Sunday, 17 January 2010

Orianthi: NAMM bad news...

Orianthi at NAMM ~ "Bad News"

Katalina Gonzalez: kata slapping the strat

She's a pretty mean player, Katalina Gonzalez also comes from Colombia!!

kata slap

Frank Gambale: NAMM

SMG interviews Frank Gambale at the Yamaha room at NAMM 2010.

Johnny Hiland: Ernie Ball Music Man Guitar NAMM

Ernie Ball Music Man Guitar Johnny Hiland Namm Show

Sterling Ball Johnny Hiland Namm Show 2010

Steve Vai: 20 years of JEM... time to design a new one?

The Ibanez Universe 20th Anniversary & Jem Design Contest
In 1990, Ibanez released Steve Vai's signature 7-string electric guitar - the Universe. Following the release, Ibanez's new 7-string guitar spread with lightning speed to the guitarists who pursued new sound options and triggered their creation of new music.

In 2010, Ibanez celebrates the 20th anniversary of the 7-string guitar and milestone introduction of the Universe Signature model.

The Universe UV77RE 1990 Reissue Multicolor will be available in highly limited numbers. Each swirl finish on these guitars are unique and distinct from each other, and swirled by master swirl artist and original "ATD" swirler Darren Johansen.

The guitar features a 5-piece maple/bubinga Wizard Jem neck and a basswood body with original heeljoint; 24 frets and rosewood board with disappearing pyramid inlays. Pickups are DiMarzio® BLAZE™II Neck, Middle and cosmo black hardware and a Lo-Pro Edge 7 bridge.

The guitar comes in a special silver-lined Ibanez Flight Case, along with a special printed high-quality poster and special certificate.

See the guitar HERE on Ibanez Japan's special webpage, plus take a journey back in time with the 1987-2010 Jem & Universe Chronicle!

Furthermore, in 2010 Steve Vai's 6-string signature model JEM series will achieve sales of 77,777 pieces since its release in 1987. Steve and Ibanez are planning a unique JEM design contest in the near future. More information will follow in the coming days. Don't miss it!

JEM Design Contest Movie

News: IE implicated in security breaches... Germany warns against use!

The German government has warned web users to find an alternative browser to Internet Explorer to protect security.

The warning from the Federal Office for Information Security comes after Microsoft admitted IE was the weak link in recent attacks on Google's systems.
full details

If you are concerned:

download google Chrome
download Firefox

News: All online finalists for guitar idol 2009 posted

Truth In Shredding is now a .com! Over the next couple of days you should be able to get to the web site using the .com URL: I have also made the RSS use full source of the posts. I will try and make the site lighter and to this end I have removed a number of JavaScript Items.

The tags list still remains a thorn in my side... if anyone knows how to get this into a content page then please contact me.

I am reminded... Rome was not built in a day...

Chris Broderick, Tony MacAlpine, Paul Gilbert,Andy Timmons: queuing for your art

Ibanez 2010 NAMM signing with Chris Broderick, Tony MacAlpine, Paul Gilbert, and Andy Timmons

Lee Peterson: WIN A GUITAR!!!

Thanks to the guys at Black I Distribution I can give something back to the community that has given me support over the last year or so, thanks guys. It means a lot to be able to do this so please rate, subscribe and more importantly enter..

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Accepting entries until end of the day on 30th April 2010.


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Andy Wood: Shred This Too

Another cool demonstration video, this time from Andy Wood!

Andy Wood:
wanted to give the camera in my iphone a try so i did a quick improve to the marco sfogli shred this too track. the playing isnt perfect but i dont care.

andy wood Shred(neck) this too on an iphone

Andy James: killer new CD in the works

I got a little sneak info from the Andy James which will no doubt exciting those fans of Andy's stunning guitar playing style.

Andy James says:
I'm doing a new album this year and Rusty Cooley and Marc Rizzo from Soulfly are guesting on it as well so that should be good.

I'm working on a new book as well that should hopefully see the light of day in 2010 and I might be doing a few clinics for ESP this year so watch this space.

In case you missed it this is Andy's demonstration for Shred This Too
shred this too vid Andy James

News: google g drive coming

After many years of waiting, Google's online storage service will finally be available. It won't be called GDrive, as it will only be an updated version of Google Docs.

"Instead of emailing files to yourself, which is particularly difficult with large files, you can upload to Google Docs any file up to 250 MB. You'll have 1 GB of free storage for files you don't convert into one of the Google Docs formats (i.e. Google documents, spreadsheets, and presentations), and if you need more space, you can buy additional storage for $0.25 per GB per year," mentions Google Docs blog.
full details

Petar Atanasov: has a new youtube channel

Those who subscribed to Petar [petar8706] can now subscribe to Here's a new test video, a small tribute to Deep Purple, Pantera and Paganini

Petar Atanasov-Dimebag tribute

Andy Wood: burning wood namm style 2

Here is Andy letting it rip again. He is playing along with a backing track while warming up for the Guthrie Govan show tonight at Tone Merchants in Orange, Ca He is playing a Suhr Custom into an OD-100 and a Suhr boost pedal.
Andy Wood NAMM 2010, Part II

Orianthi: NAMM sound check

Orianthi Playing at NAMM 2010

Steve Brown: trixter soloing for NAMM

Steve Brown from Trixter tests out the TightDrive overdrive pedal, overdriving the lead channel of a Kustom KG100HFX head w/412 cabinet. If you're at NAMM, you should stop by the Kustom booth and take this pedal for a spin.

