Thursday, 4 February 2010

News: Michael Wagener the sound of the 1980's describes his studio

Gavin Clement Melanson: Cool riff

Cool riff

Milan Polak: Alternate picking (synchronizing left + right hand)

Milan Polak Lick #11 - Alternate picking (synchronizing left + right hand)

Carl Roa: Progressive Sequences

Sharpen your favorite axe and pick, and get ready to learn some exciting new progressive tinted sequence patterns in this month's lesson! Carl Roa takes you through several hair raising sequential patterns sure to challenge the most dexterous of players! The examples are played over the Magic Elf track "Elf Rock". Add these riffs to your practice routine for the ultimate workout!

Elf Riffs #5 with Carl Roa - Progressive Sequences


Victor de Andres: rocking out!

Videoclip de la canción "Mi Castigo" del grupo heavy metal MEGARA, compuesto por Jose Rubio, Pacho Brea, Victor de Andres, Toni P. Varela y Estefano Varela.
Creado por KSC8 Video

Megara (Mi Castigo).mp4

Jayce Landberg: Skyscraper (Live in Stockholm)

JAYCE LANDBERG - Skyscraper (Live in Stockholm)

Steve Saluto, Richie Kotzen: Resurrection

1  Too late
2  Out of time
3  I still fall
4  Now I know
5  Walkin'
6  One life
7  Don't waste your time
8  Rough beat
9  The right man
10  Fly
11  Train jumpers
12  Resurrection
13  You show me
14  Birds
15  I keep waiting
16  Beautiful silen

Resurrection: These have 6 tracks with Richie on vocals... 4 were released on Rough Beat and 2 were released in mp3 format only on Rust & Gold.

Thanks to Michelle Holland for the heads up.

News: super deal on guitar player subscription for US guitar fans

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Frank Gambale: interspirit with Anthony Jackson

Anthony Jackson (Contrabass Guitar); Yiorgos Fakanas (Bass); Frank Gambale (Guitar); Dave Weckl (Drums); Mitch Forman (Keyboards); Takis Paterelis (Alto Sax); Tony Lakatos (Tenor Sax); Antonis Andreou (Trombone); Mihail Iosifov (Trumpet)

Note: Includes 16 Page Booklet with photos and other information.

For over 40 years Anthony Jackson has been the bassist's bassist; the man most admired by his peers for his groundbreaking groove work in jazz and pop with the likes of Billy Paul, the O'Jays, Buddy Rich, Roberta Flack, Chaka Khan, Chick Corea, Steely Dan, Donald Fagen, Paul Simon, Al DiMeola, Nancy Wilson, George Benson, Quincy Jones, Steve Khan's Eyewitness, Luther Vandross, Lee Ritenour, Michel Petrucciani, Pat Metheny, Michel Camilo, Mike Stern and Wayne Krantz. Jackson's conception and invention of the 6-string contrabass guitar led to further lauding from his low-end colleagues and resulted in the global standardization of extended-range basses, changing the sound of contemporary music from the bottom up. Additionally, Anthony's landmark use of a pick and phase shifter on the O'Jays' smash, “For the Love of Money,” revealed a unique sound and approach that remains one of his signatures. About the only milestone missing from Jackson's remarkable career is a feature album. Being neither a composer, nor known for taking solos, however, Anthony has resisted countless offers (beginning with one from Quincy Jones in 1978). Until now.

INTERSPIRIT'S co-leader, composer/bassist/producer Yiorgos Fakanas, also posesses a sterling resume. Greece's most esteemed bass guitarist, his creative ouevre includes works for stage and film, extensive album production credits, hundreds of sessions as bassist alongside such international lumineries as Dave Weckl, Mike Stern, Frank Gambale, Dennis Chambers, Anthony Jackson, Bireli Lagrene, Eric Marienthal, Alex Acuna, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, Lenny White, Wallace Roney, Bob Franceschini, Tony Lakatos and others, plus a huge body of compositions encompassing everything from solo pieces to full orchestral works, and an extraordinarily comprehensive commitment to music education: Yiorgos heads the most famous new-music conservatory in Greece, with over 600 students and 65 faculty, and has published 17 textbooks. His proposition, in 2007, to realize an album featuring both players, had instant credibility for Anthony. Yiorgos suggested composing contemporary chamber music utilizing a rhythm section, horn section and string quintet. Jackson would then be able to define his role, choosing two of his strengths: Reviving and advancing his picking technique to fully interpret Fakanas's extremely challenging melodies (including double tracking them, often an octave apart), and providing the written as well as his own improvised bass lines behind soloists--a skill at which he is without equal. Fakanas, a supremely accomplished player in his own right, would contribute all (five) of the bass solos, and share the accompaniment duties. The two bassists, possessing very different playing styles, would create a unique character for the record--a strong, rich and aggressive patina, seldom heard elsewhere. Recorded in 2009, in Athens and Connecticut, the CD brings together many of Greece's finest jazz and classical musicians--including alto saxophonist Takis Paterelis and trombonist Antonis Andreou--while starring such international heavyweights as drummer Dave Weckl, guitarist Frank Gambale, keyboardist Mitch Forman and saxophonist Tony Lakatos.

