately represent Daddo's personality and background. He incorporates classical and traditional Eastern European music elements and instrumentation with classical and modern progressive sonic expression. The Other Side is the crowing achievement of his accomplishment in 24 years of being a musician.

Parody of Sound

Daddo Oreskovich | MySpace Video

Dannyjoe Carter: new CD in the works

Dannyjoe Carter and Drew Collins are continuing their work together on a project tentatively called Stormhog.

Dannyjoe Carter is also working on his instrumental full length debut called Southern Shred....due out June 2010.

Adrian English: s u p e r - 7 - s h r e d d e r ... plannng new CD

Adrian English is working on his follow up to A.D.D. Look for Adrian's interview with Shred Academy to be posted soon. A.D.D. continues to be a best seller at

Mika Tyyskä:Qian green burst

This is it. A new Qian arrived from Ben Reuters. I can honestly say that this is the guitar I've been always searching for. It feels and sounds absolutely perfect. The neck is unbelievable. And it even looks delicious!

Korina wood on the body, for big and warm tone.
Comes with three pickups. A more strat like approach this time. Duncan Custom for the bridge is a straight humbucker, but can be splitted. Middle (Vintage rails) and Neck (Cool rails) pickups are small sized humbucers but with more like single-coil kind of vintage tones.

It the new number one guitar for Mr. Fastfinger. And yes, it is green!

For all the details and more images at ben's site:

Qian - green burst
A new variation of the Qian model is coming out. This model has been produced to the specifications of Mika Tyyskä alias Mr. Fastfinger. So we will hear some stuff of that guitars soon on guitarshredshow.

This time we used Korina wood as on the Qian7 for the body and not ash, which is used on the original Qian. Thus the sound gets a bit wamer. Of course the guitar has to be green, but this time with a nice burst finish.

For a natural and versatile sound we installed a humbucker in the bridge and single coil sized humbucker in the middle and neck position. So you get nice sounds for hardrock riffs and also smooth blues soli. The resonance switch can be used to smoothen the sound more. A special feature is the pull and push function of the volume knob, which can be pulled to split the bridge humbucker.

shape: Qian

tuners: Schaller M6 locking

nut: Graph Tech

bridge: Wilkinson VS100

neck construction : multiple bolt-on with 5 screws and higher access

wood: korina, birdseye maple neck and fretboard

pickguard: black/white/black

finish: body green burst high gloss, head nature high gloss, neck and fretboard oil and wax


Seymour Duncan SH-5 Custom ( bridge)

Seymour Duncan Vintage Rails (middle)

Seymour Duncan Cool Rails (neck)

switches: Volume(Pull/Push); Resonance Switch

Toby Knapp: shred academy interview

Tell us how you got onto the Shrapnel label.

When I was 17-20, I recorded music constantly and I figured it wouldn't hurt to send the demos to Mike Varney. I never received a response from him, but I sent demos anyway. After three years of doing this, the phone rang and it was Varney saying "keep working on the music, I think you are about ready to do an album". Within a few months I signed the contract and flew to Las Vegas to have my album produced by one of my favorite guitarists, Tony Fredianelli and of course Ray Luzier, who is now with Korn, played drums. It was surreal.

During your formative years, what sort of practice regime did you have?

I picked up the guitar after watching the Led Zeppelin concert film "The Song Remains the Same". I spent alot of time learning Jimmy Page solos, he was and still is my biggest influence and inspiration. When Yngwie and the whole Shrapnel era was new, I began practicing around eight hours a day. Warm up with chromatics, spend an hour on blues, an hour on legato, an hour on sweep picking, etc. every day.

What advice do you have for beginner and intermediate players who are trying to achieve a highly advanced level of playing?

Do not underestimate the importance of being a well versed blues player whether you like it or not. Look to Clapton, Beck and Page before you try to become Paul Gilbert or Jason Becker. Get a teacher who will actually respect the direction you wish to go and they will help you get there, anybody can call themselves a guitar teacher so make sure you are not wasting money on a punk with a guitar. Instructional videos are fantastic, I learned so much from videos by guitarists like Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, Greg Howe and Marty Friedman. Most importantly, love the process and have some self discipline.
full interview

Rafa Guarneros: Milan's TRex Monster competition

Rafa Guarneros - T-Rex Competition

Fran Alonso: Milan's TRex Monster competition

Fran Alonso - Milan Polak's T Rex Monster Competition Entry !!

Daniel John Wardrop: Faith guitars acoustic glory

Entry for the faith guitars competition,
this is the final section of my composition Magicians Code.
To here the full song go to my youtube account.
This is a segment from a live performance at the Musician in Leicester, England.

FGS206 - Daniel John Wardrop - Acoustic glory - Faith guitars - Shadow Electronics - Monkey Lord

Richie Kotzen: edinburgh 20.10.2009

Richie Kotzen - Shapes of Things, Edinburgh 20.10.09

Richie Kotzen - Peace Sign, Edinburgh 20.10.09

Richie Kotzen - Sara Smile, Edinburgh 20.10.09

Matias Kupiainen: stratovarius interview

Entrevue avec Stratovarius (1 de 2)

Entrevue avec Stratovarius (2 de 2)

Joe Satriani: chickenfoot sexy little thing

The third full-length music video from the self-titled (and now Gold) Chickenfoot debut album. For more information visit

Chickenfoot - "Sexy Little Thing" Music Video

Mika Tyyskä, Mattias IA Eklundh: IA and Fastfnger... no one laughing here!

Mika Tyyskä, Mattias IA Eklundh:
I knew that Freak Kitchen was coming to Finland. Then few weeks before the show I realized I don't have a ticket and the show was already sold out. So I asked Mattias Eklundh if he could possibly put me on the guestlist. Well, he made me work for it! Had the great, great honour and joy to join the band during the show encore. All kind of strange stuff happened during this performance. Hope you enjoy this. I did.

Freak Kitchen at On the Rocks, Helsinki, Finland. 20.10.2009 Freak Kitchen has a new album "Land of the Freaks" out now! Also Mr. Fastfinger has an album out :)

Freak Kitchen featuring Mr. Mika aka Mr. Fastfinger: Nobody's Laughing