Friday, 8 January 2010

Andy Watson: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Videos still coming in at a high rate... this is the 100th entry... check out all the responses

Rick Graham: jamming over tq105 changes!

Improv over changes (Tom Quayle's)

Julio Valle: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Julio Valle:
Hi!! This is my entry for the Shred This Too - Marco Sfogli competition. I hope you will like it. Thanks for watching!!

Julio Valle - Shred This Too

Yngwie Malmsteen: Alcatrazz - All Night Long

Alcatrazz - All Night Long

Kris Barras: Shred Academy Lick of the Week

tune in every week for a new lick! more free licks and lessons at

Shred Academy Lick of the Week #1 with Kris Barras

Adrian English: g-theory available

G-theory - Adrian English - Open iTunes to listen buy and download music.

Osman Cenan Cigil: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Osman Cenan Cigil says:
Shred This Too Entry by Osman Cenan CIGIL! Sorry for poor video!Recorded with a shitty webcam!

Shred This Too Entry by Osman Cenan CIGIL

Tenyu Nakamura: number 8


Mats Hedberg: true temperament frets

mats true spot

Tom Quayle: jazz shred!

One thing Tom Quayle knows already...

Here is proof positive that this is the case... I'm thinking the very "fluid" playing... is that of Qi Black Tea Liqueur...

Hey Guys!

Here's some Jazzy Shred for you to check out. I must admit I'd had a fair amount of white wine before this so excuse some of the poor playing! Good clean shredding fun and I do love the wine!

Jazz Shred whilst slightly inebriated!

News: worlds greatest living guitarist poll

World’s Greatest Living Guitarist – Poll Opens
In December we put up a short list of great living guitarists and invited contributions, which we received in abundance thank you.

We have taken the 97 suggestions and put them in alphabetical order underneath. We now invite you to vote for your Top 3 – the poll will run for 3 weeks and the results will be published w/e 5th February.

News: 100 guitar heroes!

Guitarist Presents: 100 Guitar Heroes - 100 of the world's greatest guitar players interviewed and profiled. This compendium of rock, jazz and blues greats is essential reading for every guitarist!

Erik Mongrain: licklibrary interview

Erik Mongrain, interview:

Guthrie Govan, Mike Casswell: lick library interview

Guthrie Govan, Mike Casswell, play and interview:

Carl Verheyen: lick library demos

Carl Verheyen: lick library demos

News: MyGuitarSpace extend competition deadline

Guitar Contests

Yes, maybe you could win this one. But if the current contest doesn't grab you, check back to see what's coming up next.

This is a different kind of contest than previous ones. There is a $ 500 prize for the winner. It's for any level of play, because it's a tell-a-buddy contest.

Here are details:

The deadline is March 15, 2010. Rules below.

The Myguitarspace member who is responsible for the most new members wins.

1. So that we know the new members are from your efforts, you simply need to keep track of their email addresses used when signing up.
2. For the contest entries to count, there must be a guitar picture with the new member.
3. That's it. Good luck.

Adam Lajoie: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Adam Lajoie, once again he's a natural... and well worth checking out! PS Mum or Dad... buy your boy a video camera!

Hey there, first off i want to say thanks to Laurie Monk and Marco Sfogli for the oppertunity! Really cool backing track too. Just took a quick take on it, lots of mistakes and timing( brutal..) There's alot of great players that had some awesome takes on it (Tom Quayle, Rick Graham, Chris Pallas etc..) Btw, Sorry for no video , i don't have a camera. Crit all you want!

Shred this too - Adam Lajoie

Krisztian Lovrek: Marco Sfogli's shred this too 3!

Man this guy brings awesome tone to the guitar!

marco new03.mp4

Steve Hubbard: exploring the tonalities of the Mesa Booogie Stiletto

Might god this rig sounds hot... of course it's all in the fingers!

Steve Hubbard says:
Hey there, this time I'm on the 'Tite Gain' mode of Channel 2, with the power section set to 'Spongy'. Going for more of what you probably know the Stiletto for, in terms of tone.. I messed around and tried to show the dynamics of the amp, and used the volume of my guitar (God Bless Suhr & their capacitors!)

Half way through I decided i'd shred a bit, kind of went for a cross between Howe and Halen..

At the end I play over a drone, so you can hear the tone 'in the mix'

Hope you all enjoy!

Mesa Boogie Stiletto Trident - Tite Gain

Jose de Castro: clinic videos

Jose de Castro Suhr guitars 2.wmv

Jose de Castro and band 3

Jose de Castro and band 2.wmv

Jose de Castro and band