Saturday, 20 February 2010

Oz Noy: namm interview

Interview with Oz Noy at NAMM 2010

Mike Campese: namm interview

Interview with Mike Campese at NAMM 2010

Sam Bell: when you are in a rut... improv out!

Sam Bell:
Still un-inspired in the music world, so i decided to put up a clip of some sketchy improv all for fun!

Funky Sketchprov

Rob Balducci: namm interview

Interview with Rob Balducchi at NAMM 2010

David Wallimann: secret pentatonic techniques

This lesson will show you how to use simple minor pentatonic shapes to sound modal.
This concept is extremely useful and can improve your phrasing is great ways.
Here is a little reminder of the order of the modes used:
Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and Locrian

Secret pentatonic use revealed

Ulf Katschrowski: Lee Peterson Competition "Win a guitar"

My fully improvised entry for the Lee Peterson Competition "Win a guitar".
I tried not to shred at all... without success

Katschrowski - Lee Peterson Competition - Entry

Adam Ironside: practice amp on the cheap

Adam Ironside continues his "on the cheap" series with a DIY Practice Amp!

DIY Practice Amp

Simon Goldsmith: free funky BT

Subscribe: for more BT's

Funky 70's Style Backing Trackalack!

Jack Zucker: archtop noodle

Noodling on a Tom Painter P-350 Archtop

Andy Timmons: namm 2010 interview

Andy shows he has a sense of humour!

Interview with Andy Timmons at NAMM 2010

Ulf Katschrowski: DirtBox Valvette Competition take two

Ulf Katschrowski is not just a pretty face you know! great playing and great video... enjoy

Katschrowski - DirtBox Competition - Entry

Jimmy Williams: class of 1991

Jimmy Williams 1991 Guitar Solo Competition

and back in 2008

he's on myspace:
CD baby Sonic Divergence

Jimmy Williams shred improv with the Dunlop Ultex Jazz III pick

John Connolly: time machine

spotted by Bryan Aspey. Fans of Paul Gilbert will love this!

Shotgun John Connolly Live

John Connolly Guitar Solo Contest Performance

Derryl Gabel: I have to see this again

This track has become a good friend to me over the years... may be you need to check it out if you've not done so already... remember you can get this from Derryl:


Beto Kobayashi: FNAC Campinas

Victor Marcellus & cia - "Pro Zeca" (Victor Assis Brasil) - FNAC Campinas

Charlie Shaughnessy: a little blue chameleon solo

(LIVE) Charlie Shaughnessy - Blues and Chameleon SOLOS at CHOPSTIX 2/17/2010

Sloth Chubsteen: tribute to Steve Vai

My good buddy Sloth Chubsteen aka burnedoutgolfer gets straight down the fairway with his trusty "Mashie Niblick" in this great cover of the Steve Vai classic...
This is some improv over for the love god by Steve Vai. I just figured out part of the melody by ear. This goes out to the best guitar player i know named Slimer! Check him out at

for the love of god- improv

Max Renshaw: Charlie Shaughnessy recommends

Some tasty playing from Max Renshaw captured by Charlie Shaughnessy

(LIVE) Max Renshaw solo compilation at CHOPSTIX 2/17/2010

Joe Stump, Tom Hess: Holyhell cover Yngwie's Rising Force.


Richie Blackmore: super early sighting

Kudos to the Yngtchie Blacksteen for spotting this one....
His last Uk 45. Richie Blackmore on Guitar as on all of Heinz's records.

Heinz-Movin In (Joe Meek)