The nine-track disc erupts via the volcanic opener, “Inner Power,” with Weckl's double-time fusion-funk groove fueling Jackson's fearless flatpick foray through the tortuous melody. In contrast is Anthony's palm-muted quarter-note swath beneath the soloists--including Yiorgos--further engaged by spontaneous reharmonization--an approach repeated throughout the album. Yiorgos, with equally demanding performance duties, continually demonstrates a composer's command of counterpoint--managing to write (in virtuoso manner) for both basses without having them collide. Anthony and Yiorgos (on fretless) explore Wayne Shorter's “Footprints” through theme and variation, with another recurring device--an extended written bass duo. Next is the extended, deftly-questioning string introduction to "Cuore Vibes", showcasing rich invention from both players throughout its many sections. On all tracks, the duo's differing approaches to their instrument are clearly audible. Summoning Isaac Hayes and Bob James' CTI days, the soul-tinged title track pivots on Jackson's bass line melody and Fakanas's ensemble counterpoint. Meanwhile, the intense and brooding “Seviglia” evolves from a mournful melody section into a hot, sparkling unison march--ending, like it began, in almost tragic fashion.

Another of the duo's fortes is afforded by the Afro-Cuban-edged “Caldera.” With Anthony flawlessly flatpicking the main melodies (once again incorporating multiple octaves), Yiorgos, often playing in the same register, achieves an uncanny balance: Two basses standing proud and clear in the midst of a dense and aggressive orchestration. Jackson next delivers powerful, clave-informed fundamental through improvised tumbaos behind the soloists, including a slinky Fakanas. For the graceful “Ionio II,” the two bassists intertwine beautifully within the complex chordal writing, each building to hard-swinging walks behind soloists. Surging to a dramatic finish, the disc-closing “Parhelia” finds maestros Fakanas and Jackson teaming for the funky, finger-busting lead, while also boasting Fakanas's finest solo and support work. All credit is due Fakanas for recognizing Jackson's original voice and for creating a touchstone vehicle for the unique talents of them both. Interspirit's impact is immediate, while its deep layers demand repeated listenings. Either way, spread the word: The AJ-YF Duo statement is here!

SKU SKU24465
Track 1 Inner Power
Track 2 Footprints (Wayne Shorter)
Track 3 Cuore Vibes (Part 1)
Track 4 Cuore Vibes (Part 2)
Track 5 Interspirit
Track 6 Seviglia
Track 7 Caldera
Track 8 Ionio II
Track 9 Parhelia

Alex Ehrsam: morning improv

Alex Ehrsam - Morning Impro

Daniele Penco: bet you can't play this!

Still working on this one myself...

Betcha Can't Play This - Daniele Penco

Rob Chappers: clapton beck ticket prize 2 days to go!

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Yvi Wylde: großartig - class of 1984

Welcome To The Show

Yvi plays her overture, which is normally the live intro of a song of her band "GEE".
Check out

Yvi's overture

Alex Berserker: global web 2.0 band in progress!

(album release date : fall 2010)
We are working on an original song with
musicians from around the world.
You can check their youtube
and don't forget to subscribe to those you liked :)

Xaxá Portilho

Alex Berserker

Elie Bertrand

Stephane Mallet

Patrick Kuhn

Claudia GIrardin

Yvi Wylde

Nikki Di

Thanks for watching :)
Special thanks to the team !
And to all the musicians/singers who's working on this album.

Musical intro of this clip: Alex Berserker

Claudia Girardin-Album News! Musicians From Around The World!

Mark Day: Suhr rigtalk solo

Here is my take on the James Lugo RigTalk Solo jam. I also demo my LP with a Sustainiac at the end.
Basically the video is a little tutorial on some of the licks I used in the solo. Hope you like it.

