Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Samuel Montano: Marco Sfogli's shred this too... 2

Shred This Too slightly modal take by Jadon

Michael Angelo Batio: clinic shred!

Michael Angelo Batio playing his signature double neck guitar at ARC music in Boca Raton for a guitar clinic. Unbelievable performance.

Michael Angelo Batio guitar clinic shred

Rob Chappers: get an exclusive video lesson

Exclusive Hollywood Private Tuition Video

£50.00 bys you:
A private tuition video is a video lesson that is tailored to your needs. Instead of picking up bits of theory here, and bits of technique there, Chappers will create a structured lesson based on your musical goals and your current technique, enabling you to progress efficiently as a guitarist.

Here’s how it works:

After purchasing a private tuition video, send an e-mail to explaining your goals. These goals could be anything from improving your legato to marketing yourself as a musician. Within these goals, build yourself a wish list of things that you would like to learn.
Include within your e-mail any artist influences you may have, and areas that you particularly want to concentrate on.
Also include within your e-mail a link to a recent video of you playing, roughly two minutes or more in length, so that Chappers can observe your technique.
Chappers will respond to your e-mail with a plan of action, listing the material he is going to teach, and how he is going to do so.
If you are happy with the plan of action – agree to it, if not, propose some alternatives until you reach an agreed plan of action.
Chappers will then record a 40m video covering everything you want to learn, and will either provide you with a link to download the video, or burn it to a CD and mail it to you (your choice, specify in the e-mail).
In addition to your 40 minute lesson, these exclusive videos come with a message from Chappers in LA/Hollywood, where he will be attending the NAMM show and shooting a DVD with Eddie Kramer.

Giorgio Rovati: back in black

Back in Black Shred Guitar Solo played with VHT pittbull - Giorgio Rovati

Stu Box: 2010

Stu Box: guitarist performing on his amazing 12 string electric guitar while recording ideas for the song 'Heartlies' written by Stu and recorded by Australian band 'The Circle'. Stu is playing his guitar both finger and touch style demonstrating the versatility of his instrument.

Incredible 12 string electric tapping fingerpicking guitar: Stu Box: 2010

Marc Rizzo: new cd and tour

From Bravewords:
Mark Rizzo is touted a master musician with deep musical roots in metal, classical and flamenco guitar. His raw energy combined with the talent of a new-generation shred-master is a much needed breath of fresh air to the instrumental rock genre. more

Legionaire tracklisting:

'Release The Kraken'
'...By Great Odins Beard'
'Victim In Shred'
'The Emerald Goblet'
'The Wrath Of Crom'
'Peaks And Vallies'
'Life And Will'
'Fenestrelle Fortress'
'The Metallurgist'

Legionaire US tour dates:

8 - Clifton, NJ - Dingbatz
9 - Erie, PA - Sherlocks
10 - Lexington, KY - Busters
12 - Parkersburg, WV - Club Vibe
13 - Kent, OH - JB’s
14 - Flint, MI - The Machine Shop
15 - Dayton, OH - McGuffy’s
16 - Amelia, OH - Big Ed’s
18 - St. Louis, MO - Fubar
19 - Lincoln, NE - Knickerbockers
20 - Salina, KS - Blue Goat
21 - Kansas City, MO - Crosstown Station
22 - Wichita, KS - Lizard Lounge

Jan Akkerman: street walker

I always loved this track from the Night Of Guitar gigs.


Jamie Humphries: Ernie Ball-Musicman

Ernie Ball-Musicman Guitarist Jamie Humphries The Nashville Song

Alex Masi: ernie ball demo

info about Alex's guitar:

