Thursday, 29 October 2009

Alex Hutchings: new blues jam tracks coming soon


A brand new Alex Hutchings package, with audio and video solos, backing tracks, extended jam tracks and 100% accurate Tab... your guitar will melt, closely followed by your BRAIN!

Check out for the latest news!

Alex Hutchings - Strut Ya Stuff

News: A Platform Game for Guitar Controllers

Pieces Interactive is certainly putting the pieces in place on some cool sounding titles. The first up is a platform game aimed at your Guitar controller

Fret Nice is a unique platform game with a distinct art style, a lot of great music and support for all guitars controllers out there. Fret Nice is the first platform game ever to be played with a guitar controller. The game will be available from Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network in early 2010

- “We felt sorry for gamers who bought a guitar only to be used for pure music games, so we made a platform game for them! Fret Nice is the perfect blend of two worlds.” says Pieces Interactive CEO Johan Hellberg.

Pieces is an up-and-coming Swedish developer that has quickly garnered attention to their titles. Their unique style and innovative game mechanics, blended with great music has become a signature trademark.

- “The game industry is under a lot of stress, we have to differentiate our products against the competition. Fret Nice looks and feels like nothing else!” says Johan.
full details

Wally Voss: gone but not forgotten

Look what happens when you make friends with Jaco Pastorius :) Wally also passed away at a young age. He had Hodgkins disease and died in November 1992. Wally was an inspiration to many. This was early footage of Wally from the early to mid 80s (1985?) with his band, Front Runner.

Thank you to Wally's family for giving us permission to post videos, images, and Wally's music on these tribute pages for Wally. We just want everyone to know that he was here and that he touched many hearts while he was.

If you have any footage, pictures or stories, please contact

Additional thank yous to Tom Gorman, Mike Corbin, Chuck Doty, and DennisToerpe for help with this project. Hugggz!

Early Wally Voss Bass Guitar Solo Tapping Master

George Lynch: souls of we metal moment podcast

A double podcast by mETAL mOMENT pODCAST

part 1
part 2

John Petrucci: music radar podcast interview

John Petrucci is interviewed by Joe Bosso for Music Radar: podcast interview Full transcript

Steve Vai: pyro music interveiw

Spiritech: How does it feel then when people tell you that you've inspired them to pick up a guitar for the first time?

Steve Vai: I mean, it's a great honour to be able to inspire somebody to pick up an instrument and play it. That's a thrill and every time somebody tells me that they started playing guitar because of me, it's a real honour, it's a real thrill. You know, for years I didn't believe it; I know it sounds weird but I never felt I was ever good enough. From the moment I picked up the guitar I always felt that I would be looking for new things to do and ways to improve 'till the day I die. And I still feel that way - there's this endless kind of a treasure playing the guitar, because I've never... I'm very satisfied with the way I play, I'm very happy and it fulfills me very deeply. But when I think about playing, I always feel there's something new to discover and there's something more interesting that I have to go and find. So as a result, I never really felt like I was there. I know it sounds odd. And when people would come up to me and say, "I really like your playing, you're really great", I used to always think, "well, first of all, if I can do it, anybody can do it!" (laughs) I've never had that kind of self-esteem where I thought that what I was doing was so elite or brilliant, I just thought, well, it's just the way I do it and if I can do it, anybody can do it. I felt that, they don't really know, they say that they think I'm good but they don't know how much better I feel like I need to get. And then you know, I don't know, 13 Grammy nominations (laughs), you pick your head up and you think, well wait a minute, not everybody is doing this and these people are really serious and this does mean something to them. Obviously I'm not a rock star or a big pop star, but there is an audience that like any other artist that I've found that finds my work vital to them and that's a responsibility too. It wasn't really until the last, maybe four or five years of my career that I actually realized that there are people who really do feel that your work is important.

Pyro Music full interview

Homero Bittencourt: demonstrates the Miranda ER-1

Distortion pedal Eruption T. Miranda Er-1 test review

Dennis de Bruijn: music box competition

The Music Box 'Guitar Competition' (Sept1st-Dec1st): A great entry for this prize... plus only 9 entries so far... so a great chance of winning! Competition details:

Scali - The Music Box Competition

Fredrik Thordendal: 12 inches on vinyl!

A collection of MESHUGGAH's singles in three vinyl formats — 10", 11", 12" in a picture sleeve, all inside an outer sleeve — has just been made available in a limited edition of 450 hand-numbered copies via Night Of The Vinyl Dead.
kudos blabbermouth

the details

MESHUGGAH will release their long-awaited concert DVD on February 5 in Europe and February 9 in the U.S. More information will be made available soon.

MESHUGGAH will tour Australia and New Zealand in February/March 2010.

The band's schedule is as follows:

Jan. 16 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Danish Metal Awards
Feb. 20 - Brisbane, Australia - RNA Showgrounds
Feb. 21 - Sydney, Australia - Eastern Creek Raceway
Feb. 26 - Melbourne, Australia - Showgrounds
Feb. 27 - Adelaide, Australia - Bonython Park
Mar. 01 - Perth, Australia - Steel Blue Oval
Mar. 03 - Wellington, New Zealand - SFBH
Mar. 04 - Auckland, New Zealand - Transmission Room

Rob Chappers: seeks bass and drummer!

