Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Stelios Arnaoutoglou: out of focus fusion

I was talking to Steve about his guitar playing practising and backing tracks... Steve responds:
I tend to make my own backing tracks and change anything i want in the spot
i did the backing on my last video

Here's a jam over a funky progression. I'm playing my Suhr pro series s4, into a HT-dual blackstar into a laney tt50 tube head. Sorry for the out of focus crappy camera.

Out of focus

News: Tuner and Guitar Tool reviews

The Spear ST-1:
is a clip on Tuner that also boasts a metronome and tone generator.

Built in mic and vibration sensor
Calibration 430Hz-450Hz
For Guitar, Bass and Violin
Metronome, 30-250BPM
Auto power off
Battery included

more: http://www.guitaristhub.com/?p=647

JP Guitar Tool:
The JP Guitar Tool is an all in one solution for guitarists, comprising of

String cutter
Spring action pliers
.050 hex
1.5mm hex
2.5mm hex
3mm hex
Philips head screw driver
Flat head screw driver
Bridge pin puller
Carry case

more: http://www.guitaristhub.com/?p=652

Dragianni: Milan's TRex Monster competition

Dragianni - T-Rex Monster Pedal Competition entry

Guthrie Govan: custom jam track available


As you may know, Guthrie recorded new solos over some of our backing tracks, exclusively for our Youtube channel. In response to massive demand from all our friends, we decided to make full-quality jam track packages around these solos. Some of them are already available, and the rest will be coming over the next few months.

Improvised solo in Film and Audio format
Extended backing track
Full totally accurate tab transcription
Bonus theory and technique secrets


Alex Hutchings: custom fusion series 2 available

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 or....


Alex Hutchings is one of the UK's best-kept guitar secrets, and we think you should hear him NOW! Alex's second jamtrack package features five fantastic solos, complete with backing tracks, extended jamtracks and 100% accurate Tab (in standard tuning and Alex's EADGCF tuning).

5 Large format 640 x 480 pixel videos
Audio files of all 5 solos
5 standard audio jam tracks minus solos
5 extended audio jam tracks minus solos
Tab and Powertab transcriptions of all 5 solos in both standard and EADGCF tunings
Bonus tab - backing riffs and rhythm parts buy

Floyd Fernandes: clinic announced

Host: Bhargavas Musik Bandra
Type: Music/arts - Jam Session
Date: Sunday, 15 November 2009
Time: 15:30 - 17:00
Location: Bhargavas Musik Bandra Store
Finally after 2 months, Floyd has volunteered time from his busy schedule to share with us his perspective on our fav instrument "Guitar".

Every time we see Floyd Play his instrument, there is always something new he has to offer us and something new for us to gather from his sheer virtuosity.

So see you this Sunday on 15th where we all come together and enjoy this beautiful instrument and different musicians different perspective on it.
Get set and be ready for Floydisms and his Guitarisms.

Be there...

George Marios, Stelios Arnaoutoglou: hey guys crazy bouzouki metal

Thanks to Stelios Arnaoutoglou for showing me there is a place in the metal firmament for meta; bouzouki!

Tri State Corner - Ela Na This (greek bouzouki metal )

Tuck Andress: Michael Jackson man in the mirror

Not seen this one before.

Tuck Andress - Man in the Mirror

Tuck Andress Europa

Robben Ford: king of the blues shows the art of the blues

Robben Ford The Art of Blues Rhythm

Robben Ford - Major Triads in Rhythm

Robben Jazz Chords for Blues

News: try not to tap too hard

Kill The Alarm - My Voice (acoustic)

Richie Kotzen: Madrid 7-11-2009

4 more from the Kotzen


Richie Kotzen A Love Divine Madrid 07 11 2009

Richie Kotzen Doin´What The Devil Says To Do - Live Madrid 07-11-2009