Size:12-1/4" wide, 1-3/4" thick, 36-1/2" long (31.2 cm wide, 4.5 cm thick, 92.7 cm long)
Weight:6 lbs, 5 oz (2.86 kg) - varies slightly; 7oz (0.2 kg) more with tremolo
Body Wood:Alder
Body Finish:High gloss polyester
Bridge:Standard - Music Man® strings-thru-the-body bridge of chrome plated, hardened steel with solid steel saddles; Optional - Music Man® vintage tremolo of chrome plated, hardened steel with bent steel saddles; Optional - Piezo bridge with solid steel saddles
Pickguard:Standard - Black or White; Optional - Shell, White Pearloid, Vintage White Pearloid, Black Pearloid, Blue Pearloid, Moonstone, Abalone, Python, Orange Swirl, Gold Swirl, and Blue Swirl.
Scale Length:25-1/2" (64.8 cm)
Neck Radius:10" (25.4 cm)
Headstock Size:Only 5-7/8" (14.9 cm) long
Frets:24 - High profile, medium width
Neck Width:1-5/8" (41.3 mm) at nut, 2-1/4" (56.9 mm) at last fret
Neck Wood:Select maple neck
Fingerboard:Select maple or rosewood
Neck Finish:Gunstock oil and hand-rubbed special wax blend
Neck Colors:Standard - Natural; Optional - Matching painted headstock
Tuning Machines:Schaller M6-IND locking
Truss Rod:Adjustable - no component or string removal
Neck Attachment:5 bolts - perfect alignment with no shifting; Sculpted neck joint allows smooth access to higher frets
Electronic Shielding:Graphite acrylic resin coated body cavity and aluminum lined pickguard
Controls:250kohm volume and tone - .047µF tone capacitor
Switching:5-way lever pickup selector
Pickups:HSH - 1 DiMarzio custom single coil; 2 DiMarzio PAF PRO humbucking
Left Handed:No
Strings:9p-11p-16p-24w-32w-42w (RPS 9 Slinkys #2239)

Alex Masi and the Ernie Ball Music Man Silhouette Guitar

Don Lappin: string dampeners heaven or hell?

Don Lappin posted a new track "Forward I ride" on MySpace:

Don Lappin & The Ernie Ball Music Man Silhouette Guitar

There is always a constant debate on the use of String Dampeners by guitar players... you either one of two camps... I says you are not a real man unless you use you hands to dampen the string, the other says,who cares it's the music that counts... Well this is the view of Don Lappin:
String Damper Response
This is in response to some negative comments posted on a recent YouTube video about my use of a string damper. I placed it here because there is a 500 word maximum on YouTube text comments.

Hi all, Don Lappin here. If you don't mind I think I will chime in on this. Make no mistake folks, my use of a damper IS NOT a substitute for poor technique or is it used as a "crutch" in any way. You have to understand that just as there are many types of picking techniques, fingerstyle techniques, sweeping techniques, ect... there are also many different tapping techniques. Eddie Van Halen's is one. TJ Helmerich (who's system doesn't require a damper) is another, Jennifer Batten is still another (who uses or used to use a damping device that is bolted onto her headstock). How about Guthrie Govan or Stanley ....Jordan....? Guthrie sometimes uses a damper. ....Stanley.... does not... Greg Howe? He's one of my favorites! Is he cheating? Haha, I don't think so. The truth is they are all fantastic players with unique tapping styles and comparing one to another is like comparing apples to oranges. Some require a damper, some do not. They are ALL great players and create amazing music.
.. ..
My particular system is based on a two and two system (two left hand fingers/two right hand fingers) that I've developed and practiced for close to 27 years (I've played for 35). It is also what I teach at Berklee College of Music. My particular technique involves a complete reorganization of the fretboard in terms of scales, triad arpeggios, 7th chord arpeggios, and pentatonics. Much of what I do depends largely on pulling off from one right-hand finger to another right-hand finger. In fact, roughly 75% of my notes are played with my right hand, not my left. Because of this, my right hand isn't in a position where I can effectively mute or dampen unused strings as in traditional playing or some other tapping techniques; especially the A string. Although I can play effectively with or without a damper, I choose to use one. Much of what I play would be very difficult if not impossible to do without the use of one.
.. ..
Comment's such as "it's poor technique", "it's cheating" or "it's a lazy approach to playing" is based largely on ignorance of the facts. Do some players use them as a crutch? Yes. However, they are often a necessary tool with some of today's playing. Personally, I prefer to listen to what is being created musically rather than focusing on an issue like this. That's it for me; thanks for listening.
.. ..
Don Lappin
Assistant Professor
Guitar Department
Berklee College of Music

I'm really happy to have really well reasoned supporting or counter arguments... let me know what you think... PS comment like n00b and suck will be ignored ;)

George Bellas: the dawn of time is arriving

Click for full size image

George Bellas says:
Combining elements of Romanticism and Futurism with mind boggling drum performances by Marco Minnemann, and guitar, bass and keys performed by George Bellas, "The Dawn Of Time" is an album brimming with exceptional musicanship and ultra unique writing.