Monkey Lord seeks drummer & bassist!

Must be a driver and willing to rehearse once a fortnight, preferably 20 - 30 years old but I will consider any age ;-)

Please could you guys help spread the word on this? Post it on as many forums as possible! ;-)


Monkey Lord seeks drummer & bassist - Please share this video

Plus a free random guitar lesson:

Random guitar lesson 1 - Blues licks, phrygian dominant,

Free Random Guitar Lesson 1 - Blues/Rock licks

Daniel Arlington: clinic date announced

Host: Bhargavas Musik Bandra
Date: Sunday, 01 November 2009
Time:15:30 - 16:45
Location: Bhargavas Musik Store Bandra West..
Daniel Arlington one of the finest Progressive Rock players in our city, will be live in Workshop/Performance at the Bhargava's Bandra Musik Store.

Featuring Godin Guitars and Orange Amplification.

All you Dream Theater fans are out for a treat, Daniel will be covering dome DT songs, break down some DT solos. Plus some Sweep picking Alternate Picking and Legato exercises to get your Fingers in shape. Followed by a Q&A session. Its a FREE Event. Pls feel free to make the most out of it. also pls invite all your guitar playing friends too..

See you this Sunday.. at 3:30pm...


Andres Ludmer: tango eliminated

Variax 700(acoustic sound) - Andres Ludmer - Fuimos(tango)

Stanley Jordan: jazzstl podcast

Artist: Jazz St. Louis
Title: Jazz St. Louis Podcast #15 - An Interview With Stanley Jordan
Album: Jazz St. Louis
Track: 15
Genre: Jazz
Year: 2009
Length: 19:55 minutes (18.24 MB)
Format: Mono 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)
Take a few minutes to learn more about the artists that are appearing at Jazz at the Bistro. These interviews will give you insight into the interests and influences of our artist roster.

This podcast features guitar virtuoso Stanley Jordan with Jazz St. Louis' Executive Director Gene Dobbs Bradford. Jordan returns to St. Louis and makes his Bistro debut November 4-7, 2009.

Pascal Vigne: peavy vypyr tour!

Pascal Vigne says:
Peavey Tour Vypyr! Wednesday, November 18, 2009 7:00 PM-Tuesday, December 15, 2009 8:00 PM PDT . Description: I will demonstrate the Peavey Vypyr 30 and the crank Sampera II. I take the opportunity to play pieces of my future album!

Ioannis Anastassakis: greek guitar festival

Greek Guitar POwer Festival @ Volos - 31st October & 1st November
at Rythmos Conservatory

Denis Rexhepi: Milan's TRex[hepi] monster competition

The details fro the competition are here... keep those videos coming... we need some female faces there as well!

Denis Rexhepi, has a bit of the pedal in his name, so he must be halfway there already! ;)

T-rex competition Denis Rexhepi

Scott Kerr: a guitar video... no seriously a guitar video... enjoy!

Scott Kerr says:
OK, so Another video with 'the' tuning. Pretty much decided to just play in Bb Pentatonic Minor, sorry about the meandering and the slop I'm still just getting used to this tuning. I still have to change my strings, pretty floppy on the low end... Anyways, this vid's for my friends at, I had lots of funshred on dudes!

Guitar Video

Fletcher Barton: 9 year old Milan's Trex competition

Fletcher (age 9) Milan Polak competition

This little guys just loves to Shred!!!

Fletcher - amazing open mic jam! - 9 year old guitarist

Nacho Dominguez: Milan's Trex monster competition

ignacio d mendivil t rex competition

Ricardo Walls: Milan's TRex monster competition!

We are already up to 46 responses!!! Here are the latest entries

Ricardo Walls Milan Polak's T Rex Monster Competition Entry !!

Alex Berserker: tribute to infected mushroom

One Day,a Fan came to me,She asked me : -
"If you could do anything else besides playing guitar with your band,what would yo do?"

-To What I replied.. -

-"One of my biggest Dreams is to be in the Live act of some High-End Psytrance Artist,so i would be doing psy guitar!"

This is a little part of that Dream,hope it can come True someday,Enjoy,Long Live The Mushrooms!

i used:

Ableton Live 7
Sony Vegas 8
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser Diamond Series FR
Ibanez Gio Starter Pack Guitar (KILLER Tone)
Vicious Delicious Album (Original Album! Buy it!)

Alex Berserker - Suliman (Infected Mushroom Cover)

Marcos De Ros: on TV!

Party da música "Winter 2009", extracted from interview uma na RBS TV Caxias.

Marcos De Ros - Inverno de 2009.

Manu Livertout: the new CD The Sweet Path just days away.

Manu Livertout is set to release his latest CD "The Sweet Path" on 10th November 2009. Here's a new teaser and some demo lessons.

teaser the sweet path

le cauchemar de nicolo