Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Travis Montgomery: animals as leaders tribute 2

Great tributes to Tosin Abasi's nu fusion style

Animals As Leaders - Tempting Time intro lick

a reminder!

Animals As Leaders - CAFO tapping lick

News: the crazy world of guitar continued!

worlds fastest guitar solo ants go marchin 7 seconds flat

World's Fastest Guitar Solo Playing of All-Time- 1100000bps

Zakk Wylde: a portrait of the artist as a young man

Zakk Wylde proving that he was a top fuel shredder before joining Ozzy Osborne!

Zakk Wylde with his High School band, Zyris!!!

Sergio Ruiz,Toni Waka: té cuatro dos

The rocking Mallorcan equivalent of té cuatro dos... Toni Martinez and Sergio Ruiz

Super Home Jam

Marcel Coenen: skype guitar lessons available the details

Guitar Lessons using Skype Software now possible !

Marcel can give guitar lessons to Anyone now using the software Skype, worldwide !
The only thing you need is the (free) software Skype installed on your computer and a microphone to talk, though you can also just type a message to Marcel using the software. You will also need a webcam so Marcel can see you while you play the stuff Marcel learns you to check if you do it right.

If you want to schedule a lesson with Marcel using skype then email him at he will send you an email back with all the info (payment, price for periods of time and schedule). Let him also know your desired day and time so he can check if that would be possible.

So do you want to learn Marcel's songs, or techniques, and you wonder how a part is played in a certian song of Marcel or in one of his bands, then get lessons now using skype !

Milan Polak: TRex Monster pedal competition... there's still time

From: MilanPolak | 17 October 2009 | 10,854 views
Your chance to win a FREE T-Rex ToneBug Overdrive, ToneBug Reverb or copy of "Murphy's Law" (Lion Music)! Follow the instructions in the video:
1) All entries MUST subscribe to Milan Polak's YouTube channel first!
2) Download the "Torn" playback track:
3) Record your own solo on video
4) MUST post as video response to THIS video!

Video Responses (129): All responses

Roger Pedersen: warp speed tapping

Roger Pedersen says:
Ok, I know. This is really Over the top, but I shure had a good time. There are many guitar techniques involved. I am releasing my guitar album (CD) in February/March 2010. The guitars on the album have much lesser distortion than the Youtube videos :-)))
Review of my Myspace songs: "This is a good lesson on employing formidable technique in a uniquely musical way." (Michael Molenda, editor of Guitar Player magazine).

Over the top- Roger Pedersen

Puguh Tri Wibowoa: experimental Strings Of Fire

"Strings On Fire" with Herman Li - Guitar Solo, puguh

Will Kriski:

Will Kriski says:
Ask guitarist and teacher Will Kriski your questions on guitar soloing, technique, theory and more LIVE on each week. Will also discusses various topics of interest during the live event.
check it out

Live Guitar Lesson Q&A and Rock Techniques, Nov. 17

Marko Vesovic: Milan's TRex monster competition

As if by magic... the TRex competition video... see the Strings On Fire video!

"T -rex monster pedal competition". by Marko Vesovic mp4

Marko Vesovic: Strings On fire

Marko Vesovic anther new guy for the blog... check out his Milan Polak TRex entry too

Strings on fire entry by Marko Vesovic

James Wetzel: String On Fire

A few cuts in the video, but some interesting ideas not least the ear jangling crazy bends.

Strings On Fire - James Wetzel

Eliezy Guittar: Strings On Fire

Another new guy... Mr Feeners backing track certainly hit the spot!

-Strings on Fire- with Herman Li - Guitar Solo Contest - Eliezy Guittar

Jean-Dominique Leonelli: Strings On Fire

Some really fluid playing from Jean-Dominique Leonelli... that judging is going to be super tough... glad I'm not having to do that... Doh... of course Herman Li has to pick the overall winner!

Karolina Sustova: Strings On Fire

18 years old Karolina Sustova from the Czech Republic enters the Strings On Fire contest.
petrsucci, alabama city independent rock, causa alabama,

Strings on Fire - Karolina Sustova

Victor de Andres: Strings On Fire

Victor de Andres back with a really great entry for the Strings Of Fire competition.

Victor de Andres "Strings on Fire"

Paul Gilbert: clinic @ Borderline

Four great video in this series... thanks to Jenn at metalichika!

Paul Gilbert: clinic @ Borderline

Lyle Watt: working on new CD

I caught up with Lyle Watt online and asked him about projects, he indicated that he is working on a 4 or 5 track EP, one track is completed, and hoping to be released in 2010. Lyle has been working with his mate Neal Clark from Cornwall.

Here's a sample of the top rock on offer. Lyle Watt says:
At last! An original track! This one's called "Ages" because it took me absolutely ages to do. Sorry about the dodgy edit on the first harmony part, still getting the hang of Vegas!

"Ages" - Lyle Watt

Lori Linstruth: shameless self promotion

Lori Linstruth always has something cool to say and when she talks about the subject she knows best she's never wrong!

Lori Linstruth:
I sincerely hate shameless self-promotion as much as anyone (really, I do!). But because the kind interviewers below took precious time out of their one lives to talk to yours truly, it would seem ungrateful of me not to pass on links to their work.
Check out the shameless self promotion for yourself!

Richie Kotzen: house of blues

Richie Kotzen 2009 Losin' My Mind Malibu Multi Media 714 642 5964

Russ Parrish: steel panther tight in tokyo

Steel Panther performs Asian Hooker live at the Loud Park Festival in Tokyo, Japan

Steel Panther - Asian Hooker