Friday, 25 December 2009

Tarik Baadidi: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Tarik Baadidi, is the lead guitar of the Moroccan band AnacondA
This is my take for the "shred this too competition". I had fun jamming over this awesome backing track by Marco Sfogli.

My Shred this too competition solo.wmv

Lorenzo de Mauro: Marco Sfogli's shed this too

A little late blogging today catch up with the latest videos.... first up Lorenzo de Mauro.

This is my entry for the Marco Sfogli's Shred this too contest.... hope you like it... Gear used: Laguna le 924, custom patch on Boss gt3 pedalboard and Hughes and Kettner Attax 100 amp

Lorenzo de Mauro- Marco Sfogli's Shred this too contest entry [Truth in Shredding]

News: Indonesia's jam twins

sild123 posted these!

Ibanez Six String Jam.mpg

Shred This 2 Jam with aya

Herman Li: the winners Daniel Rezende, Damjan Pejcinoski, Sean Currington

The ‘Strings on Fire’ guitar solo contest has announced their Top 3 entries with DragonForce guitarist Herman Li acting as guest judge. Head over to their YouTube channel to find out more and see Herman join in the fun himself.
from dragonforce

The winners again in case you missed: 1 Daniel Rezende, 2 Damjan Pejcinoski, 3 Sean Currington

great to see Herman Li get a crack at that backing track!

Strings on Fire - YouTube Page

Enver Izmaylov: live

Enver Izmaylov - Qirimtatar Haytarmasu

Enver Izmaylov - Memories

Todd Duane: '69 Marshall Plexi #2

'69 Marshall Plexi thru a Mesa Standard cab

Michael Gilinsky: 13 year old tribute to Paul Gilbert

13 Year old Paul gilbert-Curse Of The Castle Dragon Cover

News: Christmas is here!

Christmas is here! Have a great Christmas...

Keep on shredding!