The release date for "The Dawn Of Time" will be announced in the coming weeks.

Alan Williamson: tribute to John Sykes...

Whitesnake - Is This Love (Cover)

Luke Machin: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Some very tasteful playing from this lefty, Luke Machin:
This is my entry for the "Shred This Too" Competition!


Luke owned his first guitar at the age of 2 and hasn't put it down since! Up to this date Luke has competed and won many charity events across the country. Luke was most talented youngster of 2004, 1st in the Rising Stars competition, also the best soloist in Signal 1's Raw Talent competition. Luke was also a finalist in the Ernie Ball Guitar Hero. At the age of 14 he received Grade 8 with distinction in electric guitar from Trinity College London. He has done numerous sessions and has appeared on SM:TV live at the age of 12 featuring as their "Rock Kid". During this time Luke has formed a well established ProgRock band called "Fire Garden" back in Cheshire and fronts his own 5 piece ProgMetal band in Brighton "Concrete Lake". Luke is writing, recording and producing for both his bands albums and his own solo project. This will all be released later this year. Luke currently is taking a BA Hons Degree at Brighton Institute of Modern Music, and just received an award for BIMM Student of the year! Most recently Luke has been honored to play with the guitar legend JEFF BECK and has been a part of Francis Dunnery's "New Progressive's" Project where he played alongside his guitar hero Francis Dunnery and other very special guests such as, Steve Rothery, Theo Travis, Bernie Marsden and Robert Plant!

Luke Machin: "Shred This Too" Entry!

Tony Waka: major scale solo

Major Scale Solo

Matte Johansson: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Marco Sfogli's shred this too!! COMPETITION - Matte Johansson

News: You Rock Guitar... examples of usage

Gamers and Guitarist talk about the You Rock Guitar by Inspired Instruments

Rusty Cooley: Chattanooga dominion

Rusty Cooley Dominion- Chattanooga clinic

Jennifer Batten: PG3 gig promo

Geoff Metts, Jennifer Batten and Terry Robb concert promo for Jan 30 2010. 3 guitarists, 3 styles, 3 times the fun. Benefits Parkrose K-12 music program.

Guitar Center Portland presents PG3 Concert Jan 30, 2010 Batten/Metts/Robb

Tom Quayle: Marco Sfogli's shred this too... in cool fusion mode

Hi guys!

Well, I had to get in on the act so here's my restrained take on this awesome track. A Shred one coming your way soon!

Man I love the tone of this beautiful guitar!

Thanks for listening,


Shred This Too - My restrained version!!

Damjan Pejcinoski: shine official video

SHINE - "Ljubov ili Son" ( Love or a Dream) OFFICIAL VIDEO

Samuel Montano: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Jadon with a bluesy approach.

Shred This Too Competition take by Jadon

László Bogdán: Marco Sfogli's shred this too... no video camera... no problem

A ver =y enjoyable video from belaci73... based in Hungary.

Marco Sfogli's Shred this TOO- belaci73's entry

Francesco Congiu: tribute to Neil Zaza 2

Cinematic neil Zaza cover- Francesco Congiu

Dallton Santos: 2010 calender

Calendar in video for guitar players and/or admirers of beautiful images!
thank you for your visit, and subscribe to receive updates from this channel.
... it's just the guitars he's interested in... honest!

Calendario de 2010 para guitarristas !!!

Jean Marc Belkadi: polytonal sweeping

Polytonal Sweeping lesson example 2.avi

Angel Ruiz, Matapelo: jam session

Jam Session-Matapelo + Ángel Ruiz

John Rijsdijk: classy shred!

John Rijsdijk shredding on Ibanez Fireman

YouTube- John Rijsdijk Neoclassical Improvisation!.MP4

YouTube- John Playing Yngwie's Requiem.MP4

Daniel Realpe: improvisation

Improvisation on guitar Ibanez 1527

Damian Espinosa: Marco Sfogli's shred this too!

shred this too contest - Damian Espinosa