Steve Brown Trixter.m4v

Vinnie Moore: Trex pedals NAMM

Torsten again this time talking to Vinnie Moore!

T-Rex meets Vinnie

StoneOfDarkness,Brian Dumont: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Just a gentle reminder that you need to do two things more once you recorded and uploaded you videos:

3 Complete the entry form
4 Post your video response:

Meanwhile here are two more solo entries for the competition... enjoy!

Brian Dumont - Shred This Too

StoneOfDarkness --Shred This Too--My Entry--

Sungha Jung: more minnow acoustic mastery!

(Davy Graham) Anji - Sungha Jung

Zack Kim: love is easy

Zack Kim - Love is Easy (Original)

Air on G

No Woman No Cry

Annie Grunwald: this girl shreds!!

Some of the video is reversed but there is no doubting the ability from Annie Grunwald.

Into Eternity - Splintered Visions Intro

Dream Theater - Erotomania Solo Cover

Perfect Illusion Solo- Sean Michaud Cover

Andy Wood: suhr 7 namm burn out

Kudos to Mark McGuigan for spotting this video from namm

Andy Wood Demoing the new Suhr 7 String Guitar

Prashant Aswani: rich murray catches up with the fusion dude at NAMM

Rich Murray is keeping score at NAMM, read the travel log for the day

Rich says:
I also got to chat with Prashant Aswani. He has a new album on the way which sounds like it's going to be awesome. It looks like I'll be doing a new interview with Prashant after the album is released (I previously interviewed Prashant in 2008). Later in the day, he created a gridlock-inducing crowd downstairs at the Spectraflex booth were he was demoing some of the new tunes.

An older video, from Jan 2009

prashant aswani jams

Johnny Hiland: and hub city kid jam at NAMM

Rich from the guitar channel is over in NAMM at the moment... he posted this video of Johnny Hiland and Dave Larue jamming at the Ernie Ball booth at the 2010 Winter NAMM show.

Johnny Hiland and Dave Larue - NAMM 2010

Andy Wood: burning wood namm style


Rick Heins: "beard Boy" demonstrating the luscious sounds of the all new G-Dec 3

It's the return of "Beard Boy" demonstrating the luscious sounds of the all new G-Dec 3.

G Dec 3 - Rick Heins pt 1

G Dec 3 - Rick Heins pt 2

Mick Thomson: Seymour Duncan - 2010 NAMM

Seymour Duncan - 2010 NAMM - Mick Thomson Autograph Signing

Steve Stevens: Tone Merchants NAMM

Five namm videos

Steve Stevens: Tone Merchants NAMM

Gary Hoey: NAMM low rider jam

NAMM 2010 = Gary Hoey Band = LOW RIDER JAM

NAMM 2010 = The Gary Hoey Band - PIPELINE

The Gary Hoey Band LIVE at NAMM 2010. Recorded Jan 14, 2010. This is the title track from Gary's new CD to be released this spring. Check out:

NAMM 2010 = Gary Hoey = UTOPIA

Slash: Marshall AFD100

Guitar legend Slash and Marshall Amplification announce the new AFD100 project at a special press conference at the 2010 NAMM Show.

Marshall and Slash Announce the AFD100 Project

Americo Yrupailla Morales: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Americo Yrupailla from Peru delivers another solo for the competition. We need solos from as many countries as possible, and if they are as good as this we're in for a treat.


Vincenzo Grieco, Valerio Mignogna: live DVD available

buy the DVD:


Pedro Santos: silent noise competition

Pedro Santos entry Silent Noise Competition

Silvio Gazquez: Marco Sfogli's shed this too - one will will not suffice!

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest guy alive... when players of the talent of the Argentinian Silvio Gazquez deliver not one but two incredible solos for your competition... well that kind of makes your day!

Marco Sfogi´s shred this too - Silvio Gazquez - 2nd take.

Todd Duane: Cameron Mod Marshall '82 50 watt

The best camera angle yet... and still 15 seconds under the minute barrier... would you have it any other way with Todd Duane??!

Cameron Mod Marshall '82 50 watt

Lucky Singh: Project 8105

The Origins Of Project 8105 -

A brand new feature where Lucky & Kevin Discuss anything and everything to do with their debut concept album "Project 8105"

In each episode they take you through the music, the artwork and the indepth storyline that runs through the album from start to finish. Project 8105 was a very big venture for Lucky & Kevin and through this feature they want you to be a part of it and understand in detail "The Origins Of Project 8105"

Be sure to subscribe to the 7uckytv chanel at and also sign up to the mailing list at to be in the loop and be notified when episode 1 will commence.
As with all of the present features and up and coming features at 7uckytv, there will be mp3s for certain songs available for download along with other special treats for our mailing list members so get over to and sign up to join the fun!

The album "Project 8105" along with "7" and Tokyo Rules are available to purchase through
all mp3s are available through CDbaby, Amazon and itunes.

Thank you to all who have become friends and subscribed to 7uckytv, we hope to meet many more of you along the way ;-)


The Origins Of Project 8105 - Coming Soon!