Saturday, 7 November 2009

Joe Chawki: I have been working on some tracks recently...

Thanks guys...but stumbling upon a thread like this is ludicrous, especially since Mr. Shreekant is also a monster!

I will say...that these clips served their purpose for the time...but, in hindsight, they were all made about 4 years ago at least, with the exception of "Goodbyes", which is 2 years old...and as I'm sure you all know, it is very hard to listen to things you did a while back... after a certain amount of maturity has developed, or certain things about your style might have changed or improved...

The reasons why the material is scarce right now seem to be varied...but lets just say in the past I have let an abundance of less important things distract me from music. It seems that in life... if you want to achieve anything at all... you must have a sort of pointed focus... that can shut out everything around you...even when shit is hitting the fan. I can assure you... if you are willing to hang in there, there will be new things released I have been working on some tracks recently, and expect some videos in the near future also
see comment and links

tribute to Shawn Lane

Marcelo Barbosa: guitar lesson in Portuguese

Guitarosofia 11

Richie Kotzen: fooled again Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 6-11- 2009

Richie Kotzen - Fooled Again (Live in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, EspaƱa, 6-11- 2009)

Ayman Mokdad: Ouich!


Vinnie Moore: explicitly intensive interview

It has been several years since we last heard a solo record from Vinnie Moore, but now the wait is finally over for his fans as “To The Core” has been just released to wide spread acclaim. “To The Core” features shred guitar, which Moore is known for, but this time around he has fused a lot more interesting musical passages, riffs, solos and a picking style that’ll leave the listener in a state of awe. Oh yes, it’s not just technical, it’s well played and executed instrumental rock music that’ll get you tapping your feet to his every beat. Musically, Moore has definitely taken the pains to put together something very well produced and out of the ordinary. Seeing that the album was recorded at his home studio, “To The Core” speaks volumes of musical perfection and bliss.
audio interview

Michael Pearson: guitar improviser is fort hood victim, rip

Soldiers know they put their lives at risk... but this is none the less a tragedy. TIS condolences to the families and friends of the fallen:

Michael Pearson loved guitar improvisation:
Pfc. Michael Pearson taught himself to play the piano and became a guitar virtuoso long before he joined the Army last year. "He had a little Jimi Hendrix in him," a relative said Friday as the family gathered to grieve in suburban Chicago.

Before the attack at Fort Hood, Pearson was preparing to deploy to Afghanistan to become a bomb disposal specialist. His family knew he had received a series of inoculations and, when they learned of the shooting, figured that Pearson would be safely elsewhere.

He died Thursday at age 21.

Yngwie Malmsteen: new CD release date announced

Yngwie Malmsteen's street teams says:
We finally have Yngwie Malmsteen new album details to share with you.

Yngwie Malmsteen's new album is called HIGH IMPACT! Release date December 7 EU December 8 Worldwide.
Can't wait! The rumor is...It is mind boggling, high paced compilation record with a surprise bonus track that is a unique song choice for the guitar god!

Daniele Gottardo: The new CD gets a release date.

Thanks to Paolo Castillo from the Philippines for letting me know the proposed release date for the new Daniele Gottardo CD on the Steve Vai label.

Paolo Castillo says:
It's gonna be out dec 9 by digital nations no other details yet but yeah he said it'll be available online

More information sure to follow.

Julien Carayon: bt jamming

Julien Carayon jamming to Steve Lukather style track

Julien Carayon jamming to Larry Carlton style track

News: Gibson 7 string explorer

7-String Explorer:
Born alongside the Flying V when rock and roll was still a toddler, Gibson’s Explorer was the most radical electric guitar ever unleashed upon the unsuspecting music world of 1958. Way ahead of its time, it failed to gain a foothold among the generally conservative players of the day, but became a major rock icon by the late ’60s, and has been taken up by countless guitar heroes over the course of the intervening decades. Flash forward to the 21st century, and the 7-string has become the choice of an increasing number of thrash and nu-metal players, who seek eviscerating tones with the gut-rumbling potential of an added low-B string. Enter Gibson’s 7-String Explorer, a natural marriage of rock’s most radical shape and the specs demanded by the most adventurous 7-string players on the scene today. This new addition to the line for Gibson’s “Rocktober” celebrations combines the proven tonal advantages of mahogany neck and body with the scorching performance of EMG pickups, all the solid playability of Gibson construction and hardware, and a none-more-black gloss Ebony nitrocellulose finish, resulting in an unmatched package for the heavy rocker.


Fran Alonso: Strings On Fire

Fran Alonso - Strings on Fire Competition Entry !!

Richie Kotzen: the artist...

Mr Kotzen between shows!


News: Virgin Media broadband woes: the fight back

Virgin Media woes... will they be fixed today? If not I found a really good web site that does both a speed test and a ping test. This shows your bandwidth and your the speed of ping or packet loss(something that should never happen). The best thing about it is that it stores your tests for later review, plus it generates excellent graphics to help explain your issues. Here are a couple of mine from recent tests... I wish I had found this when the speed test was down to 2Mb.

Here are a couple of my recent tests:

In case you are in the same position:

Jeff Beck: Nessun Dorma

Jeff Beck - Nessun dorma (dalla Turandot di Giacomo Puccini) - Stadio dei Pini 19.08.09 - Concerto per Viareggio organizzato da Zucchero


TD Clark: Shreddtime Stories new CD

Shreddtime Stories: buy

The Introduction
When the lights dim
Shreddtime Stories
Moroccan Bedtime Story
Grabbing some air
In the here and now
5 Durhim
Arctic Sun
Drop D Symphony
It came in the night
Just south of Dublin

Andy James,Jack Gardiner: shred this t-shirt gets a spin!

I'm hoping that Jack Gardiner got some video of Mr Andy James playing live... he posted this phot, featuring Andy James and his prize winning Shred This T Shirt.

Artak: blinded by the light

Artak says:
Believe instruments sux.. and this is durch_den_wald_zum_bachhaus from (Johann Sebastian Bach) and i tried to play it in tapping style

incredible tapping guitar playing with closed eyes

Dave Baker: an undiscovered jem...

Sorry could not resist the pun: A lovely green Ibanez Jem Loch Ness Green. It's 21 years old and number 8 of 777.

Dave Baker plays 'Snuff' an original short composition

Really great cover of the Steve Vai solo from Dave Lee Roth, Eat Em and Smile.

Big Trouble guitar solo played by Dave Baker

Dave Baker Ibanez Jem LNG

Joe Satriani: Larry DiMarzio interview

Joe Satriani Signature Guitar the Ibanez JS1200. Interview with Larry DiMarzio.

Joe Satriani Ibanez JS1200

Rob Chappers: sticks man snapped up

I am very pleased to announce that Paul Annis is the new Stick Monkey in Monkey Lord! He came highly recommended and is a top bloke as well as a funky groove-meister.

New Monkey Lord drummer announced

Vladimir Maisiuk: Milan's TRex monster competition

lauriemonk: monster playing... that guitar just took one heluva beating!

vladguitar Reply:
This is was the quickest comment ever,Laurie :) just couple of seconds after I uploaded the video-great to hear from you,man-been a while-thanks alot...Yep,I found this tele in Indonesia(Jakarta) in one of forgotten stores-it was just a shape of guitar covered with dirt and dust,I got it pretty cheap-always like to take a chances and experiment and bring abused guitars back to life-I've got a nice guitartech back in Belarus (my buddy) he fixes all my guitars for me...

Vladimir Maisiuk-Milan Polak's "T-Rex Monster Pedal Competition"