Rigtalk Solo Jam Mark Day Video AxeFx, Suhr, Gibson LP with Sustainiac

Greg Howe: I Wanna Play Guitar

DiMarzio talks to Greg Howe about getting the Michael Jackson gig and his signature Laguna guitar with DiMarzio pickups.

Greg Howe: I Wanna Play Guitar

Andy James: Extreme Metal

Andy James gives overview of this DVD, available to buy from

For more info click the link -

Metal Edge: Extreme Metal Arpeggios -

Metal Edge: Extreme Metal Arpeggios -

Metal Edge: Extreme Metal Soloing Volume 3 -

Marshall Harrison: 1+ 1 + 1 = 3

This is the final installment in our Giant Steps Trilogy. Next up "Moment's notice"

Speed Sweep Picking Giant Steps starring Marshall Harrison

Guthrie Govan, Don Lappin, Jon Finn, Scott Tarulli: live jams

One of the best shows I've ever had the grace of seeing! Not only did it have Guthrie Govan, one of the best well-rounded, talented guitar players, but it also featured the Tom Finn band of the Berkley College of Music. They too were amazing and Tom Finn, the lead guitarist reminded me very much of Steve Vai. Lastly, the opening act were also Berkley faculty featuring Tapping Don Lappin and his band. Don had a particularly interesting style where tapping is almost 90% of his performance. Unlike those who tap just to show off, his particular arrangements were as melodic as they were fast.

Also, for these artists sake, please find their albums online. The Tom Finn band will be releasing their album shortly, Guthrie already has his album "Erotic Cakes," but will ALSO have a new album coming around this year! Don Lappin also has an album :D.

The Artists performing have allowed camera's and video during the show. This is of no way to be used for profit nor for commercial gain, but rather as a sort of preview and a promotion for their abilities. Please support these amazing artists by purchasing their albums!

Sit back and enjoy.

Guthrie Govan Don Lappin: live

Slash: shred with slash competition

Look for the limited edition Slash guitar pics in select packs of Ernie Ball electric guitar strings for your chance to win over $50,000 in prizes. Including Guitar Center shopping spree's, Music Man instruments, and more!!!

Ernie Ball was the first to offer rock strings with the creation of Slinkys, and further revolutionized the market by offering guitarists Custom-Gauge single strings. The Ernie Ball Company also produces Music Man guitars and basses, volume pedals, and other accessories. The company's strings and accessories are available in more than 6,000 music stores throughout the U.S. The company also exports to 82 countries.

Ernie Ball Music Man is proud to endorse artists including: Slash, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Eagles, Keith Richards, Rolling Stones, Angus Young, ACDC, Jeff Beck, John Fogerty, Pete Townshend, Jack White, The Raconteurs, John Mayer, Steve Vai, Kirk Hammett, Metallica, System Of A Down, Avenged Sevenfold, 311, Paul Gilbert, Blink 182, Brad Paisley, Rise Against, Maroon 5, Flogging Molly, Iron Maiden, Albert Lee, Don Felder, Deftones, Aerosmith, NOFX, John Petrucci, Dream Theater, Sonic Youth, Steve Lukather, Steve Morse, Deep Purple, The Edge, U2, Mars Volta, Nickelbackm Glenn Tipton, Judas Priest, Thrice, Buddy Guy, Limp Bizkit, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Tony Levin, Dave La Rue, Counting Crows, Joe Bonamassa, Escape The Fate, Hinder, and many more!!!

Stop by the Official Ernie Ball Websites!

Ernie Ball Shred With Slash

Marc Rizzo: new CD details

"Legionaire" was written and recorded over a two-year period while Rizzo was on tour with SOULFLY and CAVALERA CONSPIRACY. Rizzo would break and get into the studio to record, then return to the road.

"I'm really excited about this record," states Rizzo. "I had a lot of time since my last record to really think about this new album. I think traveling all over the world, writing all the new material, really influenced the sound.

"After two U.S. solo tours in 2008, I think I really figured out what songs work well live.

"I'm really excited to play these new songs in front of a live audience. It's very cool to see kids slam-dancing and going off to instrumental music."

"Legionaire" track listing:

01. Release The Kraken
02. ...By Great Odins Beard
03. Bandidas
04. Victim In Shred
05. The Emerald Goblet
06. The Wrath Of Crom
07. Peaks And Vallies
08. Legionnaire
09. Life And Will
10. Fenestrelle Fortress
11. The Metallurgist