Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Fabrizio Chiruzzi: tribute to George Bellas

Improvvisation in the style of George Bellas. Background music by George Bellas.

imitating bellas

Derryl Gabel: product updates

Derryl Gabel says:
Hello Guitar Friend, as you may be aware I have released 2 new instructional DVDs, "Supersonic Sweeping" and "Outside Secrets part 3".  Both of which have had a lot of positive response.  For those of you that have not purchased a copy but would like to you can place an order simply by going to the "DVDs" page of my website and click on Ordering Information under the product you want.  Another way is to go directly to the "Merch" page.
For die hard fans, I am releasing my old demos on a CD entitled Journey Through Time.  This CD is a collection of 12 of my earliest recordings from '86 to '96.  This will give you some perspective of how my sound and style has evolved through the years.  One of the tunes of interest is the tune Sweatin' Bullets.  This was the tune that won me the George Lynch gig back in '91 out of 700 plus guitarist from around the world.  Later a jazzier version of this tune appeared on my Visions and Dreams album entitled Miles from Home.  I'm also releasing a DVD with the same name which will include video footage from '91 to '99.  One of the videos is me performing Sweatin' Bullets!
Included with this CD / DVD set you will get a transcription of the crazy contrapuntal section in Sweatin' Bullets http://derryl_gabel.tripodcom/Contrapuntal.mp3
and Solo Flight, a sweeping arpeggio etude on the Journey Through Time CD
 For those of you that have purchaced some of my instructional DVDs in the past and would be interested in learning solos using those ideas please consider getting my Visions and Dreams DVD.  On this particular DVD I perform 5 of the tunes from my Visions and Dreams album and all the songs and solos are transcribed.   Here's a sample song. 
Keep in mind that I am still accepting students for online guitar lessons.  For an appointment send me an email of good days and times for you and make sure to include your time zone and country.  Look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your support!
The Journey Through Time CD / DVD set is $35 plus $5 s/h.  I accept paypal, credit card, money orders, check, and cash.
My paypal ID is
Credit card orders can be placed at my site on the Merchandise ( Merch ) page.
Cash or Check can be sent to:
Derryl Gabel
5559 Meadow Creek Place
Gulf Breeze, FL 32563
Please, if you are interested, send me a separate email and don't use this email for your reply.  This helps me keep track of responses a lot better.  Thanks!
Other available merchandise from

  • Visions and Dreams CD / MP3
  • Visions and Dreams Backing Tracks CD / MP3
  • Practice Backing Tracks mp3 / MIDI / BiaB
  • Giant Steps CD
  • Journey Through Time CD ( old demos 86' - 95' )
  • Journey Through Time DVD ( old video footage circa 91' - 96' )
  • Visions and Dreams DVD
  • Ultimate Fusion 8 pack DVD set with Guitar Tech Book
  • Cool Legato Phrases part 1 , 2 and 3 DVDs
  • Creative Tapping Techniques DVD
  • Pentatonic Passages DVD
  • Supersonic Sweeping DVD
  • Outside Secrets part 1 and 2 DVDs
  • Chordal Mysteries Revealed DVD
  • The Derryl Gabel Interactive Guitar Technique E-Book
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