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Parker Wallace: Slimer rips Marco Sfogli's shred this too

This little guy is just amazing, new guitar for Christmas...
Hey guys! My name is Slimer i have been playing guitar for 6 months. This is my entry to the best contest on the planet, Shred this too! Thank you Lauriemonk and Shred Junior for all the support the last few months! Thank you judges for taking the time to be involved and making this a great contest! Thanks for watching!

Shred This Too Slimer Official Entry

Panos Arvanitis: Arpeggio 9th -11th

Rock licks-Arpeggio 9th -11th

Jan Laurenz: vampire song on chapman stick

Jan's vampire song on chapman stick

News: TIS thanks all its' friends!

Woo... nearly 200 friends on the Truth In Shredding Friends Connects: Friend Connect 197 Thanks to all those who have joined.

Also thanks to all those bloggers who linked to my competition and have given me number 1 slot on guitar world It's been a few months since I had this one... it's normally shared out amongst these cool guitar blogging guys:

Modern Guitarist
Guitar Noize
I heart guitar
Shred This Way
The Guitar Channel

check out this list foe a bunch of cool guitar blogs:

Charlie Hunter: live at yoshi's

Charlie Hunter: 12.16 :: Yoshi's :: San Francisco, CA full gallery

Charlie Hunter with Eric Kalb on drums HOPMONK 12-14

Andres Ludmer: tribute to Frank Gambale

Yang(F. Gambale) - Ludmer(g) MariƱo(b) Manzanero(d)

Jose Galicia: night magic

Noche Magica (Night Magic) - Jose Galicia

Pop Woravit: neo classic returns in a big way!

Neo - Classic In My ... new song from project album Pop woravit champ overdrive guitarcontest 2 from thailand

Neo - Classic In My ... New Song By Pop Woravit Champ Overdrive NO. 2 Guitarhero From Thailand

Omri Sharon: Marco Sfogli's shred this too... with a cat and harmonica

Omri Sharon aka Mosquito Slayer says:
My cat "Shakti" and Me and the Harmonica in the first take, pure improvisation!!!
Some Original Stuff:
Because the Harmonica is on C major, I had to take the backing track 1 step down.

Mosquito Slayer & Shakti the Cat on "Shred This too" contest

Mauro Hector: coming home

Mauro Hector - Voltando pra casa - CD Sonoridades

Carlos Lichman: key to the shred city

Carlos Lichman - Key To The Shred City (Live)

Robbert hanenberg: mixolydian improv

Some mixolydian impro : Robbert hanenberg

Ruggero Robin: rocking giant steps

Giant Steps Joke Rock Gibson Sg Ruggero Robin

plus a little live music with the trio.

Ruggero Robin Trio " Boss The Dog"

Guthrie Govan: Berklee gig date

Stay tuned for more info as it comes, but here are some really cool Guthrie Govan shows next month!!!!

Thursday January 28th- Berklee Performance Center master class at 1pm. This event will be open to the public this time, so non-Berklee students are all welcomed!

Friday January 29th- Get your tix now, Guthrie will be playing at the Middle East Downstairs 480 Mass Ave in Cambridge at 8pm with Jon Finn!! Tix are available on right now, $18 in advance or $20 at the door. This is an 18+ show! Should be ridiculous!!

Saturday January 30th- Berklee Cafe 939 event to be announced. This may be a Berklee-only event so please plan on the other 2 events if you're a non-Berklee student.

Please stay tuned for more details. This should be a amazing 3 day extravaganza for those of us in the Boston area, start telling your friends/students/musicians etc now!!

Hope you all had a great holiday, this was like a Christmas present for me! Hope you guys can make it to the events!!

Keith Merrow: the arrival - a hang over cure?

I think not... top chop from Keith Merror... enjoy

The Arrival Download
1- Departure (intro)
2- Bioluminescent
3- Pillars of Creation
4- Io
5- Shorted Out
6- Nadir
7- Abducted
8- Titan
9- Wrong Axis
10- The Arrival

Keith Merrow- Bioluminescent

Patrick Amar: the jam sessions

Just been digging through some previous posts from Patrick Amar. Some very cool playing... enjoy this sample.

Patrick Amar _ Impro on Afro Blues

Patrick Amar - Impro on a BT from David

Patrick Amar - Orange Jam (v2)

Patrick Amar - Impro on another eGM BT.

Greg Howe: Christmas greetings

News: greek guitar power gig dates

Greek Guitar Power, 2-day Athens Festival - 16 & 17 January 2010
Host: Greek Guitar Power
Date: Saturday, 16 January 2010
Time: 01:00 - 04:00
Location:Odeio Nikolaos Mantzaros,
Street:Premetis 4 , Hilton
Town/City: Athens, Greece

A full 2 day Electric guitar Festival with over 20 different guitar related events!!!

Includes teaching techniques, Theory Masterclass, Improvisation Concepts, Equipment presentations, PC Recording workshops and MUCH MUCH more

TOTAL Cost for BOTH days:
40 euros with pre-booking (email to reserve)
50 Euros at the door

Atendance fee includes promo cDs, DVDs and over 30 pages of notes from all the seminars

Do not miss the BIGGEST GGP Festival yet!!!

Renat Bikchurin: the year in review

As we near the end of the year... time to look back at some of the most amazing playing around...

Bach Invention no. 8 in F major on retar. Renat Bikchurin

Marcello Zappatore: ghiro d'italia


Tommy Ermolli, Daniele Liverani: Italy tour live video

Twinspirits playing "My Future" from the album "The Forbidden City" Perugia in Progress 2009 - Urban Club

TwinSpirits - My Future (live bootleg)

Rob Chappers: Christmas Bacon sandwich Deluxe

Monkey Lord recipes 1 - Christmas Bacon sandwich Deluxe

Dan Huff: being a producer

Interview: Dann Huff, part 1: On Being a Producer and Keith Urban
by Elianne Halbersberg In the first installment of our two-part interview, Dann Huff discusses Keith Urban’s guitar work on Defying Gravity, how he defines his role as a producer, and the pros and cons of plug-ins and effects.

full interview

Milan Polak: torn solo guitar lesson

Milan Polak Guitar Lesson - "Torn" solo

COMPETITION: Marco Sfogli's shred this too! the stats

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